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  1. Justice is about the protection of the innocent, and prevention is better than cure. Then when you know innocents will be harmed those who stand for justice and fairness should strive to prevent the foreseen hard from coming to pass. Most see angels and celestial creatures as good, nice, caring… wimpy. This is not that case. Their personalities and traits can be as varied as any human’s and beyond. They all stand for justice, but how they enforce it is up to them. And when one, on wings of prophecy is sent to investigate the truth that could save billions of lives there is nothing they will not do.

    Praefractus, an arbitrator of the 5th circle has been called. He is as one would expect, one of the best. Able to command light magic and holy steel with equal skill, but now is not the time for divine fury and swords of fire. Now is the time for patience and watching.

    He interted himself into the closest social hub to the one he would be watching, the students thinking he had always been there, only those exceptional few who were more than human would notice his sudden appearance. Prae, or Pray as he would go by chose his moment well. With his white hair and green eyes there was no way he could blend in even if he wasn’t a couple of inches taller than most of those around him in the crowded corridor. A public space where there were a lot of people, where his winged target wouldn’t try anything.

    His clothing might be a little off for the time period too, denim jeans and faded denim jacket despite the summer sun his hair long but not quite reaching his shoulders.

    “Greetings Prince.” He said softly as he came up behind his target. “I hope I’m not unexpected.” Sarcasm, not usually and angel’s forte. “I hope you don’t mind me dropping in to check up on things.”

  2. Verona is the capital and biggest city in the Dark Territory, named after the late Queen Veronica, it also happens to have the largest, privately funded, public school in the territory. So its no surprise that the eldest Prince goes to this highschool. Even though he is older than most of its students, Rinnovare attends Tirosica Academy. The King thinks its a good way to keep him from destroying the castle or parts of the city.

    Rinnovare, dressed down from what one would call princely attire-- in a pair of loose, black sweatpants and a black shirt, noticed a flash of something. He stopped what he was doing a moment, which had been him digging through the mess of his locker to get one of the many textbooks buried at the bottom, before he dismissed it as a side effect from lack of sleep. That was alright, he planned to sleep through the next period. He stood, having gotten the thickest textbook he had, for use as a pillow, and ran a hand sleepily through his already mussed up hair.

    He turned to the person, that had greeted him. "Oh, hey.." He didn't know this person. Had never seen this guy before. And that was weird, because he'd at least seen everyone that went to the school. Maybe he was new. But then, how did he know that he was the prince? Well, everyone knew he was the prince, so nothing surprising about that. Ignoring the obvious sarcasm, Rinnovare answered.

    "Check up on things?" He asked, only a little confused. What would this kid be here to check on? The guy didn't look much older than himself.. But then, he was really old. To humans. "What exactly are you checking on?" He had to ask now that he was curious.
  3. So the Prince of Darkness was playing coy or genuinely didn't recognize what he was. "You, your progress. I've been told a bit of your history, how you got your wings. Lack of control they said?" he was being antagonistic on purpose but now it was time for a change in tone. "Call me Pray, I just wanted to meet you and find out what you do around here. We should talk where there are less people."

    Weighed, measured and... nothing. There wasn't malice at being found, resentment, nothing he had expected. It was strange. But he was sure this was the guy from the prophecy, the one who would destroy the world with his unbridled power. He would have to wait and watch, and investigate, and maybe provoke.
  4. Progress? My progress? Did Dad send this guy? "That's common knowledge. But, uhm who told you that? My father?" So what if he lost control of himself every so often. And he had been six when that happened, no one should have expected him to be able to control his abilities yet.

    "Rinnovare, it's a pleasure." He said, offering his hand to shake. "Who're you, by the way?" And more importantly, what was he doing here? This kid just shows up out of nowhere and wants to investigate him or something. He didn't need a babysitter. He was 425 years old! This was ridiculous and it irritated him.

    "I don't know what you were told, or what you are here for but, your services are unnecessary, I assure you. " He said, dismissing Pray. The last thing he wanted was some kid following him around for no reason.
  5. Wow, he really was confused.

    "Alright I'll get everything out on the open." he said not taking the man's hand. "I am an angel sent here to keep an eye out for trouble, and by trouble I mean genocide, murder, misuse of power, political manipulation, armies of the damned, you know the usual." he gave a wry smile. "I'm not accusing you of anything but I wanted to introduce myself. It would be a lot of trouble if I didn't let the Prince of Darkness know I was in town, trouble I don't need."

    He was watching him carefully for any kind of reaction. Any glimmer of uncertainty or fear that he had been discovered. "So I'll do my job and if you know of anything dangerous of unusual going on you'll let me know?"
  6. "Okay, I see why you're here." He said, some of his irritation dissipating. He pulled his hand back and put it in his pocket.

    "But why would you be here? If anything, you ought to be over at the Luce Kingdom. What you said fits that Kingdom to a t. You should go over there." He wasn't trying to convince this guy to leave because he was afraid of anything. He just thought that the other kingdom would be better suited for that kind of surveillance. But whatever, whoever is in charge of the Angels thought that their kingdom was a threat, he'd tell his father but otherwise there was nothing he could really do.

    "Yeah, I'll let you know if anything happens but I doubt anything of note would happen." He said with a shrug. "I'll see you around." With that he turned and left, heading for the entrance. This was something that actually couldn't wait, with the whole country under surveillance, they had a lot to fix very, very quickly. As soon as he got to the front of the school, he made a running jump into the air and flew towards his castle, in the neighboring city.
  7. The warning had been made and the gears were in motion. He would need to present himself to the ruler before long but that could wait. there were many things to be taken care of and there was time. Always time. Speaking of time there would be no reason to come back here, the introductions were made and what prince wouldn't be able to find an angel in their own lands if he wanted to talk. So school was out, for Pray anyway.

    He followed and watched the prince leave. His power was the one said to be that which would consume the world. They would talk again, soon. In the meantime Pray would travel by more conventional means to the capitol and the investigation would begin in earnest. Walking down the street he hummed softly to himself. He always liked the beginnings, the beginnings were unique fleeting and shaped what would follow. If only there were a way to tell how powerful the prince was without fighting him directly...
  8. In the castle, the King, D'mitri, was very busy, signing things, listening to proposals and such. D'mitri was a good looking man, for being 72, that is. He was a tall, imposing figure with a carefree attitude. His bright green eyes often unnerved people, especially when he was just staring at them. He had short spiky, naturally dark purple hair that he often messed with when he was stressed out.

    He really didn't have time to listen to whatever his son was going on about. But then he stopped what he was doing and sent everyone else out of his office. He gave Rinnovare a look that stopped the boy mid sentence.

    "Why is he here? And how many are there?" The King asked.

    "Just one approached me, Father. He said that he wanted to check up on things." Rinnovare paused. "But, why would he want to be over here? Why not the Luce Kingdom?" That was the one thing that Rinnovare was very confused about. He could not, for the life of him, figure out why any Angel be concerned with their kingdom. D'mitri sighed, looking, just for a second, all of his 1800+ years.

    "There are some things you just shouldn't know right now." He said in a dismissive tone. "I'll handle it from here." D'mitri gestured at the door. "Thank you for the information, Rinnovare." That's it? He didn't get to do anything else? And what's with the 'there's just things you shouldn't know'? What the hell? Rinnovare got up and left, radiating all types of angry energy. He walked out the castle and to the lake not far away, more or less pouting about the situation.