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    Jace had his hands in his pockets as he walked the block; he had been bored all day and hadn't really had anything to do since his friends were busy with other stuff, thus leaving him in the utter cave of boredom that was this. Something in him was seeking something out of the normal, to turn his life at a strange angle for which he had never gone into or at least ventured to find; he wondered what today would bring aside from cool weather and a cool breeze that wafted over him at that moment. He loved the winter season, the snow always made him feel like life was starting a new when it was always pure white and it was a shame it would be tainted with so many things; he was brought out of his thoughts when he heard something coming from a trash can and wondered if someone decided to throw away a puppy or a kitten...what sick bastard would do that? Either way; he felt he should at least check and see what was in it.
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    Being kicked, punched, yelled at and practically being beaten up was not bad, at least not a very bad thing, he was used to it by now, nothing was so bad, not even this dreadful, dark town in which if it wasn't raining it was snowing or it was cloudy, nothing was so bad.

    Even now, having been left alone with no jackets or shelter from the cold because of the darned winter snow wasn't so bad, specially if he had just been thrown amongst the trash bins, holding a notebook he held so close all the time, even then he couldn't even be bothered to feel sorry about himself, his eyes brought no more tears, nothing ever hurt anyway, he didn't know what to do, but he did know that feeling sorry and pitying himself would get him nowhere.

    However with his body in so much soreness and pain, he couldn't really help himself right now, except at the moment in which he began to hear footsteps approaching his location, every muscle in his body tensed up and his hand instinctively went to the side of his hip, to seek for his pocket knife, realizing just then that it was indeed gone. He only quieted down, and listened, hoping it to just be a passerby, or something of sorts.
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    Jace bit his lip as he slowly went toward the trash bin; he was a bit hesitant since he was unsure as to what would be in there but something was telling him to open it, there better not be some angry rabez ridden rat or something. A sigh escaped his lips as he put his hand on the lid and slowly started lifting it up, flinching a bit and moving as he espected a rat to be there but then looked down; he was surprised to see some beat up guy in there. "Are you alright?" He asked. "Do you need help out of there?"
  4. The younger man managed to push himself up with his hands, trembling, his whole body, he couldn't do it and fell back down. Breathing quietly and his mind was a little fuzzy still, he turned to look at the stranger who had just found him and he tugged onto the lower part of his shirt, pulling it down as he closed his eyes tiredly, he wanted to speak up to him and ask him to take him home, but for some reason for some reason he couldn't do it. He couldn't speak, maybe it was nervousness, maybe he was weak after...

    He turned to the young man again, he couldn't speak up but he could at least reach out his hand for help.
  5. Jace bit his lip and reached for the other male's hand, helping him up and then putting his arms around him so he could help him out of the trashcan; he lifted the other up and then looked him over. "Do you have anywhere to go?" Jace asked, the other male hadn't spoken earlier but that was probably because he was feeling weak maybe; he put his arm around him and sighed. "Maybe you should come home with me, you look like you need some rest." He said and led him down the sidewalk, lucky that he didn't live too far from here.
  6. He at first was about to move his head in a "no" gesture, but then he thought hard about it as they moved and didn't even bother replying, his eyes sticking to the cold snow flooded pavement.

    He didn't know who this man was, and why was he doing this, but somehow he didn't feel completely threatened, at least not at this moment.
  7. "It's not exactly good to be out here in the cold anyway." He said. "Uh, my name is Jace by the way." He introduced and led him to his house which they soon arrived at; Jace took out his keys and unlocked the door, leading him inside the house and sat the other male down on the couch for a moment. "Do you ned anything?"
  8. The younger one only laid fully on it, going to a fetal position, covering his face with his bruised and mistreated hands, and protecting his stomach and chest with his legs, now in the light it was easier to see the cloth covering his visibly slim body was stained in both water and dry blood, little stains, he had received a good beating and it was visible.
  9. Jace looked him over and frowned. "Who did this to you?" He asked and tried to find if there were any open wounds on the younger male, there was obviously something that had happened before the other had gone into the trash bin; he also wondered why he was covering his stomach.
  10. The younger one somehow got himself back together and only shook his head softly, "... It... doesn't ... mat...matter..." he mumbled, covering himself further in a protective manner and his shoulders continued to tremble a little, due to the cold.
  11. Jace sighed and crossed his arms. "I think it does." He said and leaned down so he was close to the other. "If you have any injuries that need to be taken care of just tell me so I can fix you up." He got up. "In the meantime, rest." He then went to the closet and grabbed some blankets and a pillow and brought it back over to the other male.
  12. The smaller man only raised his face a little bit, allowing him to see a bruise on his right eye, but also a few scratches, not done by nail. However his expression was more like peace, as if nothing was even wrong to begin with, just the idea of being able to sleep in a soft spot with a pillow and a blanket soothed him enough to calm down from the shock state he was in.

    "C-can ... I sleep... here?" he asked, his voice not too deep but not too sharp, just enough for the age he seemed to be.
  13. Jace nodded and smiled a little. "You can sleep here...you can stay here as long as you need to." He assured and stood up. "Have you eaten anything at all today?" He decided to ask, glad the other male was finally speaking to him a bit.
  14. He shook his head softly and took the pillow from the young man's hands, hugging it like it made him feel a little safer, really he was only hugging it because it was soft and that was it.

    "Si...nce... yester...day" he mumbled softly and blinked, pulling out the little notebook and when he tried to hand it to the young man, it fell off his hand, to which he cringed softly.
  15. Jace picked the notebook up. "What's this?" He asked, not wanting to open it unless the other was ok with it. "I'll go make you some food alright?" he smiled a little and got up.
  16. "...C...an't... talk... m...uch..." he mumbled, practically forcing himself to do so "...first... p..age..." he continued, pointing at the notebook without too much effort now, almost lazily, there was obviously something important to it and he wanted to show this person.
  17. Jace nodded and opened the notebook, looking at what the other wanted him to read.
  18. "Hello, you must be very confused. My name is Allen, I'm 15 years old currently, I am going to turn 16 in February of the next year.
    I can't talk normally like most people do, I can hardly mumble stuff and it takes me a lot of effort to do that. This is because of an
    accident I was in long ago when I was a child. I am actually practically homeless, I don't have a house of my own and I usually
    live in the shelters, this because my parents didn't want an imperfect child.
    If I ended up in your house, give me a pillow. I love pillows. If you already did give me a pillow, thank you, I repeat, I love pillows.
    Also I can't eat hot things, my throat can't handle them very well. It's a bad thing because I'm never trying hot chocolate. ugh.
    This also may come off childish, but I love strawberry milk and I hate cats. They scare me alright?
    Again, if I ended up in your house, I'm sorry."

    The smaller man only looked at the host with eyes of expectation as he held the pillow closer and nuzzled himself over it.
  19. Jace looked back up at the other male and smiled a little. "Alright, nice to meet you Allen..." He said "Don't be sorry about ending up my house, I couldn't just keep you out there in the cold. Ok, you can't have hot foods so...does that mean if I cook something I need to let it cool down before you can eat it?" He asked and set the notebook down.
  20. He nodded with a tired look on his face, only tugging into the pillow kindly "... A...h.. Hurt....s..." he mumbled, then lied back down, still hiding his stomach with his legs.
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