Ill Comforts

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    Being sick isn't fun and can leave you feeling tired, grumpy, or just crummy overall.
    When you're ill, what things make you feel better?
  2. The Princess Bride! Seriously, sweet simplistic adventure movies make me happy.
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  3. Drinking lots of water, getting something to eat, watch a comedy series and then sleep, sleep, sleep....
  4. Re-reading one of the books I have read five million times, but that still give me something to philosophize about (such as The Magic Mountain, but not because it's thematically appropriate).
    Not eating. Eating when I'm sick just makes me sicker.
    Films with lots and lots of bloodshed.
    Lying around all day and doing nothing but thinking.
  5. Naps, ice cream, and a stripper..
    Nothing cures the sickys liek tight male butt
  6. An episode of Whose line is it anyway.
    Swooning over Clint Eastwood in the Pale Rider.
    Werther's Original(s). My only true weakness when it comes to sweets.
    Having people NOT cuddle me (so easy to achieve, too!).
    A good book/game.
  7. Grabbing a shit ton of blankets, a controller, a tall glas of hot, piping tea, some chewing gum, and Vick's. Right after a hot shower. Not to mention, a woman lying next to me to snuggle with me, regardless of my being ill.
  8. Comedies, comfort food, juices and/or smoothies, some pot, comfy clothes, and massages. :] My boyfriend likes to dote on me. He does it even more so when I'm a sickface.
  9. This is just me, but personally i LOVE IT when my besties get ont he phone, or skype, and chat with me to pass time. I had one friend who talked with me for three hours when i had a fever. She was so epic!
  10. I like smoothies a lot when I'm ill, especially when my stomach is being rebellious. Hot baths and napping, maybe some funny reruns of television shows... ooh, and tea.
  11. When i am ill i like no love laying on the sofa with my duvet and pillows a box of chocs lots off tea and the most random tv program i can find.