I'll Hold the Roses

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    For some reason, she had always found the roses in the garden more beautiful than the rest of the flowers. Maybe, she should of picked "Rose" as her human name or at least a variation of it. She still liked Acacia though. It reminded her of her real name. She carefully plucked a rose from the bush and stood up, twirling it between her index finger and thumb. He would walk by any moment now. He always walked this way on his way to visit his sister's grave on Saturdays. She wondered if it was strange that she knew that. Probably.

    Acacia padded over to the gate that separated the two of them. She could leave whenever she wanted to. It wasn't like the boarding house was keeping her prisoner, but for now, she wanted to watch him from a distance. She had gotten close once and her back started to ache, a constant reminder of the sin she had committed. Love.

    Angels weren't supposed to fall in love, especially not dear, sweet Ambriel. She was never supposed to love anyone, let alone a human, beyond the simple love of admiration or sibling love. Yet, she had. She fell in love with a human in the most intimate way possible. Acacia bit her lip as she stepped up to the gate. He would be across the street, so he wouldn't see her.

    He would probably never see her. And, despite the ache in her chest and the longing to reach out and touch him, she was okay with that. As long as she could see him, she was okay with that. After all, what were the chances of him falling in love with her? Slim to none, most likely.

    Her head lifted. She smiled as her heart soared. There he was. Her human. Her Jason.
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  2. Jason was walking along the sidewalk towards the graveyard where his sister was buried. He held a small bouquet of lilies in his hands. They had always been his sisters favorite. It had been almost 2 years ago that she had passed away but the pain was still fresh in his heart and mind. He had done everything he could to save her but in the end it hadn't been enough. He had done things that most people would have considered evil. But he had done them to protect his sister. That didn't mean his conscience was clear however.

    He gave a soft sigh as he walked and glanced over his shoulder towards the gate where he felt like someone was watching him from. He shook his head. He didn't know friend from foe these days although he had never had many friends to begin with so it didn't really matter. He wouldn't do anything to whoever was watching him until they did something to him. He only hoped it wasn't a member of the old gang he had once run with. He walked into the graveyard and walked straight up to his sisters grave. It was really close to the prep school that the young girl who he didn't know was watching him was in. He knelt down next to the grave and gently cleared the roots and grass from it before he laid down the flowers on it. "..hey sis..It's me Jason..I hope everything is going ok where you are..maybe you've even seen mom and dad..one day we'll all be together again..I hope"
  3. When he glanced over, Acacia let out a small squeak and ducked behind the wall, her heart pounding. Had he seen her? She couldn't be sure. She took a deep, steadying breath and pushed the gate open when she knew he was far enough that he couldn't hear it. Her footsteps were lighter than air as she walked. Her appearance got her some unwanted attention, so she pulled up her hoodie and ducked her head down. In Heaven, it was normal to look like this. Bright hair. Bright eyes. Unnatural beauty. She couldn't help it.

    She slipped into the graveyard, seeing Jason at the top of the hill. A small smile formed on her face. He had that tough front that attracted most of the girls, but Acacia was the happiest when she saw his softer side. She wandered over to one of the graves. There were weeds growing out of it and it was barely recognizable anymore. She read the stone: Gregory Anderson 2012-2013. She sighed and pulled on a pair of gardening gloves. Although she glanced over at Jason every once in a while, she was still very focused on clearing the grave. Not many people respected the dead as much as they should have.

    When she was finished, she fell back onto the ground and pulled a book from her coat. As long as Jason was here, she would stay here too. With most of her focus on Jason, she opened the book and began to read. "Once upon a time..."
  4. Jason paused once he heard someone start reading "Once upon a time?" He sat up and looked around. From where he was he could see the entire graveyard without issue he looked down the hill and was able to see whoever it was that had come into the yard reading to a small gravestone. He didn't know who the grave belonged to but he assumed it might be a mother reading to her dead child or a sister reading to her dead brother. In a weird way he kinda hoped it was the second one that way he would have something to talk to the woman about. The issue was he wouldn't talk to her. He knew that his gang would hurt anyone they thought the was close to so he didn't want to risk anyone's life because he was stupid enough to get close to them.

    He gently ran his fingers over the name that was carved into the grave stone Alicia McCloud 2007-2015 He closed his eyes tightly as he fought the tears that threatened to pour out of them and let out a slow and shaky breath. After a few more moments he gently rested his forehead against the grave stone "I'll come back to see you soon sis...I promise" With that he stood up and looked down the hill at the hooded figure. He slowly walked down the hill in her direction. As he walked past he glanced at her and at the stone and mumbled softly to her "I'm sorry for your loss...I hope your loved one is in a better place.."
  5. Acacia jumped when she heard Jason's voice. He walked very quietly for such a tall person. A sharp pain raced through her back and she tightened her grip on her book. She wouldn't wince. She wouldn't wince... She kept her head bowed. "I'm sorry for your loss. I hope your loved one is in a better place."

    That startled her more than it should have. She looked at the stone and then back at the book in her hand. This little boy. This Gregory. She knew him, yes. His spirit was with God. He had grown in Heaven. And he had followed her around like a little duckling before she was cast down. He stated that he loved her more than once. Of course, she knew that it wasn't a real love. It was admiration, though she treated him like a little brother. She treated all of the children in Heaven like her siblings.

    A heavy sadness suddenly weighed on her. It was an emotion she had never known in Heaven. She would never see Gregory or any of the children again. She bit her lip, tears welling up in her eyes. Like sadness or love or anger or pain, crying was something almost alien to Acacia. In Heaven, angels never cried. She wiped the tears away with the back of her hand and smiled up at Jason. "He is. He's with God now," she said it with more conviction than most humans could ever possess. After all, she knew God. And she loved God, the way a daughter loves her father.

    She dropped her gaze again. Would he... Would he walk away? She pushed herself to her feet. "I-I'm Am-Acacia," she caught herself just in time and a light blush blossomed on her face. Yet another human thing alien to the angel Ambriel, but something that was becoming increasingly ordinary for Acacia Winters.
  6. He looks at her and nods a bit as he puts his hands into his pockets. She said that the boy was with God now. He only hoped that she was right. However she said it with such conviction that he found it hard not to believe her "if what you say is true..then I'm sure he is happy in heaven..and that he will continue to grow in happiness as the days go on. Maybe he'll give my sister some company as well.." He glances at her when she said her name. Acacia? that was a strange name. It wasn't like any name he had heard before. Maybe it was just a different language and that was why it was so strange to him "..nice to meet you Acacia..I'm Jason" He looked ahead and let out a slow breath. Why did he give her his name? It was a stupid thing for him to do. Now he runs the risk of getting her hurt because she simply met him by chance today. "look...I don't want to be rude..but you should know right from the start that you shouldn't get involved with me..even if this is just a chance meeting or a one time meeting..it's safer for you if you forget about me..I've got too many enemies and they'll hurt you if they know or even suspect we know each other..and I don't want to see anyone get hurt because of me.." He looks at her and gave her a weak and sad smile "..so please..if you can just forget that we met today..I don't want to see you get hurt."
  7. Keep Me Watching
    What was this emotion? She couldn't quite define it. He was worried about her. She should be happy. But... He was in so much pain. She wished she could lift that burden off of his shoulders. It would be so simple if she were still an angel. She could send a dream to him of his sister or... She bit her lip. None of that was possible. Instead, she smiled. "You don't have to worry about me; I can take care of myself," she knew it was true, but now she didn't what else to say. If she didn't say anything, he would walk away and she might never talk to him again.

    Sure, she was happy just to see him. Watch him live his life from a distance. Love him from a distance. At the moment though, she was overwhelmed by a longing to reach out and touch him. Hold him. Let him cry those tears that always made her feel a bit better. Whisper to him that it was going to be okay. They would be okay. She didn't though.

    She clenched her free hand into a fist, her fingernails digging into her soft skin. She could feel her nail breaking the surface, blood trickling down her skin. Bleeding... Yet another strange human reaction. It didn't hurt much. If she near him, she could push all pain away. She wanted her presence to have that effect on him. What should she say...? I love you. The words were poised on her pink lips, but instead she said, "I don't think I could forget you if I tried, Jason."
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  8. Jason raised his eyebrow at her. What was she talking about? never forget him even if she tried? they had only just met he hadn't done anything special for her unless he knew her from a very long time ago and couldn't recognize her. He glanced down at her hand and he could see the small scarlet drops of blood falling from her fist. He gave a small sigh and grabbed the sleeve of his tshirt and ripped it off and then gave it to her "here..use this to wrap your hand up..you don't want that to get infected." Whether she would take it or not he would look to the side and then up to the sky "..Acacia..do I know you from somewhere or something? you say that you couldn't forget me as if we've met before..but I don't ever remember meeting you. And if I have met you and I simply don't remember I am sorry for that." He looks at her and then shakes his head again "but I'm almost certain I would have remembered you if I did meet you before I almost never forget a face."
  9. She took the sleeve with a bit of surprise and dabbed it against her injured skin. She shouldn't have said something like that, but... He was still here, wasn't he? She had kept him close to her. She didn't know what to do now, she she just ruined his shirtsleeve with her blood. She didn't know how to wrap it up or anything. Angels never got injured. Ambriel would never have been injured. She giggled slightly at his inquiry, "No, no. We've never met," she paused. "Although I feel like I know you from a dream..."

    Romance novels. A clueless girl's best friend. She waved her good hand, "Sorry, I must sound delusional."

    He was going to leave now. He was going to leave and she would never see him again. Jason...
  10. He watched her dab her hand gently with his sleeve and sighed. He gently took her soft hands in his own and gently wrapped the cut up in his sleeve. It was tight enough to stop the bleeding but not so tight as to make it uncomfortable for her. "It's clear that you don't have a lot of experience in the medical field." He had dressed his fair share of cuts and other things in his lifetime especially when a gang war broke out between a rival gang. He would either have to play doctor or fight on the "front lines" in a sense. He glanced up at her as she answered his question and then shrugged a bit "if you say so.." He then paused and looked at her again out of curiosity. from a dream? what was she talking about. "um..no its ok but um..do you think you could maybe explain what you mean by that? what do you mean you feel like you know me from a dream?"
  11. She went rigid when he grabbed her hand. He was touching her. Out of his own free will. A bright blush formed on her face. "Oh, um... Dreams..." she blinked when he was done. "I-I mean exactly what I said. I feel like I know you... From a dream..."

    She reached up her free hand, about to touch his cheek, but she stopped only a few inches from his skin. "S-sorry," she dropped her gaze and stepped back, staring at the ground. After a few seconds, she looked back up at him, a bright smile on her face. "I don't know what came over me!" It hurt. Not being able to touch him. It hurt so much. Why did love hurt?
  12. He looks at her and says nothing even as she reached up to touch his cheek. He did raise his eyebrow at her however. What was going on with this girl? maybe she was just a really affectionate but at the same time nervous person? that would make sense to him. But none of what she said about meeting him in a dream made sense to him. If she had never met him before how could she have seen him in a dream? Maybe this girl was just a little weird or something. He had no reason to judge though. After all the things he had done he had no reason to judge anyone for their actions or their behaviors. Unless their actions or behaviors hurt others but that was a different story. He gently lets her hand go before putting his own hands in his pockets. "um..its ok don't worry about it." He looked around for a moment before he looked back at her "so um...do you come here often to read to the gravestone? or do you just..do this when your bored? not that I'm judging you or anything..I do the same sometimes when I come to visit my sister.."
  13. She tilted her head. She couldn't tell him that she only came here when he came here. He probably thought she was so strange now. "Oh, I come here often," she put her hands behind her back. "I usually clean up some of the neglected graves."

    She winced, but kept smiling. Why did she say that? Maybe she should just leave. She turned to go, heart pounding in her chest. "I-I better be going. No point in staying out too late, right?"

    Stupid. Stupid. Idiot. Dummy. She shouldn't say goodbye, but what else could she do in this situation? She took a step and a deep breath. Maybe he would stop her... She knew he wouldn't...
  14. He smiles a bit at her first answer and then looks at the grave stones. He could understand that. There were some people here who didn't have families to come visit them. That or their families didn't care enough to come visit them. It's always nice to know that at least one person is coming to clean off their graves "that's a very nice thing to do..coming to clean the neglected graves. I'm sure the deceased really appreciate it since their watching us down from heaven." He turned to her again "oh..if you have to go I understand and yeah you do have a point depending on the reasons behind it. It can get pretty dangerous around here sometimes and it's not good to get caught in a bad situation. anyways I'm kinda rambling aren't I?" He chuckles a bit and then shakes his head "anyways..it was nice meeting you Acacia..maybe I'll see you here again sometime"
  15. Acacia smiled softly, dipping her head to hide her blush. "Yes, maybe." She hurried away, beaming, but also sad. The chances of her ever speaking to him again were slim to none. After all, she couldn't just show up when he was there and after him. That would be a bit suspicious. She bit her lip, the pain in her chest returning. The moment she was alone on the darkening street, Acacia ducked into an alley, crouched down, and cried.

    She glanced up when she heard approaching footsteps. A shudder went down her back. This was a foe, not a friend. Her hands tightened into fists and she stood up. It was a member of Jason's old gang, he recognized the ugly sneer and the disgusting stench of darkness radiating off of him. She clenched her hand into a fist, prepared to jump into the fight at any moment. "Heh. A friend of Jason's?"

    The way he said Jason's name... Such hatred. It was disgusting. "Don't you dare say his name," she practically growled.

    "Oh... A feisty one. This is going to be fun," the man smirked.
  16. Jason watched her go a small smile on his face. He had started to turn to leave himself but he saw someone move in the tree line not to far ahead and start following her. He cursed and shook his head. He waited only a few moments before he started following his old gang member who was following her. When the two of them entered the alley he stood to the side for a moment to wait and see what was said. He wanted to make sure she really was a target. In the past the gang had hired people to try and trick him into getting close to them so the gang could get their hands on him. New members were sent sometimes too but he was able to tell them apart easier. When he figured that the girl really wasn't after Jason or working with his old crew he stepped into the alley a nonchalant attitude on his face. His hands were in his pockets "oh jeez..don't you have any class these days Alex? I know you were always second best compared to me but do you really need to attempt to lick my plate after I'm done with it that's just a new low even for you" He knew the guy well the two had quite the history. They got into all kinds of scraps back when he was a member since Jason outranked him and Alex hated him for it. "do yourself a favor and just go home before you end up picking your teeth up from the ground"
  17. This... Alex person seemed angry now. Very angry. She knew that Jason could handle him. She had seen him fight before; with an almost tiger-like grace. Even so. Acacia jumped high up into the air. Her expression abruptly turned serious as she forced herself down quickly, kicking Alex square in the jaw. She landed into front of Jason, one foot touching the ground after the other. Alex's unconscious body was laid out on the ground in front of her. After a second, Acacia stuck out her tongue. She grabbed Jason's arm and started running.
  18. Jason was about to step in and teach Alex a lesson but suddenly Acacia was in the air..and kicking Alex in the jaw. The next thing he knew the two of them were running down the street. He just stared wide eyed at the girl as they ran. He had seen girls with moves before but damn he hadn't seen anything like that before especially in such a tiny girl like her. After a bit he finally pulled them to a stop and looked at her "whoa..what..what the heck was that back there?"
  19. She turned around to look at him, eyes wide. What happened? He just saw what happened. "Did... Did I do something wrong?" tears welled up in her maroon eyes. She tried so hard to get everything right. Were girls supposed to let guys save them? In Heaven, women fought alongside men. Was it different here? She didn't know any better. Was he angry with her? "I was just trying to help... I'm sorry..."

    She hiccupped. Acacia knew that she had to try and control her emotions better, but it was hard to control something you've never had before. She didn't know what to do.
  20. He saw the tears forming in her eyes and instantly felt guilty. He shook his head and smiled at her "n.no you didn't do anything wrong..I was just..surprised as all I mean..no offense but you don't look like you would hurt a fly let alone have moves like that and be able to knock a guy out with a single kick to the jaw." When she hiccuped he moved around and gently rubbed her back. It had been something he did with his sister all the time so it had become a habit for him to do. When he realized he was doing it he pulled his hand back and swallowed hard "uh..sorry about that..I didn't mean to..invade your personal space like that" He shakes his head "anyways that was pretty awesome back there..but..why did you do that? I mean..it was my battle not yours..not that I don't mind the help you gave but..still I wouldn't want to see you get hurt because of me"