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  1. Okay, so I figured it'd probably be a good idea to put up an OOC thread where we can discuss worldbuilding/plot-drawing plans, as well, as how to deal with player absence, in a place other than messages tacked onto the end of IC posts. I'd like it if anyone who has background put together in their minds for the races/peoples/magics/dieties referred to so far in the IC could put up some more detailed background on that, with the understanding that the information given out here is probably not known by most of the characters, at least not in the detail given here. I will be doing so for werewolves, so it's clear what I'm going for with them. If that happens, I'll use this first post to put up a directory of links to posts containing that information.
  2. About Werewolves:
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    Okay, so here's how werewolves work, as I've envisioned it here. They are people, frequently some parts elf and human though they could be a mix of any number of races that are not partially animal in appearance already (so, there aren't centaur werewolves, for example). A werewolf is actually part wolf not only in body and mind, but in spirit; one becomes a werewolf by actually combining their person-spirit with a beast's spirit (that of a dead wolf), and once a person is fully a werewolf the two souls have so completely become one that they cannot be separated--hence, there is no cure for "lycanthropy" as such. A person born of a werewolf becomes one at birth, and the spirits are joined at that point; this is what Lir is. A person who isn't a werewolf can become one by being bitten (specifically bitten, not scratched or beaten up or whatever) by a person who is already a werewolf. This "marks" the person, acting as an open invitation for a wolf spirit to enter and join with them. However, these spirits are not powerful enough to enter a person mature enough to have an established personality most of the time, only on the full moon. The full moon being, incidentally, the time at which the spirits of wolves are at their most powerful. A person who has been bitten, but has not yet "joined" with the wolf spirit due to not experiencing a full moon since then, can be "unmarked" by someone who has the right kind of magic and knows what they're doing, but the beast spirit isn't very happy about being "invited" and then "rejected", and typically leaves behind some small deformation of the person (like one of their arms being permanently covered in fur) as it leaves. A person who has been bitten and "unmarked" in this way can never become a werewolf.

    Once a person is a werewolf, their magic is different, because magic is tied to the spirit and their spirit is fundamentally different from how it was before (or would have been if they weren't a werewolf). Their magic takes on a silver light, and is replenished by the light of the moon; hence it is called "Moonlight" with a capital M. This is the same energy that allows them to change shape in the first place, and it also happens to react violently with silver for some reason, causing silver that comes into contact with a werewolf to burn their skin in proportion to how much of such magic the werewolf has--hence, the more powerful one's magic as a werewolf, the more silver hurts. Your average werewolf has enough Moonlight to change form and be mildly burned by silver; Lir is not your average werewolf in this regard.

    There are a lot of different sorts of people who are werewolves, and some of them worship other deities, but all of them to some extent worship or feel they owe something to the goddess of the moon, Luna. Originally, lycanthropy was not the "blessing" they consider it to be today, but rather a curse put on a relatively small group of people by a mean-spirited, capricious goddess, exiled from the other gods. These people were basically worshipers of nature, wanting to lead simple lives free from civilization as humans usually view it. The goddess wanted to show them just how horrible nature truly was, and cursed them with the form of wolves and an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Some of them gave in to this hunger completely, finding murder and cannibalism pleasant. Others participated unwillingly, and cried out to the gods for help. Luna responded by giving the latter party more balance to their nature, allowing them to take on human form again, and broadening their appetite to include meats that were less amoral to hunt.

    So werewolves in general worship Luna, and a particular forest is regarded as the main temple of the moon goddess. It's not a normal temple, as there aren't any buildings; it's a sacred forest, and the priests and priestesses there are all werewolves. Other peoples are free to visit, but watched closely and warned to show reverence. The way that new priests or priestesses of Luna come about is that packs of werewolves who consider themselves devout will send any child with a noticeably high potential with Moonlight to the sacred forest for training. After being raised there until they are adults, such children are sent out into the world on the Maq Vinar, a journey where they are meant to find their purpose. One who returns after many years, having gained wisdom, becomes a priest(ess) of the sacred forest, while those who hold to Luna's teachings while continuing to wander the world are wandering priest(esse)s of Luna. Those who become apostates on the journey are generally not well-liked, shall we say. So in case it wasn't clear, this is the journey that Lir is on. It's less about spreading the teachings of the goddess, and more about spreading her goodwill, by doing things like righting wrongs and healing the hurt and sick, promoting the preservation of nature, etc.

    The "accursed ones", the werewolves who eat people, are of course not worshipers of Luna, and are regarded by the "good" werewolves as monsters that need to be put out of their misery--and the world's--to say nothing of the bad name such people give werewolves in general. Unfortunately, they tend to be larger, stronger, and generally harder to kill than normal werewolves for some reason, likely having to do with the goddess who created the curse in the first place.

    Okay guys. Bramble hasn't reappeared, and was last online a week ago. What do you think we should do about it?
  3. I might have some information on Feral's race soon, but I admit I don't have it written out yet. Will get to that.

    Umm...as for Bramble....I guess we have to find a way to either ease Lir and Jed out of the situation without Bramble having to post as Princy or we could wait another day or two for Bramble to show up and decide then... I think we should put it to a vote, honestly. There are five people playing in this group now and everyone deserves to have a say in what we do, so I suppose majority would win.

    Personally, I think we should find a way to move on.
  4. That souns good. Ill get a thing up for dark elves as soon as i can get to a proper computer. Hopefully, that will be tomorrow or Sunday.
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    Katan Dracon are a race of shape-shifter dragons. They can take human/elven form during the day, but must go back to their dragon forms at night. They tend to be smaller dragons (think Clydesdale size, maybe a bit bigger) with smooth scales, minimal spikes and large, leather wings. They come in many colors and have various small gifts; fire-breathing, ice-breathing, lightning-control, treasure-sculpting, water-control and the like. All Katan Dracon have one similarity, though, and it is their ability to heal any sickness or injury with the sharing of their blood. While most dragons’ blood is toxic and scalding, the Katan Dracon are unique in their biology.

    The Katan Dracon are a sub-species of the greater breed of dragon. They are more docile and slower to anger. They don’t inspire as much fear or reverence and they have been nearly forgotten by most of the world. The greater dragons don’t pay them all that much attention. The few species of the world who do know about them have hunted them for their scales – which are unique in their ability to be used as clothing and able to be skinned off the dragon – and their blood which can last for hundreds of years when kept in storage and be used when convenient.

    The Katan are nearly extinct. There are only a few left in existence and the ones that are alive are either in hiding or in captivity. Katan are very susceptible to magic and almost seem to have allergic reactions to it, growing sick and/or lethargic when magic is used on them. They are not violent creatures by nature, but if pushed hard enough, a Katan Dracon can be just as deadly as their larger kin.

    A Katan Dracon thrives on companionship. They are not a species that likes to be left alone and they always want to help. It is in their nature to live in groups and when deprived of contact with their own kind, they will seek the friendship of other species willingly. This is one of the factors that has led to their downfall.

    It might yet be their saving grace, too.

    That's what I have on my race. :)
  6. Alright, I have one idea, but it might trample things a bit to do it. It might be a bit of a rushy thing to do, but it would neatly get Princy out of the story but able to reappear if Bramble comes back and wants that to happen. What if we just get everyone out of the city? Princy's goal so far is to help the dark elf get out, she doesn't (yet) have a reason to try and leave the city with them, unless the plan of leaving goes sour somehow (which is probably how it would go if Bramble were around). This is a time skip I'm suggesting, and we'd have to sort of throw together what happens in the meantime real quick to accomplish it with minimum stepping-on-toes. The advantage to this is we don't all get stuck in the city for another twelve pages, and we can actually have everyone out on a real adventure and stuff.

    Our other alternative is to get someone to play Princy as an NPC until/unless Bramble comes back. If there is any volunteer who's been paying super careful attention to how Princy has been characterized so far they could do it; otherwise I'll try and do it as, after all, I'm supposed to be the GM.
  7. I like your first suggestion, Xindaris. I am no stranger to time-skips and I work well with them. I would be willing to hash out what will happens in the RP OOC and then play it out IC without fuss. :)
  8. The first idea sounds good. I'll also be willing to help figure out what happened during the time skip. Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten to a computer, but I am writing the information on dark elves and will be ready to get that here as soon as possible.
  9. Wow, I expected opposition to the time skip plan. Okay, so if we're doing that, we should all declare what we want our character to do, and then work out any conflicts in those plans.

    So. Lir would continue to be super motherly assertive and try and figure out what's wrong with Zed/his people. She would either find out that the disease is something she recognizes and offer to go help Zed's people out, as well as possibly doing something to slow/treat the disease in Zed (if he has what they have; if his case is actually a false alarm such as a cold she would treat that and inform him that yeah, he really isn't dying). If it's beyond Lir's personal ability to diagnose and/or treat, she would say they needed to find someone more experienced and maybe know of a nearby town with a much older priest of Luna living there, or at least probably nearby.
    Whichever destination is established, pretty soon it would become clearly necessary to leave the town. On the way out of town, which I imagine would take a secret route through the library Lir visited the day before, they would meet up with the orc and maybe brush by some guards and emergency doctors trying to figure out how to treat the Katan Dracon's injuries, because unfamiliar =/= arrestable in this city. Given that person likes to communicate psychically and believes Lir has the ability to heal her, she would probably stay behind and try, maybe even providing a distraction so Princy, the orc and Zed could all get the heck out of there. Then Lir could leave town out the front gate, like a normal visitor, possibly with the K.D. in tow. I imagine once they all get a sufficient distance out of town they would say their farewells to Princy, who would then head back in because it's her home and helping get the dark elf outta town and equipped with some help was her stated goal.

    MEANWHILE...The drow are considered by this town to be as uniformly hostile as orcs. Whether or not this is justified is debatable, but in any case Lieutenant Caelus, the centaur would probably inform the bounty hunter she must leave now, and maybe even be nice enough to suggest resupplying at a nearby town that doesn't have such policies*, saying something along the lines of: "Because apparently our archers are feeling very generous today, I suppose I should also." This is narratively convenient, and will turn out to be somewhat of a lucky break, because if the orc is on her way out of town with the others, the bounty hunter doesn't even need to go in.
    *--Possibly the same town Lir is heading to, if seeking the advice of an older and wiser healer.
  10. Okay, I think I understand all you just said. LOL Let me see if I have MY character's 'lines' straight....

    Feral would already be arrested (or close to it) but there are doctors trying to figure out how to keep her alive long enough so that she CAN be arrested. The K.D. (love that, btw) would see/sense the others near and provide a distraction so they could slip past the guards and escape. From there on, it would be my responsibility to figure how to get Feral out of the guards custody and meeting up with Lir (because yes, she's following the others - that's the only thing that BROUGHT her to that city).

    That about right for my part?
  11. Well actually, they wouldn't be trying to arrest her at all. I mean, yeah, the guards will react to a heavily injured person by getting a doctor and trying to work out how they got injured, but they wouldn't immediately arrest someone just because they were of a very unfamiliar and unusual race. This city is supposed to be a rather tolerant one, aside from dark elves and races whose M.O. is to raid cities or otherwise harm people. Basically, if Lir's able to get Feral back on her feet, the guards would be fine with them both just waltzing out the front gate.
  12. Okay then! Sounds good to me. I mean, I didn't know those particular details, so that's why I was clarifying. :) That plan is fine with me. I have no complaints. As the others starting adding their own details, I might chime in with more, but at this point, I'm pretty laid back when it comes to plans and I know how to be flexible about them.

    Yeah, Feral was going to meet the others (perhaps get some help from them with her own injuries) and follow them out of the city because she has a connection to all of them (Dracon thing, explain later). I was planning on having her help Zed if Lir couldn't, or at least lend her aid.

    I'm honestly not sure what I had planned after that. Feral will probably tag along for a while until I get more familiar with this RP's settings and characters. I'll have more idea of what I want to do then. :)
  13. Okay. Here's what Zed was gonna try to do.

    Zed was going to figure out a way out of the city, with or without help from the others. If it turns out he was sick (still haven't decided), he would disregard his own health and would make his way towards his home. This would take about 2 days, if nothing happened. Once there, he would arrive home and find his father on the edge of death.He would try his best to save him, but it is inevitable that he would die.

    That's all I've thought of now, and I am willing to bend my ideas to fit.
  14. Hey, guys, I am dropping out of this RP. My life got busy and I have other RP's to focus on. Seeing as I only did one post and all of yours can be easily edited to not include me, I just deleted what I'd written.

    I hope you guys have fun and work something out! :)