I'll do anything just as long as you love me.

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  1. So... a geeky girl, an outcast in school really, has a crush on a handsome jock. He's king of the school, and more than likely doesn't know she even exists. She tries her best to be near him but never can, his friends and the girls that are always vying for his heart push her away. One day he ends up getting her as a tutor and the fun begins.This is really set up to be a romance with a very open end to how the sex would play out. She's have a kinky side, from reading dime store romance novels so she isn't mentally a virgin. To get his love she will do anything, even if it's just manipulation by him to make her think he loves her. She is even willing to be humiliated infront of the school just to prove herself.

    So needless to say this will be a very mature role play, lots of sex, not much fading to black. This is just pure smut.
  2. I am very interested in this
  3. Huzzah! I do hope you noted I was looking for someone to play the male?
  4. Yes I did note that and I don't mind playing the male. I am used to playing the male.
  5. Well, huzzah! Alright, so, senior year of high school? College? Just trying to smooth things out before we start.
  6. "I'm thinking middle of college, but senior year in high school would work just as well.
  7. Middle of college it is. Last question, character sheets or do you want to just jump in.
  8. I like character sheets
  9. Name: Ellavanin (Ella) Connor
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Personality: Skittish, nervous, shy. Adoring of the man she nearly obsesses over.
    History: Ella was born to a normal home, her parents both worked as lawyers so she got the best education. She got private tutors, all forms of books, and even electronic learning devices. The best money could buy and she loved it. The down side was that it made her turn inward, it made her stay in books instead of seeking out friends. By the time she was in high school she was considered the biggest nerd there. Often time she was teased, her homework was stolen to be copied off of, or she would be played by boys just to get the right answers to a test. Now she was in college and not much changed, she stayed by herself, her grey eyes often only lifting from a book to glance at the boy she was crushing on and back down into it before he noticed. Sadly the books she read was romantic novels, dime pieces that often portrayed it beyond what it was, be it how a man would act or what she was supposed to do for him.
    Appearance Nerdy_Girl_by_JadeJadore.jpg :
  10. Name: Ethan Mascarenhas
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Personality: He is known as a goof bal but he's also secretly a sadist. He hasn't had many girlfriends because none of them would do what he wanted.
    History: He is the son of a multi-millionare and due to this, he lives on his own and has everything he could want.
  11. Alrighty, any questions? A
  12. Nope, mind starting it?