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  1. Elisabeth sat back in her chair. She had been in this office at her home for more than five hours, talking with many clients. Her eyes fluttered to a corner of the room. A man stood near the window, his body covered in burns. Elisabeth tilted her head, standing and walking towards the man. "This isn't the place you need to be, Justin." Justin nodded, looking to her. "Tell Margie I'm sorry... Tell her I'm very sorry I didn't stay at home." Elisabeth sat down lightly on the arm of the couch, nodding. "Did you... Leave without telling her?" Justin nodded, frowning. "I left when she said I shouldn't. The fire.. It spread too quickly." Elisabeth heard the doorbell ring. She answered it, grinning as Margie walked through the door. "How are you, my lovely Ellie?" Ellie sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Epuise." Margie raised an eyebrow, shaking her head. "What?" Ellie giggled, rolling her eyes. "I'm so sorry. Forgive me, Margie. I seem to have forgotten what country I'm in. I said I'm worn out." Margie smiled patting Ellie's back and walking to the office. "I was wondering if my Justin was here, Ellie. You know I'm always anxious to speak with him." Ellie grinned, running to her office. "As a matter of fact, he is! He's been following me around for three days, Margie. But.. You know he should cross over soon." A tear slid out of Margie's eye, her body shaking. "I will miss him too much!" Her plump, old body shook as she cried, her eyes hidden in her usual handkerchief. Ellie consoled Margie, sitting down on the other side of the desk. "Well, you know my fees and what I require." Margie nodded, handing Ellie a one hundred dollar bill. "It's worth it; He is worth any amount of money."

    Ellie folded the money up, looking to Justin. "Justin.. Why are you so solemn? Margie is here." Justin vanished for a moment, reappearing beside Margie. "I see a light, Ellie.. I'm not sure where I'll go when I walk toward the light. Everything else.. It's all dark around me except for the light." Ellie glanced and Margie, frowning. "He sees the light. He's doubting crossing over in order to find a reason to stay with you." A woman appeared beside Justin, her eyes looking down on Margie. "I... I am Margie's mother. I must be with her." Ellie grabbed Margie's hand, shaking her head. "Justin will cross over. But your mother has unfinished business." Margie smiled, looking around the room. "Go ahead, Justin! I too will someday be with you! I love you"

    Ellie watched as Justin's figure vanished, her eyes looking to the woman known as Margie's mother. "I will speak to you more when Margie visits again, Jean. Goodbye." She saw Margie out, hugging her before locking the door. She placed the money in her safe, sighing softly as she walked to her room. Throwing her clothes off, she wrapped a robe around herself and ran to the bathroom. Without hesitation she ran a bath, enjoying the warm feeling against her skin. "Too many ghosts for the day.."
  2. Kerensa walked around as usual, sighing as she tried to capture the attention of passersby. Nobody seemed to pay her any mind these days... She had been locked in her home the last week, sure, but that's no reason to simply dismiss her, right?

    She sighed again and thought about something. Maybe she shouldn't try to talk to someone who she doesn't know. Maybe she should contact someone who had no choice but to talk to her. Perhaps she should seek out a service.

    The closest person who offered something seemed to be... A spirit contactor? That's a bit uncommon, but she was desperate by this point. She walked up to said building and shouted out to see if someone was home. "Umm, hello? Is somebody there? Hello?"
  3. Elisabeth jumped, her eyes drifting towards the window. This voice seemed more distant than a normal humans. She put her robe on, getting out of the bath and walking around her house. She looked out the window, shaking her head. "Oh mon Dieu.." The woman that stood outside of her home was faint and seemed oddly skinny. She had a faint glow around her, indicating that she was indeed a ghost. Elisabeth opened her door, nodding. "You must not yell, next time. And don't just stand outside.. If you need my help you are bound to know what to do.." She looked over the woman; She had heard of a recent death in the area, though she wasn't sure what had happened. "Did you just recently pass away? If that's so, I can understand your confusion."
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  4. "If I've... Passed away?" Kernesa shook her head as she continued. She was still alive, right? Why would she still walk around here is she wasn't? "No, no. I'm not dead. I might be very skinny, but I'm still alive. Why would I be here if I wasn't?" She was still a bit confused, though. She had been feeling... Different over the past few days. But she wasn't dead. That's what she told herself.
  5. Ellie narrowed her eyes, looking to her light switch. "Only strong ghosts can move things.. If you are indeed alive, flip that switch. It'll prove that I'm right and that you're indeed a ghost." She looked at the woman; This woman had to have had an eating disorder before passing away; She looked down at her own body, realizing how skinny she was since she had forgotten to eat regularly. She stood, walking into her kitchen and making herself a huge salad. "It's not a normal thing to see spirits like you, you know... I'm surprised a new death showed up at my door. Usually it takes years for that to happen." Elisabeth took large bites of the salad, groaning in pleasure. "You see.. I'm a psychic. I can see and converse with spirits like yourself.. Usually I can feel what has happened to someone.. But all I feel around you is hunger and that I'm not healthy. I assume you died due to your eating disorder. But why me? You must have family members to be near." She looked down at the floor, shaking her head. "C'est la vie."

    She didn't understand, though. As her French heritage was concerned, psychic women and men alike were very taboo; But in America it seemed that psychic's were just a normal thing. That was what intrigued her the most. What was so special about her that this woman would show up at her house? Had she just figured she'd start with Elisabeth to find out what is going on?
  6. "Sure thing, I'll show you." She said with confidence as she walked over towards the switch and tried to flip it. However, she just stared at it in horror as her finger went right through it. "H-How... No, no, no... This isn't right..." She desperately tried to flip it again and again, with no result. "This must be some kind of trick... Right? It's just some sick trick..." She said, mumbling in denial.

    "Q-Quiet! I'm not dead! I don't have an eating disorder, and I'm not dead!" She shouted out. This couldn't be real at all. This woman must be pulling tricks on her, playing with her. Yes... Yes, that's it. "M-My family? I... Why didn't I even think of that? N-Not that it means that I'm dead!"
  7. Elisabeth shrugged, standing and walking to her room. "When you're ready to come to terms with your death, come to me. I'll help you figure out how you died and I'll contact your family. It won't be easy, but I think I can figure out how to help you cross over." She began to undress, throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. "If you need me, I'll be asleep. But please, don't scream while I'm asleep." She got into bed, closing her eyes and relaxing. "I need all the sleep I can. Ghost in denial.. Pfft."
  8. Kerensa didn't know what to do. She simply came here for confirmation that she wasn't alone, and now she's not even reachable by anyone... Well, except for this lady right here.

    She still didn't want to believe it. She wanted all of this to be a lie, a ruse. It was like she was waiting for someone to come out and shout that she was on TV...

    But they wouldn't, wouldn't they? Because this is real. She is actually... Dead. She sighed and walked over to the medium. "E-Excuse me..." She said cautiously. "I'm ready now... I-If you are, too."
  9. Elisabeth's eyes fluttered open, staring at the dead girl. She sat up out of bed, nodding. "Alright.. But first. Start with a name. At least your first name. I can find everything out myself. I have many detectives who are willing to help me." She entered her office, sitting down and grabbing a pen and notepad. She scribbled down the looks of the woman, nodding. "I'm putting anorexia on here, but you'll eventually tell me what disorder you had.. They always do." She smiled, looking at the ghost that stood before her. "You look to be in early to mid twenties. Blonde-ish hair. Medium height and tiny frame. Anything else?"
  10. As soon as she said anorexia, Kerensa looked like she was about to object, but she kept quiet for now. She nodded through the description of her, but less so over the tiny frame. "Well, for starters, my name is Kerensa Davies. And... I don't have anorexia, but I was depressed for some time... I didn't do anything... Not even eat..." She sighed. That must've been her cause of death. There's no other way. "I think that's it..."
  11. Ellie smiled, nodding. "Anorexia brought on by depression. Now we're getting somewhere. Name is Kerensa." She looked at the woman, trying to find the right words to say; Most ghosts didn't even listen to anything Ellie would say; They'd say whatever they needed to at that moment, and then they would vanish to be near their family. But this woman wasn't near any family, and had willing traveled to Ellie's house. "Uh.. I'm having a hard time believing any of this.. I'm not used to ghosts coming to me for help." Her french accent began to show, concerning her slightly. Only when she was upset did her accent become stronger.
  12. Kerensa sighed. She was just confused and scared, and didn't know what to do. She looked down and mumbled slightly. "I... I just don't know what to do. I don't know why I'm still here. If I'm dead, why am I still here? I don't know why I came to you anymore, but I know that you can help me. And if I traveled to my family, what would I want to see? Them crying over their loss? Or trying to carry on and forget me? I..." Once she said that, she started crying. "I... I don't want to be forgotten..."
  13. Ellie leaned closer, tapping her pen on the pad of paper. "Then give me a name of a family member. Tell me who they are so I can tell them you want to contact them." She could not console a ghost; She didn't even try to console Kerensa. Sure, ghosts could cry and show emotions. But they were dead. "I have appointments soon with other ghosts. You can stay here and watch me; Ultimately this will be the only way for your family to talk to you. I'm the only psychic in town." She smiled, standing and looking to the nearest corner of the room. There stood a man clad in a grey suit. Half of his face was scraped and mangled. His eyes were a deep grey and his hair was a light blonde. He looked to be in his thirties. "My... My name is George. I can't remember much, but I must speak with Genevieve." Ellie looked down at her notepad, nodding. "Kerensa. This is George DeLou. He was murdered by his assistant. Pushed him right in front of a car when they were waiting for a cab. Genevieve should be here any time, George." George nodded, looking over at Kerensa with a frown. "I saw you when you entered the spirit's realm.. You have just died.. H-How did you get around the realm so fast?"
  14. "Well..." She mumbled as she tried to remember the names of her family members. "We have... M-My older brother, Zack Davies... And my parents, Clarence and Isabelle." She said after she calmed down a little bit.

    As George walked in, Kerensa gave him a horrified gasp at the sight of his face. As it was explained, however, she swallowed and calmed down a little. She was a bit worked up when he spoke, however. How could she know? She didn't have any control over this, right? She just gave him a shake of her head. "I... I don't know. I don't..."
  15. Ellie wrote down the names, watching in fascination as George and Kerensa spoke. George sat down on a couch, nodding. "It gets tough at first.. But as time goes by you can do basically anything. The only exception is that no one knows it was you." Ellie clapped, nodding. "You are very correct, George. In fact... You were the one who would move things around my house to embarrass me in front of others. They were terrified to come over until you stopped. All of it was because you wanted me to contact Genevieve." George smiled, his grotesque face changing to that of before he died. "Correct, Ellie. That is why I now think it is due time I change my appearance permanently.. I do not want to be remembered how I was before."
  16. Kerensa just listened and quietly nodded. She felt like even if she did say anything, it couldn't be anything of importance. She could only wait as this medium contacted her family... And even then, it'd be her words that reached them. Kerensa was no longer important in this world. She'd eventually be forgotten, and die out forever.

    A tear reached her eye, but she didn't cry this time. What would be the point of that?
  17. Ellie finally had talked to Genevieve, collecting the fee of two hundred dollars and picking up the phone. She glanced at Kerensa, rolling her eyes. It wasn't that she didn't like this woman; It was the total opposite. But it was so hard to figure out this ghost.. She wasn't like all others. Ellie listened as the phone was picked up, her eyes looking down at her pad of paper.

    "Hello. May I ask who is calling?"

    "Bonjour. My name is Elisabeth Delafosse. I was calling on behalf of Kerensa.. You see, I'm a psychic and I recently saw Kerensa wandering outside of my house. She would like to speak with you about what has happened to her."

    Silence was still on the other end for a fraction of a second.

    "What is this, a sick joke?! Look. Whoever the hell you are.. We've just experienced the worst loss at this moment. We are in no mood for funny business!"


    Ellie scowled at the cell phone, shaking her head at Kerensa. "No luck. They wouldn't believe that you are really wanting to speak with them."
  18. As she heard that someone on the other end picked up, Kerensa was in a state of bliss. Finally, she'd be able to ask them to never forget he-

    W-Wait, why is she hanging up?! As the actual explaination came, she could feel her heart break... If she still would've had one. There must be something that's going to make them listen...

    "C-Call again. Tell them that Dad's lucky golf ball isn't lost in some river, I just hid it under his bed." She said.
  19. Ellie scowled, calling the number back.

    "If this is you again, Elisabeth Delafosse, I'll personally make sure you are locked in jail."

    "Wait! Before you threaten me, Kerensa wanted me to tell you that her father's lucky golf ball isn't lost in some river; She hid it under his bed."


    "T-This is Kerensa's mother... How... How did you know about the golf ball? I just found it today underneath his bed."

    "Kerensa told me, Isabelle. She told me you and your husband's names and what her name is. She'd like for you to come to my office and see me.. She wants to contact you."

    "Well.. Okay. I miss her too dearly and I'm willing to give anything a shot. Let's set up an appointment."
  20. As she heard that her parents didn't hang up in the woman's face, Kerensa couldn't help but get her hopes up. Did it help? Did they actually listen to her now? Well, that's what she hoped, at the very least. Just as she thought so, something else sprung to mind. "W-Wait! Tell them to bring Zack, too. Okay?" As she said that, she once again felt that she couldn't do anything but wait patiently.
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