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    You can thank me later. :D

  2. I'll do what I usually do with horror movie threads and scream about how the French kinda nail it at the minute.

    Yes, the French. They don't just make pretentious art movies. They also know how to make the most disgusting, transgressive horror out there.

    'Martyrs', directed by Pascal Laugier, was the first of these that I watched, if memory serves, and it makes a hell of an introduction in terms of the "OH MY GOD THEY'RE NOT ACTUALLY GONNA DO THAT-- JESUS FUCK, THEY ARE" factor that makes these films so compelling. It's not just out-and-out gore from start to finish, mind; Martyrs is a very slow-burn in terms of it's build-up and tension, but when it gets going it really gets going.

    There's a 2015 American remake as well. Don't watch it. It's a steaming pile of shit.
  3. Fucking stalker.
  4. I'll throw out Frontiere(s), directed by Xavier Gens, as well in terms of New French Extremism horror you should check out, but I'll attach a cheeky wee disclaimer too. This one is grim. Really, really grim. Not just in terms of the utterly savage scenes it depicts and the sense of hopelessness that overruns the whole movie, but also in terms of the themes it's discussing. Frontiere(s) is all about racism and the rise of far-right extremism in France, and it really doesn't shy away from drawing analogies to some of the worst travesties of modern European history.

    That being said, if you can get behind it all holy shit this movie is a fucking ride.
  5. A Rapier of some sort...
  6. Bosses drop multiple weapons though! Especially final bosses. So we got our one handed melee dps sword....what else?
  7. Iwaku is cooler than WoW.
  8. thats like saying we need air to breathe.


  9. I think it's time to invest in a new sidekick....

    *Writes WMD on a list of potentials.*
  10. Both of these are gross understatements.
  11. GM POST
    Otto White

    Interaction: Adam, Maine and Tyler
    Mentioned: Jian and Alkura

    Otto lazily looked at Adam. "Slept better then I have in the past few days." He responded curtly to the younger man before moving to his food again. He saw Tyler sit down next to him out of the corner of his eye and he also watched as she began to eat without saying a word, as he turned his head a bit he saw that her skin color was the usual shade of peach she had before she had taken the serum. "Morning Tyler." He greeted the woman with a short two words before he pushed his now empty plate forward, he leaned back in his chair with his hands interlaced on his stomach as he looked at the new arrival. He looked a little lost to Otto if he had to say but he doubted their was any teen that would end up in this situation and not feel a little lost...we except Alkura. "Wonder where she is?" Otto thought on the youngest woman of their little team, he had seen her enter the area and head to the woman's section but she hadn't woken up yet. Otto filed it away for later, rather let the young woman sleep if she needed it rather then have her be tired. He turned his attention to Maine who had just sat down and with his weapons...Otto knew he needed to point that out. "You know I would consider myself paranoid, to an absurd degree sometimes but never have I ever brought both a sword and rifle to the breakfast table especially when I am around friends, so Maine my metaphorical hat is off to you good sir." Otto said in a fake British accent, making a joke at Maine's expense. Otto looked up to a clock on the wall and noted it was 5:58 AM.

    As our motley crew sat around the breakfast table a knock was heard at the door of their dormitory, after three knocks the door opened and in walked a new face. The man was wearing a digital patter BDU though of what nation the pattern belonged to was unknown, more then likely it was a independent pattern made here. His head was shaved bald and a horseshoe mustache framed his face faded white the mustache showed his age better then his face did with only a few wrinkles to be seen, His left eye was a pale green while the right eye was a milky white with a scar running from the top of his scalp over his right eye and down to his jawline. His face itself was set in a perpetual scowl, he looked at each person in front of him stopping on each member for at least ten seconds, sometimes more. He cleared his throat. "My name is not important so you all may refer to me as Mr. Green. Alan has asked me to be your go to for your training and day to day itinerary." As Mr. Green said this two people came into the room one female and one male with both wearing uniforms not to different from the uniform worn by modern S.W.A.T teams, other then their eyes everything was covered. They handed out a piece of paper with the group's schedule.
    "On each piece of paper is your scheduled for training, at 5:00 AM each day breakfast will be provided for you all. At 8:00 AM your individual instructors will come and get each of you, they will then take you all to individual training areas where you will learn to master your chosen weapons as well as learn more about the powers you all wield do not worry about taking your actual weapons at first as your instructors have ordered non lethal replicas for you all to use and spar with. At 10:00 AM you will all be brought back together to learn more about the world you all have stepped into as well as your own heritage, at 11:30 AM you will be paired off with another member of your group each day and both of your instructors will work with you to understand how to properly use your powers together as well as basic team work. At 1:30 PM you will all reconvene here for lunch and a break period of several hours, during this break time you may use it as you wish. Should you want to explore more of your new home a guide will be provided to you to do so, if you wish to train more in either your martial ability or your powers each of your instructors will be available at this time, likewise you may also learn about your personal heritage or of course you may rest in this dormitory area. At 4:30 PM you all will be taken to an sparring arena where you will be able to test what you have learned against other members of armed forces here or against each other. Please note that this is open to spectators so be mindful what you do. At 8:30 PM you all will once again meet here again where dinner will be served."
    Mr. Green finished before a look of thought passed over his face. "Oh, I almost forgot. Everyone the new member among you is Jian, he is the same as you all. Used by E.I to their own ends, I am sure that he will tell you all more about himself when he is ready. I also notice that one of your group is missing." Mr. Green said as he pointed with one of his fingers and one of the individuals who had handed out the paper headed towards Alkura's room before knocking on it to wake the young teen up, when he heard movement within the room the uniformed woman walked back to where Mr. Green and the uniformed man stood. "Please make sure the young Alkura knows what is happening and enjoy your next few hours before all of you go on with your day." Mr. Green said as he and the man and woman left.
  13. why.. didn't... you... DOOOOODDDDGGGEEEEE!
  14. Cause I bubble hearthed.
  16. Judgement, Divine Shield, Lay on Hands, Crusader Strike.

    I only NEED four...
  17. What the fuck are ye guys talking about?

    4 moves?

    *stuffs Chaos' face with oreo-cookies*

  18. Here's where you'd post your Animator character sheets. Be careful, unless you're a Moderator or I make you one temporarily to deal with it, you cannot edit posts here. So if you goof up contact the clan owner @Michale CS to ask for access to modify the sheet.

    Character Sheet -

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  19. Whoa there Tex. Read the front page! Unless Jesse is your Animator, you get just one Toon to start with. You have to finish one episode with your first Toon before you can pick a second one, but you can Lick it at any time and just have it set aside for when you qualify.

  20. Oh no, Jesse is the name of my animator.... he is going to be adapted from one of my older 'unique' vampire OCs ( personality wise anyway)