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    First Person Shooters - one of the most, if not THE most, competitive genre in online gaming.
    Now, do you remember starting out gaming online? When you were a noob, who didn't know frags from fragging? Do YOU remember when you were being trodden all over? Well, you'd best recall those experiences.
    Virtual reality is at its peak, and no, this isn't a Sword Art Online RP. Nobody's dying in real life.
    We'll all be playing two characters each. One will be a new player, who's been at the game for a little while, but just can't seem to get the hang of it. Your other character will be a pro, the kind of person you see posting videos on the internet that everyone gawks at. Your pro will take your newbie under their wing, training them, bring them up through the ranks. It will be slow, it will be arduous. Teaching them what items they should and shouldn't use in what situations, teaching them how to dispatch different enemies, and actually getting them into matches.
    But why are these people helping some random players? Well, I'll leave that up to you - but, they'll all have one common goal. The Mentor's League - a few select teams of old pros volunteer to teach players, who are then entered into a tournament. The winners receive a substantial amount of in-game credits, and their names posted on the developers' website's 'Hall of Fame' section.

    So, essentially, it's one big training montage, with oodles of drama along the way.
  2. If we do this as MvM. I'm fighting FOR SCOTLAND! (MvM demoknight FTW!)
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    I love the idea of in-character n00bs having mentor characters by other players
  4. All right, two people. I hadn't planned for a team of three, but we can still pull this off.