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  1. (NOTE: Since I just joined today I don't know all the ropes of this website. If I make any mistakes on any sort of thing I apologize in advanced. I like to do a little run through about the character I will be using like name, age, a short summary of their back story, ETC. Thing seem pretty different RPing on here than Instagram. That's all I have to say in this little note. Wanna RP?)

    Name: Dream
    Age: 20
    Personality: Happy-Go-Lucky, family oriented, strong when needed
    Back story: She's the founder of The Dreamers, an organization set out to protect the weak and make them strong to fight those who abused them. She made The Dreamers after the death of her parents with her younger brother Net.
    Plot: Dream is lost in the jungle zone looking for anything that would be of use to her survival.

    My eyes flash open, sweat covering my body from head to toe. I wipe my forehead trying to remember what happened. All I can remember is being beat up by a couple of dudes and telling my team to run. I reach into my pocket to see if I have my compass. Nothing. The dudes might have taken it. I get up. Dizziness hits me like a bus but I keep my feet steady. Once it passes I start walking. I should look for a lake or river before anything else. After a bit of looking I spot some moss and follow where it leads. I giant lake with sun rays dancing over the water. Across the lake I see a figure. I hide behind a bush nearby and observe the figure.

    (NOTE: Since I'll be posting this around 8:50 PM and I have school, I may not be able to reply to anyone this evening but tomorrow I should.)

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  2. (^3^ This looks fun, mind if I join? This is probably an open invitation but I would like to confirm if I may or not XD)
  3. (Of course you can join :D )
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