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  1. The rain had been especially dreadful today, on this sad August Afternoon in Florida of all states where the heat was especially unforgiving.
    A clatter shook Angeline from her slumber and within seconds she brought out her trusted pistol from beside her and aimed waiting for any sudden movements, waiting for a beast to appear.

    Welcome to Tranighot, where the beasts were born...well actually they were experiments that had escaped Escorps Laboratory and hoping that it would be contained soon the citizens evacuated having no idea that the same experiment ran throughout the entire world.

    Monsters of all shapes and sizes would take people and just eat them however they please...sometimes the creatures eat their own kind for survival; and other times these things just hunt for sport.

    There is no cure, no hope just survival and what kind of life is that you might ask? Well to some it's better than no life at all.

    The raven haired beauty focused her deep blue eyes at the source of the noise, something seemed to be shaking behind a trash can...but then suddenly a rat crawled away making the trash can still.

    A sigh of relief filled the battered, abandoned house and once again the female laid down slowly starting to close her eyes...this was the life she had chosen, better than none.