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  1. Alias: Nicholas Miller
    Age: 28
    (Brown hair - one blue, one green eye (only seen up close otherwise they both look green))

    Identity: Purple Shade
    ((all aspects of blue on his suit are a deep purple + the turquoise of the helm is somewhat see through - optional helm, not sure if I want him wearing it or not just yet))

    "And that, ladies and gentlemen," Nicholas started his conclusion, staring down at the jury as if he owned the world and all aspects in it, "is why my client, Larry Decktor," he kept his hands close to him, leather gloves covering his nimble fingers on that snowy December day, Nicholas ended his statements as powerfully as he could as he assumed he could have grabbed as many of the members in those stands to be on his side. For his client, a man named Larry Decktor, had been accused of murder but all the evidence pointed away from this solemnly religious priest. He was a devout man, his alibis doing him justice, only an old trace of DNA coming against him. The murdered man, was, after all, a dear friend of Mr. Decktor. But those glorious days were and will always be behind Nicholas. The arena of the courtroom lost to his voice rattling the windows in their frames.

    Now staring out of the window of his office, Nicholas sighs, a hand propped up against his desk to cradle his chin in his palm. "I should have seen through that bastard," he growls, knuckles cracking. No matter what, he won't look at the picture of Mr. Decktor in today's broadsheet paper. The priest, a seemingly innocent man, has come out, after nearly seven years of escaping the law, and confessed that it was he who had killed his own friend in a 'murder of passion' he called it. Nicholas, rubbing his hand over his beard, thinks it must be a lie. Crimes of passion, the paper even getting the term wrong, would have not gone to Supreme Court. Not Nicholas' playing ground. But those days are behind him and as he hears a knock on his door, Nick blinks, turning just in time to see his assistant come through the door.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Annabell Maleto

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, 5'4.

    Annabell had stood outside Nick's office door for a moment, her eyes shut, almost as if to focus on something. With a knock she left herself in at his command. "Hey, Boss. I thought he was guilty too." she mentioned softly with a smile. She walked over to place a mug full of coffee and a file down onto his desk. "Coffee, your favorite, and the file on the Peters case. I know you didn't ask for it but I thought you might want to look at it before the meeting on Tuesday. Anything else I can get you?"

    She stood there in a purple blouse, black skirt, and heels. Her blue eyes looked to his blue orbs as if to look for something, the soft smile still playing on her supple pink lips. "If not I'll just give the client a call and verify the meeting for Tuesday." She mentioned before turning to walk out the door, hips swaying slightly as she walked. Pausing in the doorway she looked over her shoulder, "Oh, and if you're thinking of staying late against I'll call for chinese. Dumplings and veggie low mein, right?"
  3. "Thank you Ms. Maleto," Nicholas' gaze glances to the file and he immediately picks it up, thumbing through the loose pages. His mind starts to immediately make connections between what the black and blue ink tells him and what his mind perceives. The lawyer in him shouts out connections that could have made him famous. But before that time came, his name starting to grow in status, he resigned from the courtroom and chose to simply work for the Government. Black suit, blue tie, silver Tissot watch with a blue background and silver hands ticking away at the time. "You're too good to me," Nicholas sighs, taking a sip of his coffee. Completely black - just the way he likes it with a splash of cinnamon.

    "Hmmm," Nicholas breathes, "Something doesn't add up," he whispers to himself, leaning back into the chair, his jacket crinkling in just the right places, "Well, anyway, I shall look at this later. Yes, be a doll and just verify," he waves his hand in the air, the phone ringing. Nicholas jolts back into life, leaning up in the chair to grab the phone from the cradle. Before he picks up, his ringless fingers gripping the smooth black plastic, he smiles back to Annabell and nods, "You know my favorite, as suspected. Come back in five minutes will you? After I'm done with my call." Nodding, his dismisses her with a wave of his hand and then plucks the phone from the cradle, pinning it to his ear. Holding it there, he starts to read the file once more, the red diamond emphasized against the tan background with the name of the case.
  4. With a nod she closed the door behind her, kicking off her heels and sitting down she spun her wheelie chair back to the center of her L-shaped desk. Nimble fingers plucked up the phone, shiny blue fingernail polish vibrant against the black plastic. It didn't take her long to call the client or to order chinese, and just like he told her she knocked back on his door after five minutes. Bare feet patted into the office, "Food will be here in fifteen minit." she giggled at her fake chinese accent.

    She sat on the corner of his desk, crossing a leg over the other, "What did you need me for, Boss? Late night shenanigans?" she joked with a wink and smirked, "Or do you just want more coffee? I'm starting to believe that you only like me for my coffee. Don't you ever want a girl for her personality?" She enjoyed teasing and joking around with him, in a good mood he would humor her, but from what she could tell it was just fun and games. He didn't seem to show that kind of interest in her.
  5. Not hearing the click of her heels against the maple flooring, Nicholas nearly jumps out of his suit when her voice, well her face accented voice, sounds through his room. Clearing his throat, Nick motions to one of the two chairs on the other side of his long cherry finished desk. Its straight and simple, having drawers lining the sides like silent sentinels with a roll out drawer for small office supplies and his wireless Mac keyboard when he is not there. The bookshelf behind him surrounds a small shelf filled with small nick nacks and whatnots. Small metals or favors given to him by friends. A photo or two of his family is there as well but only one or two are present of them all together.

    When she sits at the corner of his desk, Nicholas simply loosens his tie, the silver shimmering down his well toned chest against his dark blue shirt. "Do you really think that I would peruse late night, what did you say?" his eyes squint for a moment, pushing a few files to the side of his desk, simply leaning over the wood and crossing his hands over one another. "You do make a mean cup o' joe, Ms. Maleto. But do you really think that its wise for me to pick a girl to be my secretary who I can get along with?" raising a brow, he comes to his own conclusion, "No. That way, there is less of a chance for whatever else to pop up."

    Being quite vague about what he means, Nicholas moves on, tapping his fingers one by one on the desk, "Now, you see, I called you in here because you're fee to join me for some of my Chinese if you'd like and also because I wanted to congratulate you on your work thus far," flashing a smile, his eyes glance to the far corner of the room where his biker jacket and helmet lie. Clearing his throat, Nicholas looks back to face, hardly focusing on her eyes before looking away and thumbing his way over one of the files, "because you're doing a fine job. Keep it up and this job might as well be yours until you become sick of me and my, as you say, my interest in your coffee making skills."
  6. Rolled her blue eyes with a huff, "You're not going to humor me tonight are you? Fine." standing back up her nails tapped against the desk, "I'd enjoy having chinese with you though. Plus, you really do need to look over that file. You know you do." Finger walking over to tap on a red folder. Flashing him a smile she leans closer, "I know I am and thank you. But I bet you say that to all the ladies." Giving another wink she straightened back up and fixed her skirt. She followed his gaze to the jacket and helmet, "If you want to go for a quick ride go. I know it clears your head. Its already so loud and jumbled."

    She knew he probably would have found it as some unfunny joke, but it was true. When it came to reading his mind, it was hard. His mind was always going in so many different directions. "You should take a few days off. I don't think you've left his office except to sleep and change clothes." walking around his desk she tapped at the monitor power button. "Turn it all off and just have a weekend to yourself. Maybe go to the beach. Meet the beach babes... Try some new cuisine. All work and no play makes Nick a dull boy."
  7. "Oh don't give me that sass, Annabell, of course I'm not going to humor you," Nicholas half jokes, not even a smile creasing his lips for more than half a second, "Even though you do such a fine job at trying to make me feel guilty." opening the red file again after Anna touches it, he taps on the first page and sighs. He knows it has to be done but cannot help but think that perhaps just tomorrow he can run through it a few times until he understands it and takes his own notes upon the information given. Still, he can't help but think that a ride, perhaps a short ride, sounds just fine. Looking down at the name bolded twice in the document, he glances to the address and then smiles.

    "I think I will take a ride," he concludes right before she starts off on these beach babes and Nicholas rolls his eyes. He isn't an executive who will stop such trains of thought but he will simply nod and move on from that part of the conversation. All in all, he won't contribute to things he doesn't want to screw himself up with. But then Anna moves too close to him, her arm brushing his own when she moves to turn off the monitor. "Could you not?" he sighs, reaching back over to turn it on once more.

    "Before I take my ride, you know what? No. I have my ride home, later, after all this work is done with." clicking back on the Excel spreadsheet, he plugs in another name with quick fingers before looking back to Anna who is still on his side of the desk. "Beach babes?" he contemplates for a moment, "Will have to wait for those summer days where I have my break. Until then, I'm working. I have enough time to play and to work - you just only see me working. It's not like we're going to plan to see one another outside the office or anything, isn't that right?"
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  8. Groaning she shook her head, it was obvious he wasn't in a good mood and it was no use trying to get a few laughs in. "Fine." Watching him turn back on the monitor just made her sigh and cross her arms over her chest. "I know you better than you think I do. Like I said, you only go home to sleep and change." Giving her nails another tap to his desk as she walked around it to leave she couldn't help but feel as though something was up.

    "No, why? Does it bother you that someone is actually trying to be nice to you and be friendly?" There was a bit of attitude in her tone but even though he was her boss, he didn't show her any glimpse of friendliness in return. "I'm going to check and see if the chinese is waiting by the front door, the guards are probably locking up the doors by now." she said with a dismissive wave of her hand before shutting the office door behind her. Walking out, her fingers pressed to her temples, rubbing in little circles, "God.. Reading is mind is like trying to open a steel vault with your skull."
  9. Annabell simply wishes to remove herself from Nicholas when he is in one of his notorious moods. Doesn't she know the man who delivers will buzz up to them? With a sigh, Nicholas doesn't think of it any longer, his mind moving quickly to the Decktor case. Mr. Decktor, whether he knows it or not, is getting on Nicholas' nerves. The more he sits at his desk, swiveling in his chair, an action he does when he is either deep in thought, worried, or just plain bored, the clearer he can see that man's face behind his lids. He just wants to recapture that so called "holy man" and put him behind bars where he belongs. Is that so hard to ask of the world? It seems so. Nicholas doesn't have that power - or does he?

    Sucking in a deep breath, Nick removes himself from his seat as soon as the door closes, moving to his bag in the corner. Kneeling down before it, he pulls out a small Ipad, bought with cash and untraceable to him, all sorts of codes locked in it. Closing his eyes, he remembers the address of the red file's name, a notorious gangster who is clawing up his city as if it were a scratching post. Typing in another piece to the puzzle, Nicholas replaces the device in his bag, covering it with his jacket as it had been before. Making a circle around his desk once, he moves to the window, simply looking out upon the twinkling sky of the city.

    Beach babes. He ponders, laughing aloud with the gusto of a blink of an eye, What a concept. Me out on the beach, soaking up the sun. Don't only the living do such tasks? Imagine that, Nicholas, the sand beneath your body, sunglasses shielding your eyes from the harmful rays. Oh how relaxing it would be not to worry. But, of course, that's not my place. I am, after all, a working man. The door clicks back open and Nicholas turns to find one of the techs entering the room. After a quick conversation on the router glitch they had a week ago, Robert concludes that all should be well in the system by Monday.

    "Thanks Robert. You saved our asses. But just make sure no moles have gotten into our security. You know how the slightest second gives way for," he motions Annabell back in the room when she tentatively stands in the open threshold, "anything to happen. Bugs, information, etc. You name it and someone might have done it. Check again on Monday - have a good weekend." After shaking Robert's hand, the blonde man passing Anna with a cheeky smile, Nicholas turns back to the window. "I think, if I'm not mistaken, smell the wonderful scents of Chinese. Am I correct, Ms. Maleto?"
  10. Her thoughts were brought back to reality as the buzz rang, "The food..." she mumbled to herself just in time to pass by Robert, the tech guy. "Hey, Rob!" Flashing him a smile and a wave before getting the chinese. It didn't take her long to pay and get it back, by the time she came back inside he would be done, like always. This time she was happy Nicholas had to order food to have her avoiding the awkwardness of being hit on. It wasn't that he wasn't a bad looking guy, he was attractive, but they never had much to talk about or that they had in common.

    "Don't call me that." she mentioned placing the paper bag onto his desk, "I'm going to work on some document and call a few people. Buzz my phone if you need me." Rubbing at her temple with a free hand, "Or I may go home early.. Haven't decided."
  11. "Wait a minute," he shouts from his desk. It's not in a demanding nature as if he is angry but a simple attention grabbing burst of energy. He feels his hand grow cold and he quickly places it underneath the desk, glancing down to see that shade of purple, his old friend, travel down his naked hand like lightening to a rod. Whenever he raises his voice too much, there is always a quick moment, a jolt, of his eternal energy. Clenching his fist shut, Nicholas waits until the small stabbing is done and he knows that its safe to place his hand back on the desk. "Didn't you want some?" he asks, reaching over to take and open the bag as if it were a birthday present, a small smile on his face.

    "Inform me what you mean by 'don't call me that' Ms. Maleto. Do you not like it that I call you by your name in an office environment? You are, remember, an agent of the government and must fulfill their requirements." sighing a little, Nicholas places the Lo Mein on his wooden desk before following with the dumplings. Opening up both containers, he slides them over to where he assumes she will come. "Please, take as much as you want. I know I will not be able to finish this and taking it home is always a hassle," his thumb jerks back to his gear in the back corner, his eyes still on Annabell to see if she leaves the room or stays to join him, "I could, of course, save you some in the event you want to work or go home early."
  12. "Ms. Maleto. We have no coworkers here so drop the formal. Annabell, Anna, Ann. Hell! Butterbean if you want! I don't like being called Ms. Maleto." grabbing the spare chair she moved to sit across the desk, not ready to touch the food. "I do enjoy working with you, but, you can make things a bit aggravating for me." she said blatantly, jabbing her finger against the desk's surface. "Believe me, my first job choice wasn't working for the government." she muttered leaning back into the chair.

    Arms crossed over her chest as she her eyes scanned his face and then landed on his eyes, "Why don't you let yourself relax? I know you've thought about laying on the beach... Enjoying the sunburns. You know you want to, but you don't let yourself. Who jammed the stick up your ass?"
  13. Robert was just in here... people work late. Doesn't she understand that under no circumstances will I allow myself to be ... never mind. Just talk to the girl, will you? Stop being so goddamn formal. Nicholas thinks to himself, looking over Annabell once more before clicking his tongue lightly against the roof of his mouth. No, he is not scolding her for being so blunt with him, he actually rather enjoys her company but knows that things become ugly when coworkers become friends. Her being a woman and him being a man, staying late in the office long after everyone has gone home, only spells trouble for him. Or at least he has thought that in the past. Right now he just thinks of how much he does like her outfit, the color scheme going well with her eyes.

    "I know. I have, after all, read your resume and thus understand where you're coming from. Out of all the applicants I could have taken for this job, I picked you because you showed the most, well still show, the most promise in this branch," leaning over the table, he folds his hands out of a mannerism, his eyes taking a moment to sink her image in before thinking of what he could possibly respond with as to the whole stick jamming expression she has just graced his office with. "How do I make things aggravating towards you, Anna? I am a boss doing bossy things. Relationships with co-workers, even friendly ones, brings risk into my life. I like to, after all, keep work to work and play to play. I suppose you know that too, hm? Is that such a problem?"
  14. With a huff she took a dumping from the plastic tray and plopped it into her mouth, chewed and swallowed. "I'm not looking for a relationship, just humor me every now and then. Life gets dull real fast and all I want to do is keep myself from falling asleep. You worry too much about what people think. No one cares I'm here late at night... with you. Because they know I wouldn't sleep with you." After those words left her lips she realized how harsh that may have sounded.

    Her hand jutted out in front of her as if to stop any words from leaving him, "No, no. I meant that I'm just... Look, I know you're not attracted to me and I'm not.. I'm sure you wouldn't want to sleep with me either." letting out an awkward chuckle she grabbed another dumpling and shoved it into her mouth to eat, hoping it would keep the word vomit from spilling out. A hand cupping her temple as if to shield her blush of embarrassment from Nicholas.
  15. Nicholas, wide eyed by her so called word vomit, leans back in his chair and simply folds his hands over his muscled abdomen, feeling her words hit him right there. Running his tongue over his lips, he knows that its best not to answer her blabbering but if they're going to get anywhere, Nicholas has to play her games. She thinks it's obvious that he won't sleep with her but maybe he is so cold hearted to her in order so he isn't tempted at all. It's like his own personal barrier for he will fear for those who he becomes too close to. His family, he is well aware, is already in danger in every moment of every day. If they were to find out... Nicholas thinks, shaking his head from the thought as soon as he realizes he has been staring at Annabell.

    He never wears anything too tight out of fear that his co workers might catch a glimpse of his robust physique so the dark blue shirt he has on puffs a little bit as he sits up in his chair. "Things are, after all, how you perceive the world. You think upon this city as you've been taught to think upon its city and its people. I am neither confirming nor denying your acute observations for my actions towards you, Anna. You may think what you want, if I am attracted to you or not, but," the man gives absolutely no signals, "isn't the fun of office romance all in the catch?" raising a playful brow, Nicholas jokes with Anna before he reaches out with a smug smile to pop a dumpling into his own mouth. "Mmm," he mumbles with a mouth full of food, signaling his acceptance of the deliciously greasy cuisine.
  16. Peeking up her eyes met his as he spoke, trying to figure out what was really going on inside his head. There always seemed to be something blocking her though, little glimpses she could see but her focusing too hard just made her head heart. Anna stood up, her hand on her temple, and shook her head, "No, I'm sorry... I'm just.. Going to go home. I have a headache." she mumbled making her way out of his office, yes she did have a headache but she didn't want to talk with him any longer. Maybe it was that time of the month, maybe she was just mental.

    It could have also been the topic at hand, secretly she did find him very attractive. She admired everything about him, how hard he worked, when he was kind, he was also very intelligent. It was hard to be around him at times, but starting to talk about it or even joke about it kind of made her hurt. "Drive safe and what not, Nick." Calling back as she slipped back on her heels and grabbed her purse to go home. "Night!" She couldn't have hurried out the door fast enough.
  17. "Be well and have a pleasant weekend," Nicholas calls after her, his door closing after she humors him with a quick, graceless, wave. But only three seconds pass before he remembers the Advil he has in his desk drawer. Reaching over, he frantically pulls it out before bolting up from the chair and runs to the door. Yanking it open, he calls after his secretary, "Anna!" She is waiting by the elevators and he quickly strides over to her. Showing her the Advil casing, he offers it in his open palm for her to take two capsules. Turning around, he takes long steps to the water cooler and fills up an icy waxed paper cup, handing that to her as well. "Feel better and relax this weekend. Be safe, I know its late. Are you sure you don't want a ride home? My bike does fit two."

    When she politely declines his offer, Nicholas simply bows his head, a smile coming across his lips. "As you wish it. Sleep well and travel safely," he raises a brow, a warning to keep away from the gray areas of the city. Nicholas can't help but worry though, his eyes squinting as they always do when he is deep in thought. But before she has time to analyze every crease and crinkle of his face, Nicholas is walking back to his office, a small whistling tune to his lips. Once inside, he waits five minutes before moving over to his bag to collect his gear.

    I might as well make a few rounds. It won't hurt, will it? He has an apartment downtown, a swift drive that normally takes him twenty minutes to get across town. An hour if the traffic is really bad on the bridge. Luckily for him, its so late there are hardly any other people on the road. It's a Friday night. He thinks to himself, adoring the purr of his engine underneath his legs, the open road before him. When he returns home, he takes no time in throwing his bag on the leather couch and hastily opening his suit shirt.

    As soon as his shirt is off, revealing his muscled form to the closed curtains, he closes his eyes, calling his energy in swift whispers. The warmth from his body intensifies, a thick shell growing over his body. When he opens his eyes and the thick cloud of purple dissipates through his apartment and he feels the hug of his extra skin. His armored suit that reveals every ripple of flesh he has to offer. Pulling the utility belt from his bag, he straps it on as well as slips on his boots and leather pants. Only then does he move over to his helmet, the purple crackle of lightening transforming it into his preferred one. He slips out of his window, closing it swiftly behind him before flinging himself from his fire escape and into the night air. Now all it takes is a simple tingle of sense to know someone is in danger.
  18. Anna turned around in surprise, not expecting Nick to come after her and offer her anything. "What? No, that won't help... Just go back to work, Mr. Miller." she mumbled pressing the down button once more. Quickly she shook her head at the offer to ride her home, "No, No. I don't like motorcycles and I can walk." She was eager to get out and go home, maybe enjoy a nice bath or trashy tv, a guilty pleasure. Stepping into the elevator she gave her fingers a wiggle, saying goodbye as she pressed the button for the first floor.

    Heels clicked on the sidewalk as she walked, purse held to her shoulder as her other hand pinched the bridge of her nose, "I need a better job..." mumbling to herself, "I'll move to the city to be a dancer! Open my own studio! Now I'm a secretary..." Moving her hand from her line of sight she stopped herself just short of running into someone, "Oh! I'm sorry!"

    A tall, rough looking man smirked, "Oh... No problem.." A short, muscular man standing to his right gave a soft chuckle.

    As Anna began to walk around them, walking a few more blocks before she felt something pull at her hair, jerking her into the nearest alley, "Help!" she screamed. The shorter man slammed her into the brick wall and leaned in close, "You're a lot prettier like this..." he voice slimmed into her ear making her grimace.
  19. The whispering of the wind flies by his helmet, the aerodynamics making it easy for him to take no drag along with him. Nicholas adores the night for it's his time to be free. No worries about his job, love life, or really anything other than helping the community that has given him so much. This city is his playground by night and he fantasizes it greatly, thinking of all the good but alas, he knows that no dream lasts forever. A faint trail of purple follows his body, diffusing into the sky like a flash of heat lightening. Flying through the air heeds all sorts of impossibilities, the world knowing, by day and by night, that there is a superhero (or villain depending on what side their on) upholding justice in the corrupt streets. His name has been printed in the papers, short shots taken from phones or unfocused camera lens' below the name "Purple Shade".

    His thoughts are interrupted by the scream, his head turning in the direction of whence it came, his body soon following. Landing on the rooftop, he breaks out into a long sprint, his legs bouncing onto the ground on the balls of his feet. Looking down to the dim alleyway, he senses that these two thugs are less than acquaintances at best with this young lady. Nicholas doesn't register it as Anna at all, his mind buzzing with ways to take down these two thugs in the best of manners. Standing up from his crouching position, he flips through the air, his body following his feet as he plummets to the ground. The splash of a puddle can be heard from his descent, his fists immediately grasping the shorter man and yanking him off of Anna.

    "And you, citizen," he begins, taking the man's wrists and twisting them off of Ana's shivering body. The hot lightening covers his woven arms as he slams a fit into the shorter man's stomach, making him keel over. But the taller man will have none of it, reaching forward to grasp the Purple Shade's back in a bear hug. As if he were water, Nicholas leaps upward, using his power as his momentum to twist around the man as if he were a pole. Nick lands on his feet successfully, shimmying himself in front of the taller of the two so that he can flip him, his body crashing to the ground below. "Need a makeover as well," The Shade breathes, dropping to the ground once the shorter man gains his feet again and charges him. Helplessly, the shorter man trips over the readied body of The Shade, joining his friend on the ground.

    "You two are making this too easy," The Shade breathes, glancing over to Ana, "Everything'll be fine, miss." But within the next short breath, he is fighting again.
  20. It wasn't long before the two men were running in terror, they couldn't believe how strong The Shade was. He didn't seem that big compared to either of the men but he easily threw and punched them away. Bruised, battered, and bleeding the two ran off, stumbling over one another.

    Anna sat there on the dirty ground, a heel broken and a scratch on her cheek was the brick wall where her face was once pressed, just staring up at the man who just saved her, but she was still scared. When he was turned away she crawled over grabbing her purse, and hesitantly stood trying not to wobble onto her unbalanced feet. "U-Um.." Hugging her purse close to her chest, "Thanks.. Th-That was.. Thanks..." She quickly mumbled before dashing out of the alley and down the sidewalk. It may have seemed weird but considering what just happened she didn't want to stick out, she just wanted to go home, lock the door, and forget about the whole thing.