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    Dean watched all the students in his classroom, bored out of his mind. Every day was the same thing: A bunch of students who didn't care filed into one classroom and ignored his lesson plan. It was getting to the point that he was spending his days sitting at his desk and just imagining the things that could happen. There was one fantasy that he always had that involved one of his students. A young girl who sat in the back of the classroom. His class taught people how to handle the abilities that they had that centered around psychic type things. Nothing more and nothing less. This girl had the exact same ability he had, one that was so advanced that it was a shock she was failing the class. Today he planned on making that fantasy a reality as he stood beside her desk and said, "Can you please stay after class today? We need to have a talk about your grades."
  2. -"Fuck." -

    N'jeri cursed to herself as her Mind Control professor asked her to stay after class. That was never a good sign. And she knew she had slacked off in the first semester, but it couldn't have been that bad...could it?

    -"Well I can't ever remember passing the labs....and I never turned in a single homework assignment...Fuck, I am failing this class!"- N'jeri chewed her dark cherry lips as she ran her fingers through her long, white hair. She actually needed this class to graduate.

    Noticing her professor was still waiting by her desk, N'jeri snapped out of her thoughts to address him. "Of course sir...." N'jeri sunk her head low to avoid eye contact with her professor. The man was incredibly handsome to N'jeri and half of the reason she never looked directly at him was because she would just break down on the spot. She could just imagine her red eyes meeting Professor Dean's wary glance and just start s-s-s-stuttering. And the last thing she needed was for him to think she was stupid (well, more stupid than her grades let on.).
  3. Dean frowned, a little flustered at the fact that N'jeri didn't look up at him. But then again, she never did. It was one of the first things that had made him attracted to her, the fact that she didn't drool all over him. Dean was an attractive man, with his tall height and shaggy black hair. Something that his girl students, and even a few of the males, had told him was that his piercing green eyes were his best feature. While Miss. Jean the Nature ability teacher liked to say that his lean build and form fitting clothes were the reason so many of his students wanted to stay after school. It wasn't like he tried to tempt his students every day with how he looked, in fact he disliked all the girls in the class who did try and get with him. But N'jeri was different, or so he liked to imagine. And one way or another he planned on getting her today after school, even if he had to threaten her with a failing grade.

    It was just too much, watching her day by day while she did no work. And not to mention she was gorgeous, with her white hair and alluring red eyes that seemed to always look past him. It also didn't help that he had been imaging all sorts of things involving her supple body since the first day she had stepped into his classroom. So what was wrong with a little tutoring session, if she agreed? And if not, a little threatening? Dean didn't seem to find anything wrong with it as he made his way back to his desk, already feeling himself get excited.
  4. Thank God Dean left.

    Wait....did he?

    N'jeri looked up from her nervous slump to make sure she was free from Professor Dean's stern gaze. When she saw his deliciously shaped buttocks walk down her aisle, N'jeri breathed a sigh of relief. That man was too intense and strange for N'jeri to cope with. Instead of sending an email or writing a failure notice, Professor Dean took the time out of his day to walk strut grace the area that N'jeri inhabited in order to request her presence after class.

    If anything, N'jeri hoped she wasn't the only one who he had asked. She didn't want to be left alone with him. Just the two of them in a quiet room, him yelling at her for being so lazy while she nervously toyed with her white, flared skirt... it would be incredibly difficult for N'jeri to not look into those impossibly green eyes, freeze on the spot, and-"Don't think about it..."

    And- "N'jeri don't embarrass yourself in your own thoughts. Don't think about those eyes. Those horrible, impossibly green-"


    "G-god dammit." The bell had shaken N'jeri from her concentration. She hurried to pack her bags in the stampede of students, hoping to slip by in the crowd before Professor Dean would notice her. But as fate would have it, she was too slow, and by the time her bookbag was slung over her shoulders, the one and only door in the class room slammed shut, leaving N'jeri, and the eery silence that filled the air, alone to face her professor.

    "You can do this N'jeri. Just nod when he talks and it will all be over soon."
    N'jeri shakily stood up from her desk and brushed off her button-up black shirt, trying to look as neat as possible. She began her walk to the front of the classroom, helplessly stumbling over a few chairs as she kept her eyes glued to tile floor beneath her. After a few minutes and overturned chairs, N'jeri finally reached the front of the classroom, still looking down to the ground. She waited quietly for Professor Dean to speak to her. Or until her heart gave out from the intense pounding in her chest. Hopefully the ladder. N'jeri prayed for the ladder.

  5. Dean forced back the smirk that started to form on his face, his natural cruel nature coming out on it's own now that he was alone with her. But putting that aside for the moment he tried to come off as a concerned teacher. A very concerned teacher. So he leaned forward in his chair, placing his elbows down on his desk. His fingers laced together, letting his chin rest on them as he looked up at N'jeri who stood just in front of his desk. "So...I won't sugar coat this. You're failing."

    And this was where his plan was set into motion as he watched her with critical green eyes, waiting for her next move. What he wanted to happen was for her to offer herself up to him. To see the desire in his eyes and just go with it. Sure it would be a leap of faith on her part but he loved when women submitted to him. It was just something he got off on, being the alpha male. And the urge was even stronger with N'jeri, especially with how she seemed to just ignore him all the time. But what could also happen, and what he had prepared for too, was that she would not offer herself and that was when he would make the offer. Threaten her with a repeat of the class. It couldn't back fire on him, because the school board would believe him over a girl failing a class.
  6. N'jeri snapped her head up on the word 'failing'. The fear of not being able to graduate with her friends terrified her, more so than being yelled at by Professor Dean. But by raising her head, she had unwittingly locked eyes with her professor, caught in his terrifying glare like a deer in headlights. She opened her mouth to plea for mercy, found it heavy with saliva, and immediately closed it to remedy the problem. She wanted to speak, to move, to run even, but she found that her muscles had turned to jelly under him.

    N'jeri couldn't help it. Her miniature breakdown was inevitable. She did the unthinkable. She made eye contact.

    Her red eyes surrendered to his emerald ones and almost rolled back from the pressure. Why did he have to look at her like that? She could have sworn the look in his eyes were lewd. A teacher didn't look at a student that way. His stone facial expression caved to the intensity of his eyes, and N'jeri recognized that immediately. He sounded concerned; but his eyes were hungry.

    "I-..." N'jeri teared up, she literally felt the tremble in her knees from being the victim of Professor Dean's effortless charm. It was an ungodly contrast. Lazy, sleep-crazed and weak-willed N'jeri, alone against the predator that was Professor Dean. This should have never been allowed.

    "I-I-I...." N'jeri's infamous stutter came to play. Her speech was slow and choppy, but her mind had racing thoughts. Paranoid thoughts.

    "Please don't think I'm pathetic. I'm really trying! I'm just a girl, you know? You can't look at me like that, looking as handsome as you. I faint at loud noises, don't you think I am incapable of handling this pressure that's building?! Why are you even talking to me? Why not Patricia with the flowing blonde hair and the swimsuit model body? She adores you! What is this-"

    "I'm s-s-sorry..." N'jeri's nervous red eyes were swirling with different hue intensities. One moment they were a bright, flaming red, the next moment they were a dull, border-line pink.

    "W-what can ah-ah-I do?" N'jeri's soft voice was barely audible when she whimpered. If Professor Dean didn't offer her a way out, she probably would have cried right then and there. "I-I'll do anything!" N'jeri bravely stepped closer to the Professor's desk, her red eyes were now constantly swirling with her confusion and desperation.

    "Anything." She secured her offer without a stutter. N'jeri meant what she said. If he wanted her to do community service, consider it done. Extra credit reports? Done.

    She was scared, but she wouldn't fail without a fight.
  7. Finally Dean let his signature smirk spread across his face, slow and sensual. He unlocked his fingers and pressed his palms flat down on the desk, pushing himself up. Now standing up it was easier to look down at her, and now just because of his unusually tall height. For a moment he didn't say anything about it, just stared at her as his smirk increased.

    "Anything?" He asked, voice as soft and smooth as velvet. He quirked up an eyebrow, very interested to see that she wasn't about to take back her words any time soon. "Then go lock the door." The request was simple and said a million things at once, but it was up to N'jeri to pick up on what exactly he was saying.
  8. Desperate to please, N'jeri didn't think twice about his command. Her black heels rapped the tile floor beneath her as she rushed to the front door and hastily locked it. Seeing that it was an easy task, N'jeri was feeling more confident in herself. If making up for a grade was this easy, she would have slacked off in all of her classes!

    "Anything else?" N'jeri bowed her head again as she stood in front of professor Dean. She did not want the professor to see how happy she was in doing something so simple. But as she stood there, she proudly fiddled with her index fingers to take up the time between her next task. Things were finally looking up for her.
  9. Dean chuckled darkly as he reached up slowly and tucked his index finger under N'jeri's chin, making her look up at him. "Oh...my sweet N'jeri. We have so much more to do." Now that he had her where he wanted her he realized that he didn't just want to stop there. He wanted all of her, in every and any way. And he also wanted to make her squirm, in a delicious way of course. "First. You will always look me in the eyes. Do you understand?" He waited patiently for her to confirm this before he continued on.
  10. "I-I...!"

    N'jeri couldn't.

    Professor Dean had given her all the confidence in the world with a simple command, only to tear it down with another. He was so close to her, hot skin touching hot skin...Even though it was only her chin exposed to his warm touch, her whole face lit up. Not that it was visible, her dark skin would only show small traces of a blush. And for that, N'jeri was grateful

    "P-professor..." N'jeri whined, she wanted to beg for mercy from his cruel command. Even though she didn't say it, her eyes gave away her fear as they wove through multiple hues.

    Why did he have to speak to her like that? N'jeri felt like professor Dean knew that he was taking her breath away and forcing her to get it back on her own. Like he knew that she was so attracted to him, yet too humble to ever act on it on her own.

    Was he testing her? Seeing if she would crumble under him? Make her suffer for being so lazy?

    Was that even ethical?

    "N-n.." N'jeri's eyes closed shut, afraid to open them and be forced under professor Dean's hypnotizing green eyes once more. He was too close to her for N'jeri to comply. She could feel him staring down at her, easily getting a full view of her body with his incredible height. And if she had to look into those intense, lewd eyes once more... "Don't even think about it N'jeri. Don't even think about it."

    But as she began to deny him, her body inched closer to his. Even though she was stuttering and had her eyes shut, she could feel his body heat with the two being so close. It felt like a summer sun on a winter night, and though N'jeri was too timid to boldly push her body against his to leech off of his warmth, she still couldn't help but to try and get a little closer.
  11. Dean watched as N'jeri practically rocked forward, her need pushing her closer to what she desired. And that was all he needed to know that what he wanted to do was possible. It was something she wanted too, even if she didn't know the full extent of it yet. "N'jeri...You will always make eye contact with me." He took a slight step back, putting some distance between them while still keeping his hand on her chin. "And you will not touch me unless I tell you to do so." His smirk turned into a cold, hard line. "If you want to get your grades up..." Suddenly he leaned in close to her, his mouth directly by her ear. "I'll want you as my personal...slave." A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he whispered into her ear, his tongue flicking lightly at her ear lobe. "Anything and everything I ask, you will do. Do you understand?"
  12. As professor Dean blatantly requested for N'jeri to submit to damn-near impossible commands, her emotions swelled up in her. What did he mean by slave? If he meant sex slave (the flick on the ear was pretty convincing to N'jeri), N'jeri was in for hell. How could she do that? The most intimate experience she ever had was when her ex had felt her up between lockers in P.E. And even then, she was whimpering and stuttering like crazy.

    But, that didn't mean she hadn't enjoyed it. Now that the memory was playing back in her mind, N'jeri recalled that experience being incredible. When he roughly grabbed her breasts and started carelessly squeezing them through their make-out session, she was turned on. She was crying through kisses, yet her panties were stained with her moistness. And her ex knew it. He ignored her cries and pushed further against her. His large hands reached up her skirt, savagely pulled down her panties and-

    "Oh if the coach didn't catch us...."

    Still, her ex was nothing compared to professor Dean. Professor Dean was much taller, much scarier, and much, much more handsome. If he could evoke that same feeling her ex did between those lockers...


    N'jeri closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The dirty thoughts swimming through her mind was only the tip of the iceberg for how N'jeri felt then. She wanted that fantasy to come true. She wanted him to touch her. Push her against the wall, squeeze and pull at her breasts, lift his hand up her skirt and -

    "Yes sir." N'jeri opened her eyes, instantly locking them with professor Dean's, and for once, not quivering with fear. Instead, she held her ground and waited for his next command.

  13. Dean pulled back and smiled down at N'jeri, amused at how easily she agreed. He loved knowing that he affected women, especially when he wanted her to be affected. "Good girl, N'jeri." The words were practically a purr on his tongue as he let his index finger slid up from her chin and across her jawline. "From now and until I deem otherwise, you are mine." The smile grew, almost childlike in his glee. It was a side that very few people had seen of him in all of his twenty-something years. "We'll start simple..." He said, suddenly buisnesslike again as he moved to stand behind his desk once more. "Tomorrow in class, you are not to wear panties. And make sure you're in a skirt. Do you understand?"

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  14. [OOC:Pushed forward]

    N'jeri completely forgot why she had acquiesced to Professor Dean's commands the day before. She must have been on drugs or something, because the last thing she could recall herself doing was nervously shaking her head yes to 'No panties' and leaving the classroom flustered. She wouldn't have agreed to something like that if she was in her right mind.

    "Excuse me." N'jeri tried to push through the large crowd to get to her last class of the day. Normally she wouldn't have had much trouble weaving through the thick mass, but her movements were much more restrained today. Her short, flared red skirt constantly threatened N'jeri with rising just an inch higher than the end of her butt if she dared step too widely or moved faster than a snail's pace. But that wasn't the problem. No, N'jeri liked short skirts and she liked wearing suggestive underwear under them if the skirt ever decided to rise.

    But, thanks to Professor Dean and her heavy intake of drugs, she agreed to wear nothing under her short skirt today. So there was plenty of risk if her skirt decided to rise.


    A large male student brushed up against her backside, pushing her exposed crotch against his own. Though the experience was brief, N'jeri still couldn't help but moan at the feeling. The guy didn't even realize what he had done to N'jeri, he simply said sorry and left to class. And that had excited her, more than she ever thought it would.

    "I want more..." N'jeri groaned, anxiously looking behind her to see if anyone else was in a rush. Unfortunately most of the crowd had cleared out, and chances of another one of those pleasant encounters were slim. Even so, N'jeri was greedy. She couldn't be satisfied with just that.

    When she entered her Mind Control class, she noticed that there were a few, choice spots left. One of them was the chair right in front of Professor Dean's desk. It was set a little higher than most of the chairs, putting N'jeri a few inches closer to Professor Dean than the rest of the class. She didn't know if having the seat was pure luck or what, but she was going to take it.

    "Afternoon Professor." N'jeri huskily whispered as she gave a wry smile to her instructor, holding her head up with both arms on her desk as she ever-so-casually spread her legs for him to see her exposed crotch.

    No, N'jeri wasn't on drugs yesterday. She knew exactly what she was doing then and what she had done now. She was desperate for more action, more physical touch, more Professor Dean. She was hornier than she had ever been, and she needed Dean to see the fruit of his efforts.
  15. Dean had been in a rush all morning and everything N'jeri related had skipped his mind. It had all started with getting a phone call from one of his co-workers about dinner plans that he had made with her. Not that he had recalled doing so. He figured it was one of the many times he had used his mind control tricks on a woman to get her to fall all over herself to ask him out, except this time he had forgotten to cancel. Which was bad seeing as how women his age didn't appeal to him.

    So when he did happen to look up from his lesson plan at the sound of N'jeri's voice it was hard to keep the small smirk off his face. But not so much when he saw what she did next. The very image of her without underwear was enough to wipe the smirk off his face. For a moment all he did was stare, wide eyed and...almost blushing. It was so bold, something a woman had never done in front of him before. And he loved it. For some time all he could picture was him slipping his fingers inside, feeling her soft skin, bending her over her desk and just taking her. God... He thought with a quiet groan, his fingers twitching a bit with his urges. I want you to touch yourself...slowly... It was a thought that he implanted in her mind, but it was weak enough that she would know it was an order from him.

    A quick glance around the room showed that it was a full class, and they were all doing one thing or another. Many were working on late work sheets, either for his class or another, but most were just talking to each other. They were all waiting for him to stand up and start his usual lecture. But he was starting to think up another lesson plan. Maybe an oral presentation... His smirk was back as he thought about the type of oral presentation he wanted to get from N'jeri. The thoughts were crude but his desire was peaking, especially since he had decided to play a new game. He wanted to enjoy her for a while, have his fun and take her when the moment was right. What he really wanted to do was build her up until she was practically begging him to fuck her. Shouldn't be too long... But what he secretly wanted was someone to make him beg to take them.
  16. "I want you to touch yourself...slowly..."

    Dean's command invaded N'jeri's mind, surprising her at first from the unfamiliar feeling. But after she had registered it, she shivered in anticipation. N'jeri was no stranger to masturbation. With a quick scan around the classroom to check and see if anyone was even remotely looking at the front of the class, N'jeri slyly slid her hand down her lap. She slowly massaged herself at first, enjoying the fact that she was already fairly wet. She used her own liquids as lubricant and began working around her lower lips, spreading the coating around her clit as she suppressed a moan.

    At worst, a student from behind would think N'jeri was scratching herself while staring at the professor. At best, which was a view reserved only for professor Dean, there was a dreadfully horny girl pleasing herself with sticky fingers. And if one could divert their eyes from the main attraction, they would see a mouth thats slightly agape, revealing a red tongue panting lightly inside a wet cavern.

    But N'jeri wouldn't have cared who saw her then. Her eyes were locked on professor Dean as she slid a finger inside of herself. She realized that she was in such a heat, that her finger actually trembled from the random clenching inside of her mound. But that didn't stop N'jeri. Instead, it encouraged her to add another finger. She let out a weak groan as she roamed inside of herself. Professor Dean said to go slowly but he wasn't aware of N'jeri's greed. She wanted more.

    Ignoring the possibility of getting caught, N'jeri spread her legs even further, allowing deeper access to continue the penetration. Her fingers moved like lightning as she worked to a speedy orgasm. When she was close, N'jeri was careful enough to bite her free hand to stifle any sound. As she went further and stretched herself, N'jeri reached her peak sooner than she expected.

    "Mmmph!" A small squeal was all N'jeri contributed from the loud bustle of the class. Nobody seemed to notice her finger herself to completion, nor did they notice her head drop to the desk when she temporarily blacked out from the pleasure.
  17. Dean had watched N'jeri intently as she pleasured herself, wanting to be the one touching her. Torturing her in a way that he knew she'd love. But he had a class to start. So he stood up and straightened his shirt, mostly to give himself a chance to get his bearings. He walked around his desk and stood in front of it, leaning back till he could sit down on it somewhat. His legs stretched out in front of him and it looked like he was getting ready to lecture or assigned an in class assignment, when all he really was doing was getting a better view of his new favorite pupil. "I'll take a wild guess and say that only half of you did the actual reading last night on Mr. Morris the first ever documented Ability User in the Mind field." A signature cruel smile spread across his handsome face as he watched most of his students snicker and nod. "And I'll assume that even some of you had only one thing on your mind and just couldn't get to it." It took all his will power to look away from N'jeri. But she made it easy by moving faster, the one thing he disliked the most was being disobeyed.

    She'll get her punishment...
    The very thought of what he would have her do got him hard and he found himself walking over to the board so that his students would not be able to guess as much. He knew that some of them had their eyes on only one thing, not that he was surprised. "So today's class assignment will be on last night's reading. If you didn't actually read it then feel free to head to the library and do so." Throwing a harsh look over his shoulder he added, "And make sure you check in with Ms. Weathers as I shall be making sure that you all went to the library and aren't ditching to go 'hook up' somewhere." It was said with disgust but mostly because all he wanted to do was get them all out and deal with the passed out girl in his classroom. So when he did turn around and noticed that they had all taken advantage of his library time he was pleased and smiled. The smile fell when he knelt down beside N'jeri at her desk, reaching up and running a hand through her white locks. "Wake up..." His tone was soft and demanded, unable to hide his impatience.

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