I'll roleplay with anyone who wants to

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  1. I'm cool with any ideas. Sadly I'm not good at playing guys so that's the only one I can't do. Give me your ideas and I'll PM you once I see them. Be free to put down any of tour dirtiest ideas. Procede ;)
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  2. Can someone please just reply? I'm bored as fuck.
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  3. Totally up for a mature roleplay.
  4. What was your idea?
  5. I'm up for a GirlxGirl are you?
  6. Yea. I'll PM both of you.
  7. I'm down to role play anything right now, if you have any ideas or if you want to use any of mine just let me know
  8. PM me and I'll tell you my ideas.
  9. I'm interested in roleplaying with ya. Well if you're up for it, pm ke and we can start discussing some stuff.
  10. Anyone else who wants to rp? I am seriously bored
  11. I will! Hell, I need some interesting role plays anyways. >.>
  12. Same here! PM me and we will discuss the rp(s).
  13. I will although I have no ideas.
  14. Hmm... Femdom in a fantasy setting up your alley?
  15. Message me. We will figure that out in a second.
  16. OK I am super damn bored. I have no rps going on and I got kicked off of a site I was on and have to wait a damn year to get on. Now who wants to rp.
  17. I'm still free Kargrub :3
  18. Message me and we will discuss it.
  19. Heyy, I'm also bored xD
    I play Guys only tho.... so sorry, can't really do any Yuri even if I like that stuff :/
    But..... If you really insist.... I can try a girl... but i dont guarantee that I'll be good cause I never tried it and never went dirty or anything xD

    • Best friends who end up drunk one night (simple)
    • Rape?
    • Roommates who never considered being romantic and have there love life outside of their condo
    • Arranged marriage ( Could be transgender and stuff..)
  20. I like the last idea and I can only play girls
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