I'm a Cyborg :o

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Here's something to think about.

We should all know what a cyborg is. If not it is also known as a cybernetic organism, i.e. a being with both biological and artificial values (e.g. electronic, mechanical or robotic) parts. Real cyborgs are more frequently people who use cybernetic technology to repair or overcome the physical and mental constraints of their bodies. According to some definitions of the term, the metaphysical and physical attachments humanity has with even the most basic technologies have already made them cyborgs. In a typical example, a human fitted with a heart pacemaker or an insulin pump (if the person has diabetes) might be considered a cyborg, since these mechanical parts enhance the body's "natural" mechanisms through synthetic feedback mechanisms.

FFFF, I'm on an insulin pump. Therefore I am a cyborg. :I
That. Is. So. Awesome.
My grandpa was a cyborg. He had a hearing aid and a pace maker. Then one day a clan of evil ninja pirates laid siege to St. Peter's and as they say, a war vet's got to do what a war vet's got to do. It tears me up still thinking of the sound of cannon fire.
Come on future get here, our cyborgs are kinda crap. Where's the prosthetic eyes, the metallic rocket shooting limbs, the brain cases!!! I'd love to see a side by side picture for this one.

Future Cyborg


Modern Cyborg

Prosthetic eyes do exist now a days. They've successfully placed cameras inside of a blind eye's eyes and now he can see in black and white. Though it's still a very new process.
Rory needs to be on the watch out for Christian Bale then.

Or at least James Cameron.
Well in that case I got to dissect a cyborg =D

the female cadaver we cut up last year had a pacemaker in unbeknown to us or the doctor until we couldn't figure out why we couldn't get through the aorta...come to find a metal wiring of the pacemaker XD it was slightly amusing....kind of cool to take out too ^^

yes I be anatomy nerd! DEAL WITH IT!
That explains your avatar covered in blood.


Some people could consider "simple" machines to be included as being cyborg, but for the most part the general understanding of the term means more so people that have electronic devices as an addition to natural working organs.
There was an article in the army times where they are conducting reaserach to effectively create cybernetic limbs for souldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. the process has already been sucessful in replacing an aputated limb with a near fully functional arm. So far the only downside that I can see is that the arm is only capable of lifting 20 pounds.