ILLUSION GAME Illusion Game I: The Distraction of the Falling Worlds

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  1. Prologue: Welcome!

    You were alone, or maybe among friends a family, or with your beloved animal, or maybe even stuck in a ally by a band of thugs. Where ever you were, it doesn't matter anymore, you're gone and you remembered nothing of your old life. Who ever took you, they wanted you to remember nothing, and instead gave you a life worth remembering in a small town in the middle of nowhere, but only you know of it, and only are you living in it among many others who have also been taken. The town was small, a total of 400 people were within the population. Downtown was made up of multiple family owned business, and 4 or 5 restaurants. While the important buildings resign only a mere block or two away. Town hall was located next to the Police station downtown, while the post office and semi large food market sat across the street from it. The post office was barely used now a days, due to the lack of civilizations around the world. It seemed that the outbreaks have only gotten worse, and the few remaining city's and or towns have been quarantined to protect themselves from any outside threats, The large metal gate sat around the towns entire bounders, with 4 gates, one on ever side. Weekly food shipments came from the nearby town, providing steady supplies of meat. The weather was cool, being a steady 45 degrees while small drops of snow fell from the sky making the Christmas morning a cliché one. The townsfolk moved among themselves, finding late presents or searching for food that seemed to be gone from the two markets in town. Whatever you were doing, it seemed that this was a time to celebrate, or at least be happy that you are alive. It seemed that there was a few things you could do on this Christmas morning, Visit your neighbor, spend time with friends or family, go to a store in town to get late Christmas presents or Christmas dinner, go to the local Christmas party at town hall, or relax.

    (The Prologue round will last for three days! After such time round one will be posted Monday 6 PM EDT. Feel free to post prologues!)

    @Ouchies as Maria
    @A Wild Sav as Ambrosia Astrophel
    @Gummi Bunnies as Melody
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Chandler
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Bubba
    @Jenny as Emily Lake
    @Atomyk as [BCOLOR=transparent]Richard Paris[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]@CCC Kouhai as ????[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]@FireDrake150 as Hiroshi Kenzo[/BCOLOR]
    @Krieg as [Mr.] Richard
    @york as Neil Magnus
    @Emperor of Gallifrey as Alison O'Donnell
    @Jeremi as Lola Coulson
    @DapperDogman as Ib
    @Mari as Zhang Min
    as Jason Scott Bjorn
    @Wedge Antilles as Calvin Klein
    @Ryu Keiko as Alex

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  2. Melody Prologue
    "Too Late"
    (warning: some of the text symbols may not appear properly depending on which device you're using right now. It's just my touch of showing a distorted song thingy. :P)

    I ̶s̡ùm̷t ̢a̴salyẃ l̷lki͞ ͜m͏y͝ ͡g͠i͜ǫdnw̕n҉r͝e͝ ̸raeth͟.̷
    ͜R͠fo̡ ͠I̛ ̛sh̨ļl̕a̶ ̶r̴dp͝p̕e͞as͡i̧a i̡n tmi̛e͏.

    An annoyed breath of air came from the brunette, tapping her foot impatiently as she waits in front of a restaurant. Most people would stir their attention away from her upon seeing her current mood. What her mood was? Pissed off to all hell.

    E̕s̴téh ҉inla̕s ļh͟b̛us.͠
    No͘ n͜o͠e҉ ̨a͢cn ees͏,̶ ẃo͞n ni eth se͢th͜p̀d ͢o̧f ͠nd͡ke̵a̢sr͝s.

    "Where. The. Fuck. Is. HE?" the girl growled under gritted teeth, tapping her high heeled shoe rapidly with her arms crossed. She constantly checked her phone for the time. Her boyfriend was over 20 minutes late. He's never been this late before, and that is what pissed her off. Hell, he didn't even respond to the many text message reminders that she's sent him since she got here...

    He͠rte ̧a͝e͟r̨ o͝n ͜ls͠es̶im̀ ͏er҉e͜h̷.̧
    ̷M̴’͏i rgniyc ͡l̕a̛l lna҉oe̴.

    What he was late for? She had no clue. Was he simply late for justified reasons... or was he hooking up with some other girl? No, if he did, then she will swear that she would make his life a living hell. This was Melody that we're talking about here. If anyone tried to ruin her top-notch perfection that many envied her for, she would love to show those bastards a piece of her mind.

    She decided to give her poor boyfriend five more minutes before she would simply ditch the planned dinner date.​
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  3. Inside a rather posh looking house Lola was laying on the couch talking into her cellphone. "Oh my God Marissa! Like...doesn't Kevin even knows, you know? He winked at me at he party. I was totally drunk and I let him go to second base. He gave me his number, Marissa! That's like super dibs! Oh. My. God. It doesn't matter if you went to second base after me it. Like, again, he gave me his number. Marissa. OMG. Marissa, no. Like no. Marissa? I'll call you back."


    Hanging up she'd get up from the couch and looked inside the fridge. OJ and vodka...maybe it's time to go visit the store?
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  4. [​IMG]

    It was 5 in the morning when Emily woke up. Now it was 10, and the young girl had been working on her parents' farm the entire time. She and a handful of hired helpers took care of planting, watering and harvesting the crops that needed it, feeding the animals and all other duties that needed to be carried out. Waking up early was something she easily got used to, but she still felt exhausted every time her mother called her inside for breakfast.

    "Have you fed the cows?" the woman asked Emily. The girl responded while taking her seat at the table: "Yes, mother." At least, she was pretty sure she did. There had been days when Emily thought she had done all of her chores correctly, but her mother still managed to find some things that weren't completed yet.

    A tall man walked down the stairs, nodding to his wife. "Morning dear. Emily." The man still looked quite young for his age of 37, with his short, neatly cut black hair, wearing a white dress shirt tucked into his blue jeans. "Good morning, father" Emily said as her mother served her some bacon and scrambled eggs.

    The man sat down beside Emily and sighed. As if he'd been working so hard, he was relieved to finally be able to sit. In truth, all the man had done was watch Emily and the rest of the workers' every move, judging them and correcting them when necessary.

    "We all ready for tonight? Turkey, spices, sauces, everything?"

    Every single year at Christmas time, all members of the Lake family would gather at Emily's house for a huge dinner party. Why not? They certainly could afford it. The Lakes were one of the richest people in town.

    "I think so, dear. Have you picked up the turkey from the store yesterday, Emily?"

    Emily's body froze, and she just stared at the food in her plate she was just cutting. She hadn't gone to pick up the turkey. In fact, she completely forgot about it.

    "... I... I'm sorry mother, but..."

    "Emily Lake! How many times have I told you, when I tell you to do something, you are to do so immediately and without delay!"

    The young girl quickly got out of her seat, slipped her shoes on and took her jacket as her mother continued yelling at her. At least that way, the woman wouldn't be close enough to her to hit her.

    Emily sighed as she walked outside. It was way too early for this. Slipping her hands into the warm pockets of her blue wool jacket, she made her way to the general store to see if there was any turkey left at all.

    What Emily's wearing (open)
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  5. Outside in the cold streets of [TOWN], the usual loud thumping noise and creepy-yet-cheery wailing sound out across the neighborhood. It was none other than Bubba, the supposed 'sheriff' of this dainty lil' town. The big ol' lug woke up out of his pond extra early today, because he wanted to be the one to wake up all of the children on Christmas morning. Bubbas footsteps do most of the job, as the massive creature revs up his drill to the tune of Jingle Bells and tries to sing along, even though it only comes out as the usual moaning and wailing most of the town has gotten used too. Though, every now and then he forms the words;

    "j .. . . i . .n .. . g . . l e b . .. e .. l . l . . "

    Children wearing both snow gear and flimsy pajamas rush out and happily follow Bubba, much to his pleasure. Some crawl up and ride on his back while others simply skip around and sing as if Bubba was Santa Claus himself. The parents and guardians of these children weren't so amused, some of them calling their children back and the typical "Get away from that thing!" from the typical mother.

    Oh, well. It was Christmas, a time for family. Bubba doesn't have a family, and that's ok.
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  6. Early, that's all that many people in town would of thought about at this time or they thought about the Christmas presents they were going to receive, but it seems poor Emily was walking into town, which would in fact take a hour and half just to reach the largest food market in town, which was located in its downtown. By the time she made it to the doors of the food market the streets were still empty, cars were cold and many family's were still inside their homes celebrating the wonderful holiday. However, as Emily walked into the market it looked like the place was a ghost town, no one stood inside beside the lonely cash clerk, and the emptiness of all the shelves made it look even worse. It seems that one turkey was still left, but as Emily went and checked the price tag, it looked like the price was extremely steep.

    4,500$ for a 10 pound turkey. It must be due to the quarantine, and lack of cattle inside the gates.
  7. Zhang Min woke up on this Christmas morning, preparing some Jasmine tea in her small home. She prepared some Chinese bread buns with ground pork or curry beef filling for breakfast as well, as occasionally a neighbor would get curious about the food and tea scents wafting from her house, and she would give them a single bun. It was a means of making friends, and making future business as well, as on occasion she would be hired to cook for others.


    She thought of her plans for the day. She would try to practice her sword arts, sometime during the day. And she planned to attend the party in the evening, as she found the time to craft a dress for such an occasion.

    She took a sip from her tea, and closed her eyes, to meditate for a few minutes.

    @anyonewhowants breakfast from Zhang Min
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  8. It seems as Bubba walked past a house his hamlet allowed a small sent to slip through it. If he wished, he could possibly knock on the door and see if he could get some food.

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  9. After seeing the surprisingly large price tag for the last turkey available, Emily realized she wasn't going to be able to go home with it. It was way too expensive, even for her parents. She sighed and left the store once again, making her way to the nearest bench and sitting down.

    The young girl crossed her legs and nervously played with her own fingers, trying to think of what to do next. Coming home with no turkey would get her punished for sure, but she wasn't sure if coming home having spent almost five thousand dollars would be any better.

    @Anyone looking for some interaction ;)
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  10. Zhang Min opened the door. She wasn't sure who this was, she had a difficult time remembering some of the neighbors. But, she would treat them all the same way.

    She held a plate with four Chinese buns on it, towards him, smiling. "Would you like one? It's for free of course, for being a good neighbor."
  11. Bubba would get a quick scent of the bun. Bubba cant really eat, but he always accepted food simply to be kind. He hasnt seen Zhang Min around, but the small scent he got of those buns were amazing. The large giant would stand at the door and slowly pick up one of the buns with his non-drill hand. Bubba's porthole lights would shine green, as the giant gave a slow nod to Zhang Min.

    "t . . h a . .n . . k .."

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  12. Zhang Min laughed as she didn't realize how big the neighbor was. It must be too early in the morning for me, she thought to herself. "You're welcome of course", she said, as she watched him eat what was a very tiny piece of food to him. "What is your name, my good neighbor?" she asked the giant.
  13. Bubba wouldnt eat the bun, more so just hold it in his hand. Bubba doesnt seem to have a visible mouth, his "head" composed of his 8 port holes. Bubba stares at the bun in his hand, examining it like a child examines a bug before slowly looking back up at Zhang. It motions its drill-arm to itself and lets out long wail, with a word inbetween its noise;

    "b. .. u .. . b . b . a"

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  14. Lost Again, with Nowhere to Turn

    Jason, who was once Revan, stood near the entrance of the store, trying his best to fit in at the party in his dirty work overalls.

    Revan/Jason's clothing (open)

    Overall, he was a very quiet presence, though tall and very well-built. Never did he draw attention to himself or approach someone unnecessarily. This was one of very few times that he'd even been seen by anyone outside of his own work-space or when he was on call. When they did see him, Jason was quiet and subdued, but polite. Generally, he just didn't seem to like other people very much and would much rather be left alone.

    Still, he couldn't help but notice the young girl seeming a bit unsure of what to do. Jason approached Emily with silent footsteps, the only sound betraying him being the jingle of nails in his tool-belt. "Hey. Are you alright?" He said laconically and without introduction.

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  15. Emily raised her head and looked up at the man who had approached her. She wasn't very sure about whether she should talk to him or not, but it would be rude not to answer him.

    "Yes, sir, thank you... I'm just in a bit of trouble... I forgot to pick up a turkey for my parents yesterday, and now there's only one left in the store... And it costs over four thousand dollars... I... I'm not sure my parents want me to buy it or not, and I can't go back to ask them because it would take me three hours to get back, and then it might be sold already..."

    Emily stopped herself from rambling on and sighed. "... I'm sorry, sir. I shouldn't be bothering you with this, there's nothing you can do about it" she said, standing up and lowering her head.

  16. The man's face was heavily scarred and hardened, but a fairly friendly light entered his eyes when speaking to the girl. She was rather sweet and it made it easier to talk to her.

    I hate this picture but still it's his canon face god dammit (open)

    "Ah... That's quite a bit of money." Jason tilted his head thoughtfully. "Hm... Here." He wrote a check for the price. He had been very frugal with his earnings to keep up his spartan apartment and business, and it wasn't like he'd bought anyone Christmas presents. Still, it was a lot of money and he'd probably regret it later. That wasn't on his mind right then, though. "Merry Christmas."

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  17. Emily's eyes widened as she looked at what the man was writing. She couldn't believe he was actually going to pay for that.

    "N-No, sir! I can't, it's too much! Y-You should keep your money to buy presents and the like, not to pay for a meal you'll never get to eat, for a family you barely know... I... I-I simply can't accept it sir, it... it would be... it's just too much!" Emily argued, her eyes flying from the man's face to his check and back. It did sound very tempting, and she would definitely have accepted it if she didn't have her manners.

    She paused for a time before continuing again. "... Although if you're really, very, a hundred percent sure you can actually spare that amount of money... and it won't put you in any risk or at any disadvantage, I suppose I... could take it..." she softly said, trying to still be as polite as possible. She didn't really want to let this chance go to waste.
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  18. "I don't have anyone to buy presents for, child. Take it. Buy the turkey for your family." A slightly sad smile crossed his face. "I have all I need. Enjoy the holiday." His arm stayed extended, the check in hand.

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  19. After another small pause, Emily reached out and grabbed the check in the man's hand. She looked up at him, smiled and gave a quick nod. "... Thank you so much, sir. I wish you all the best and a merry christmas."

    Before heading to the store again however, Emily nervously looked to her left, then to her right, making sure no one was around. She then moved in to give the man a quick hug, and smiled a sincere smile as she released him and ran back to the store.
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  20. Neil Magnus - Prologue - A Shocking Encounter
    Neil Magnus... Or "Ronin" as he prefers to call himself was traversing along the rooftops in a quieter part of town, silently, sticking to the shadows as per usual, he was on the hunt for a target, as one would expect by the way he was behaving. This one in particular seemed to have been causing quite the ruckus lately, importing of... Questionable good, theft of food, water, and medical supplies, contraband arms dealing, you name it, but, of course, such actions don't go unnoticed in these parts, various mercenaries like him have had their eyes trained on this target for ages now. "Ronin" wasn't the first to try and take down such a target, but, he was indeed the first swordsman to try his luck... He had the element of surprise on his side here. As he continued his journey accross the roof tops, he suddenly stopped, observing his surroundings carefully before he started climbing his way down, shimmying towards a window nearby, he glanced at the faded house number; 1337... As much as he had thought it was some joke at first, it really was where his target resided. With a small sigh and a shake of his head, he carefully forced the window open, chuckling to himself when it gave little resistance, for a criminal, this guy sure wasn't very smart, one would expect he'd at least put a lock on entrances like this.

    Hopping his way inside, making sure to close the window behind him to keep any bypassers from getting suspicious, he tiptoed around, taking a quick glance at his surroundings, it was a two story house, nothing special really. Or at least it looked like nothing special from the outside, the room he was currently in looked like your average bedroom, a single bed in the corner, a dresser on the opposite end, even a door leading to a bathroom. He shrugged, about to continue on until he heard the sound of a nozzle turning and water running, it couldn't be that easy, could it? Neil shrugged, he had to check anyways, perhaps his target was a complete idiot or something, just then, a hand tapped him on the shoulder causing him to jump and draw his sword. "Looking for me?" Came a voice, and upon turning to it, Neil realized who it was; Atlas... Looks like his target had presented himself, cocky as he was.
    He laughed "Who else?" Neil asked, cocking his head to one side as he sheathed his blade, a deceptive, yet confusing move, he cracked his knuckles, seeming quite non-challang about this. Atlas laughed in return "You're after my head, arent ya?" he said, chuckling again as he pulled out a rather old fashioned looking revolver and aiming it at Neil "Well guess what? It ain't gonna be so easy pal!" he said, his voice shifting to a much harsher tone... Neil in the meanwhile just smirked and "aimed" his weapon at Atlas which seemed to throw him off again. "The hell are you doing with THAT? You know what they say... 'bout bringing a blade to a gunfight, right?" Atlas exclaimed, practically guffawing as he backed up, pulling back the hammer of the gun as he prepared to fire. Suddenly, with a quick motion, a loud "boom" sounded as Neil's blade launched itself out of his "sheath" catching atlas offguard as it's hilt smacked him right in the face, his gun went off, the bullet whizzing past it's target causing a distinct ringing noise to develop in Neil's right ear... Unfortunate, but, only a minor convenience, he rushed forwards while Atlas was stunned grabbing the blade out of the air, as he sliced at Atlas from behind with remarkable precision... Though, despite his speed, it seemed Atlas had escaped, but, not without a deep gash on his back.

    "Oi! Playing dirty eh? Well, why doncha have some of THIS!" Atlas shouted, stepping backwards and raising his hand and letting loose a stream of lightning, this definitely caught Neil offguard, he had expected some strange weaponry, but, this? What even was this? Thinking quickly, he dodged out of the way, his speed carrying him just barely fast enough to dodge the attack, it hit a wall, fizzling out, thankfully nothing too flammable was laying around. "You're bloody kidding me!" Shouted an infuriated Atlas realizing he had missed his target, Neil in the meantime had his "sheath" in his other hand, it appeared to have expanded into some sort of one handed weapon, though one would notice there was burn marks on one of his sides. Atlas injected some sort of blue liquid, a drug? "You just made me use my last vial! It's gonna take be bloody ages to get more!" Atlas seethed, he raied his hand with the revolved in it again and fired in succession with launching another bolt of lightning at Neil.

    Thise time, Neil was ready and blocked with his blade as he ran, firing a few shots of his own from his gun, Atlas was hit by one of the shots, the others hitting the ground around him and knocked onto his back, blood dripping from a wound. However, Atlas was still alive and kicking, though in alot of pain "Looks like it's your lucky day boy!" he said in a strained voice, coughing up a bit of blood. Neil had approached him now, hiw sword raised as he prepared to finish the job "Yes... Indeed." Neil said, his voice emotionless as per usual, he figured there was nothing more to worry about now. "Heh... You don't get it... Do ya pal?" he said, chuckling a little as he raised a hand, holding some sort of explosives detonator "YOU get to experience first hand... What it's like... To go... With a bang!" he yelled, pressing the red button at the top. Neil's eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen, he leapt towards the window, cursing himself for closing it just as a flash of light occurred as some explosives nearby went off, propelling him forcefully out the window as he raised his blade in front of himself in an effort to minimize the damage this explosion would cause.

    Sure enough, the explosion slammed him through the window with a loud *crash* as a good chunk of the building was taken with him, and felt himself hit the ground with a thud and everything went black for a few minutes. When he came to, it appeared he was laying in the soft snow outside the now damaged building "Well... That could have went better..." Neil muttered under his breath, groaning a little, he moved his arms and his legs to make sure he hadn't broken any bones... His clothes were covered with soot and his face was a bit blackened, but other than that, he didn't seem to have hurt himself too badly, minus that burn he'd recieved from earlier. He was surprised that his blade alone could defend against a blast like that, although it was a small one, must have been some week explosives, though, he couldn't help but feel there was some other force protecting his body too. Finally, Neil got himself up and noticed the sound of water dripping, coming from a now slightly exposed bathtub from that bathroom he had been about to ender earlier, full of water and... Empty, whoever was in it had probably fled the scene while Neil was out.

    Dusting himself off and wiping his face a couple of times, he stumbled towards his house, figuring he'd change out of his clothes and treat that burn in his side. Quite frankly, he just wanted to relax a little, maybe visit the local pub or something... Though as he reached his small, one story house, fumbling for his keys and opening his door, stepping inside and washing off his face a bit "I've gotta stop getting so cocky..." he thought to himself as he stepped into his room, reaching into his closet for another set of clothes, they looked exactly the same as his previous set, he wasn't one for variety it seemed. Though the sudden sound of Christmas Carols suddenly caught his attention as he stepped towards the window. It dawned upon him that he had forgotten what time of the year it was today in all the "excitement" that had happened, perhaps he should take the rest of the day off or something... It's not like another Atlas will present himself anytime soon anyways, and hopefully that's the last target with uncanny powers. Though now that he had decided to take the day off, what was he gonna do? He massages his temples as he thought about his options and eventually decided to relax at home, he wasn't in the mood for Christmas shopping or things like that, and he could do with a nap. So, in the end, despite the fact that some may call him "Scrooge" for this, he flopped down on his bed and decided to take a nap, not really feeling the "Christmas spirit" at the moment...

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