Illiteracy Thread (Don't post, if you dislike other people's opinions.)

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  1. wellcum 2 da thraed plz pst zum gud zhyt zo wii kan laf
  2. o.O

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  3. |-|1 1 4/\/\ r4z1l1/\/.

    \/\/0|_|Le u l1|<3 2 play 4 g4/\/\3¿
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. My mind

    Blown it is
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  6. It took me far too long to figure out what that said....
  7. i fell the saem wae buot tht 2

  8. That's me

    Thought provoking
  9. I'm trying refrain from writing correctly, so try to do the same. This shit is hilarious, though.
  10. Hai! Sry if nun can unerstand meh, I don tipe 2 gud.
  11. nigga niggas nig on a nigga day my niggA
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Ny Ida wat iss goinz onz
    (Was that good? ;A;)
  14. If this keeps going, we could make an illiterate story.
  15. ohai dere du yhu cum haer oftin ;3
  16. cuz nig aye du wha i wan

    al so

    boobz arg smexy <3
  17. aqriid on dat onee mai nignigniga
  18. U meen thesw?