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  1. It's all made out of "shag"
  2. Belle

    "I've had nightmares about finding him."
    She mumbled before smiling "Id always hope he somehow got away, went into hiding or something...maybe take care of kids? God he loved kids." She frowned "I think that's why he was able to handle us so well when we first got here. We were both fairly young."


    "Powers in action? Ow." She laughed softly "As much as I love my abilities I know it's gonna sting to use them. Oh well, I'm sure we will have fun."
  3. John

    He started laughing a little at all the times he was there when Morty got shot down. "Yeah, he had a good attitude about it though."


    "That's about right. It's fine, don't worry about it." He kissed her cheek and held the door open for her.
  4. Belle

    "Don't get me wrong but he was a handsome fellow...he just, er, wasn't smooth." She smiled in spite of herself and lazily dragged the back of her hand across her eyes " 'Oh...don't mind me miss.' " she used the best voice she could for Morty, being purposely low and scratchy with her voice " 'I'm just gonna lean in and try to commit a conversation...how do you feel about Swiss army...hey where you heading?' " she laughed in spite of herself "For a sweetheart and mellow man on the battlefield, I saw absolute fear in his eyes around some girls. Although you're right. He took it well. He was actually less awkward after the rejection."


    "Ugh, fine." She grumbled teasingly and kissed his cheek as she headed in "Thanks." She turned and looked around. Her mouth watered "Oh it's been a while old friend..."
  5. John

    He started laughing. "That's a pretty accurate impression. Well, he has been slapped a few times by girls he was hitting on."


    He smiled and followed.
  6. Jacqueline

    "Holmes is there any proof that this Ivan character actually existed? If the family didn't call the cops...wouldn't it be weird that suddenly a kid is no longer present anywhere? Especially this family. What about school? Or about doctors and such? Someone would have seen that this kid was no longer apart of the family..." I frown as I try to help him look up Itzlie's brother. I hoped she wasn't delusional, which I doubted, but I did meet some people who would imagine one of the sisters at the convent was actually their mother because of the trauma they went through, but I could never know...it is entirely possible that Itzlie is sane and somehow her family was absolutely nuts.

    "Oh, uh..." I laugh softly "They are apart of a paranormal show called the X Files. It's a really good show. Sort of my guilt pleasure to be honest. It's all about the conspiracy theories and aliens, but it's not all about aliens. Cryptids and monsters too."

    I look down in a blush then glance back up with a big grin "I think we should try solving more mysteries when we figure out all of this." I laugh softly "Let's go solve some
    cold cases."


    I gasp as though I am truly offended. I brush back my hair "I will not cause trouble." I stick my tongue out at her and grinning spite of myself. "I will be a good kid. I won't hurt anyone with my clumsiness." I wink at her and lean back "I have most of my power under control anyway. The only thing I'm worried about is my mischievous nature. But I'll keep it under control."


    I feel like it is my fault though. I said nothing. I knew though, and I didn't say a single word. I clear my throat painfully, enduring against the scorching sting that plagued my chest. "I have no idea why anyone would do this. Perhaps they are just anti abnormal. It wouldn't surprise me." I don't know why people could be so passionate against us, but I knew there were plenty of them. I had only believed the abnormal abilities for two weeks, but I started noticing some...weirdness with the neighbors.


    I place my arms around myself as she tells me to focus on the kids. I nod slowly "I patched up two of the injured. Winnifred and Sakamoto are resting I'm sure, as are Jacqueline and Alexander. Eves alright, I got my eye on her." I motion my head to her and Jennifer. Jennifer seems oddly entranced with her and again fear bubbles in me. But I realize that that woman might actually just like kids, likes to interact with them. She was just a young woman after all. I continue softly "Plenty of kids are accounted for in this room...Quinn...Quinn. I saw her bring in Samuel and Jennifer. I assume she went to go see if she could find anyone else, or if she herself is resting. Tegan is probably with her."
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  9. The guy looks a little too happy with the little girl doing that with his ... package. *gets the can of gasoline and the lighter*
  10. Jacqueline

    "I don't want that to be true." I mumble under my breath "I don't want that kid to have been sold off" it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I have to stop letting it pick at my mind. I shake my head

    "Itzlie isn't going to know if he was sold. But...Ivan would know. Even if he is a little crazy...we could get him to crack if we ask the right questions." I smile wearily "But I don't think they'll let us talk to them. They aren't very...er, I don't want to talk to the guy who tried to abduct me." I mumble lowly. I do feel better as he laughs with me and I manage a smile

    "I thought it was going to be really cheesy but I couldn't sleep after the third episode." I grimace. That one was gross. "Oh I'm fine. But I do have an address of mister Tor."


    "It will be money well earned." I claim with a big grin but feel my brow furrow as she knows food is my weakness. I should have figured. It's pretty obvious now that I realize it. I'm a glutton even if I don't eat often anymore. I tilt my head at her "Should we just go relax?" I ask with a small grin "I mean I'm sure we will fall asleep soon enough, but it's not quite the end of the day just yet."


    (*whistles innocently* hey man I'm pretty sure he'll be honest at some point...er, I'll take it up with the boss... *looks down at admin name tag* crap)

    "Okay." I say lowly but still feel worried for her. I start to notice little things I hadn't before. Her clothes are old, and not just the 'I've worn this for two years because it fits me well' but more of the sense that this was all she had. It made me feel slightly sick knowing she may have been mistreated "I'm sorry if I asked too much."
  11. And they're wearing shoes and boots.

  13. (It's all good :)


    "I know it's something to do with tech" she commented "He was able to just get into our phones and all," She scrunched her nose "I can't believe he was just able to get his number into our phones."


    She nodded slowly "Then I suppose I should find it within me to trust him as well."
  14. Belle

    "A super villan CEO." She chuckled softly "That's a sight to behold. Not to mention he could, most likely, easily hack into systems or hold certain accounts on the web hostage. Oh, good...Oh, we better not turn on him or anything. He can probably hack into Cloaks server."


    She smiled "Good. Belle is...aloof to say the least. But she means well."
  15. Jacqueline

    "If they put him in the secret rooms that might get messy. What if I kid accidentally presses a wall and whoopsie daisy Im locked in a room with a kidnapper." I scoff lightly "Then I would assume they'd place him up in the attic. None of us really know how to get there, but we sure as hell know it's there." I frown lightly. Jack sometimes goes to find it, he figures he could use a quiet space without the other kids. Besides, he wants to see if there is something to loot.

    "Oh, uh...I don't want to spoil anything." I grin at him now. "I mean...it's gross, but its so good. That's about half the show to be honest, its gross but the plot makes up for it." My face scrunches "Maybe I won't show you the too bizarre ones." I suddenly think of the episode Gender Bender and I nearly laugh to myself. That one freaked me out a lot.

    My head tilts as I watch him spin around on the chair "Oh, I am sure they will let us leave. Or, if they don't, well..." I wink at him. "we can come up with an excuse. A nun got sick or...something. Or maybe something happened at the military base."


    "Hmph." With a big grin I scoop her up in my arms. Oof! She's heavier than I thought she would be. She's still a stick, don't get me wrong, but boy, maybe it's just I am weak from the malnutrition. Once I got a good grip on her and the blanket I place her up on the couch. "There!" I smile at her and place the pillow back under her head "Isn't that a lot lot better?" biting my lip, I brush some stray hair out of her face. My cheeks have to be burning like a coal fire.


    (He's out on the benches, the sucker)

    She smiles at me reassuringly and my heart sinks down into the depths of my stomach. I really don't deserve her, do I? Man, why am I doing this? Is it shame? Surely, it must be. What can I say? I never wanted this power. I didn't want to be able to see the grey lady, I didn't want to be aware of this attack weeks before it happened. I don't want this power. Why couldn't I get something like speed, or the ability to control technology? I get something that changes my entire worldly perspective, and it is screwing me over. I grin at her wearily "It'll take time, but I will be patient and work gently. There is no need to worry."
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