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  1. Kyle looked around, admiring the familiar scene of Summerset University Campus. He was thoroughly exhausted, surprised that he had enough strength to barely stay awake in his last class. Blake Shelton blared through his Beats. Although he admired all musical genres, he loved Country and classic rock the most.
    After having wait over an hour, Elias finally pulled up in front of Franklin Hall, the bass from Kyle's car radiating on the concrete under him. He shook his head as he walked to his car.
    "Nice job, Eli. I texted you almost two hours ago saying class was about to be over."
    "Oh come on, I'm sorry. Got held up."
    "In my car..." He slid his headphones behind his ear as Elias exited campus ground.
    "Yea, Yea, your car. Anyway, we're going down to the cafe tonight and I'm not taking No for an answer. Seriously dude we haven't been there in forever."
    "Eli you were there three nights ago. You never have a problem going solo."
    "Well not tonight, bro. Tonight we're going. And you're performing." Elias winked after he caught a glimpse of Kyle rolling his eyes.
  2. "Baylee!!" Baylee looked up to see her foster sister running into Hot Topic, her hair all done up and in loud colorful clothing. Baylee rose a brow to her blonde friend waiting for her to continue on. "The Café has a closing and leaving us a chance to perform," Aqua-Marie said excitedly. Baylee closed her text book, both girls in community college, looking at the other. "When?" She asked with a dark brow. "Tonight. After you get off work." Aqua said cheerily as she wondered over to some of the clothes for sale. "If I say yes will you go?" Baylee crossed her arms, of course she came off rude but Aqua knew no offense where for her. "Yes." With a sigh the Burnett agreed and as promised Aqua left after buying a new top.
  3. Pulling into the parking lot of their three-bedroom apartment, Kyle couldn't help but feel slightly anxious. He loved playing his guitar and singing more than anything, and it helped when doing songs that were popular to the public eye. But he had always been skeptical about sharing his own music with the world. What he wrote had meanings he thought other people wouldn't understand. He'd always been shy that way. But he knew Elias Well enough, and Elias always signed him up to do his personal pieces. Being the awesome drummer that he was, Elias could easily play along with him.
    Both boys entered the apartment, Elias on his cellphone. Throwing his bag on the ground by the front door, Kyle headed for the kitchen.
    "I'm gonna make a sandwich before the show. You want something?"
    "Nah, I'll probably eat after the show." He said with a wink as he plopped onto their couch.
    "Let me guess, one of your million groupies will be there to feed you , right?"
    "Nothing wrong with female attention, bro. Try it sometime. Wake me when it's time to go." Elias called out as he rolled over, his back to Kyle. Kyle finished fixing his sandwich and took himself to his room. Classic routine was to eat while he contemplated his music.
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  4. Baylee got off work, waiting for Aqua to come up in her car. It wasn't the first time she just got off work to go to The Café, both girls where amazing singers. Baylee played the bass and guitar while Aqua was a guitarist. She the silver Volvo pulled up the blonde smiled, waiting for her to come in. "I got your clothes to change in." Aqua said, indicating for her foster sister to get in the back. With a roll of her eyes she got in the back of the Volvo.
    Few short moments later Aqua, wearing the same outfit as before, stepped out of her car and popping open the trunk, pulling out a neon green bass and an electric blue guitar. "You dressed yet?" She called out, closing the trunk. "Yeah, Aq, hold your horses," Baylee growled opening the back, stepping out. Only clothes different was the top, vest, and boots. "Ready." She said grabbing her bass, to put it on her back, and walk with Aqua inside.
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  5. "Eli you're dead." Kyle shot him a glare as he caught knowledge of how man people had been in the cafe. He continued to look through the window. The performances were about to start, but neither of them ever went first, which gave him a sigh of relief.
    "Relax," Elias replied as he rolled his eyes at his twin. "You say that almost every time you come here."
    "That was months ago."
    "So? Most of these people are regulars. Besides you bwing a hermit is kinda bumming my image. Redd hasnt seen you and there are people who actually like your music if you would actually talk to them." Elias grabbed his drumsticks out of the backseat while Kyle grabbed his acoustic guitar from the trunk. After a mental pep talk, Kyle followed Elias inside. The Summerset Cafe, most popular hangout for young adults, at least the ones who enjoyed muaic and food that was actually good.
    Both boys waved to the gentleman behind the counter. He shot them a smile as he continued to take orders, giving a paeticularly long gaze at Kyle as if to say, "long time, no see." Kyle shrug with his usual small smile before turning to Elias who had a pleading look for his face.
    "OK don't kill me but, we're up next."
  6. Baylee was sipping a coffee at her seat before realizing it was about done, "I'm getting more caffeine." She told Aqua before walking to the counter, two more up before they where. "Excuse me," she said squeezing past the twins. "James, hit me up. Can I have a shot of honey in it? Already been a long day." She said calmly before sliding her empty cup. Aqua was still at their table, looking around for someone who wasn't her ex or someone who didn't appear to be taken. "I swear no one is ever single anymore." She said pushing her hair back.
  7. Elias was just about to give Kyle another confidence boost when someone brushed passed the two of them. He turned to catch who it was, and doing so caused his lips to curve in a sexy smile. "Well, this is gonna be a Good night."
    "What are you talking about?" Kyle whined as he turned to where Elias's eyes had landed. Then he rolled them and turned back to the stage. "Can you not think about women for five minutes?"
    "Can you think about them at all? Dude, she's hot."
    "Got more important things to worry." Even so, Kyle had caught a quick glance at the beauty stardom by the counter. Just as quick he ignored it, moving to the front as the MC came to the stage to announce the next performers. Elias heard the announcement being made and followed Kyle.
    "At least I know who I'll be singing to." He said to himself.
  8. Baylee waved to the gentleman as she ran up to sit beside Aqua, her coffee in her hands. "These are the guys before us right?" Baylee asked looking at Aqua who only nodded, "Cat got your tongue?" She rose a brow looking to the dark haired and blond haired males, they where handsome.. More so the Burnett, she didn't find blonds all that attractive unless they where girls. Yes, Baylee is bisexual. She looked to Aqua, she seemed to zoning out. "Are you staring at the boys?"
    Aqua blinked, she often zoned out, "Boys? Where?" She looked to the boys up front and blushed, "Sorry Baylee I was distracted." She watched Baylee roll her eyes, with a sigh she looked the boys over. "They are fucking cute!" She said smiling.
  9. Kyle took a deep breath. Elias nodded to him, letting him know he was ready. It had been years since he'd sang this song, but he really likes it. It was the first one he'd ever written. Besides, he was still skeptical about his new pieces. He never spent time talking or blurting out meaningless introductions. He just began to play and sing.

    I wanted to go inside of her chest
    And kiss everything she thought I'd hate
    I'd swim in the seas of her true being
    Until I stood in front of her heart's gate

    And I'd wait....so patiently I'd wait

    I wanted to fly into her dreams
    And show her what I could truly be
    Nothing of a fantasy, mystery, or fiction
    But I could be her sweet reality

    If she'll let me....I know she'll let me

    I wanted to take a ride into her mind
    To see why she was so afraid and confused
    And I'd fight it with every breath I had
    Until she really and truly knew...

    That it was love....it was my heart
    It was hers."
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  10. //Did you write that?//

    The girls listened, Aqua smiling and Baylee with a half-smile as they watched the twins, "They are amazing Bay," Aqua whispered before it was time for them to stand, "We should do the butterfly song, put your bass down."
    "I am not putting my bass down," she moved the bass to her back, she wasn't allowing people to get to it. The bass was her adopted brother's, old but worked amazingly. It was in the garage, safe, instead of in the house fire so she kept it and learned to play. Aqua smiled, walking up with her guitar as she waved to the twins, "You two did amazing." She said quietly, Baylee nodding in agreement.
  11. Elias slyly slid in front of Kyle, attempting to get the girls full attention. He took a glance to Aqua before solely focusing on Baylee. "Thanks. Songs like that are for sexy ladies like yourselves." She shot a sexy smile. Kyle rolled his eyes, as he always did when it came to Elias. He turned to the girls and thanked them. He tried to head in front of Elias but was stopped in Elias's grip.
    "My name is Elias. You can call me Eli. This is my brother, Kyle." Elias nudged Kyle with his elbow and Kyle rose his hand for a handshake from them both. First to Aqua, then to Baylee . He had always been very mannerable and polite, which was something Elias had always disliked, telling Kyle that he would never get girls that way.
    "So, you girl just come to watch us sing?" Elias said with a wink. Kyle sighed, not bothering to hide his irritation with his brother's arrogance.
  12. Baylee's face got red, annoyed with arrogance or the fact he was hitting on her, it was hard to tell. Before Baylee could speak Aqua did, "I'm Aqua-Marie this my sister Baylee," they never bothered to add the word 'foster'. She had her hand on Baylee's arm to keep her quiet, or at least nice. She was surprised Baylee even shook Kyle's hand. "Actually, we are here to perform, though, if we knew of you before hand we-" Baylee cleared her throat, "-I would have." Aqua said with a sweet giggle. "Oh gag me," Baylee mumbled, "We're next sorry." Baylee said a lot clearer, pulling Aqua with her, "I swear stop flirting for a while." She mumbled, putting her bass down behind Aqua as she sat with her guitar. "Alright, go." Aqua started playing the music before Baylee's loud and pretty voice sang the Butterfly Song. It was a song that represented the bad they had to over come growing up to get the good, the beauty in life. It was a song that brought her back to Foster Care. Etched on her features was signs the song was from the heart, Aqua playing beautifully behind her, singing her part. Her part was about the dangers of the world that made them stronger. Together the song just sounded great, mainly because both girls felt it with there hearts. After the song Baylee grabbed her bass and fixed her black vest.
  13. As they sat on the long chairs by the window tables, both Kyle and Elias kept their eyes on the songstresses. Elias had been surprised. He was so focused know their looks that talent never entered his mind. He hadn't pegged them as singers. Kyle on the other hand wasn't as easily surprised. He knew talent when he saw it just because music had been his strongest passion. So he could recognize anyone who's interests were similar. He turned away to look out the window as they sang, but he still listened attentively. Their voices were beautiful to him. He'd almost been tempted to close his eyes and smile but he knew Elias would never let his actions down. He turned once more catching a glimpse of Baylee. She sang with passion as Aqua did, but he saw something else there something different. When they were done they both clapped. Elias made his move to approach them. Kyle stayed behind.
    "Well, it seemed Kyle and I may have been outdone. That never happens." Elias spoke as he leaned against the wall, arms crossed in front of him.
  14. "Thanks," Aqua said smiling, pushing her hair back. "I think its our best song." She said, unconsciously playing with her hair. She was oblivious to how annoyed Baylee was, Baylee was annoyed all of the time but still... Baylee can't handle too many people at the same time. "Baylee, can we stay for the rest?" Aqua asked. "Uh, yeah, l guess." Baylee said, suddenly craving to smoke when she hasn't for three years. She whispered to Aqua that she had to go outside, she needed air. The song its self was an emotional overload. She needed to use the cool air. Once Aqua nodded she walked outside, quickly, and leaned against the side of the building as much as the bass allowed. Aqua gave a shy smile, "Sorry, she just doesn't like cramped places." She explained a little embarrassed but not everyone can handle crowds personally. It was often why they left after they played.
  15. "Nah, it's cool. Kyle's the saw way. He's like weirdly shy. If it wasn't for the fact that he looks like me I'd forget we were related." He spat her a corny joke.
    "Have you two been here before? Don't remember ever seeing you. I would have definitely remembered you." He continued to use his arrogant charm on her. As he spoke he saw one of his many one night stands. She was preparing to drum on stage. He acted as if he hadn't seen her but in his mind he laughed.
    Kyle sat at the table, boredom slowly beginning to irritate him. He had kept his head down on the table, but finally he sat up. He'd had enough. He needed air. Space. Anything. He patted his pocket to make sure his cigarettes were there. Afterwards he pushed his seat back and stood, making his way outside. He wished he had his headphones. He left them in the car, and he didnt have the energy to ask Elias for them.
    When he got outside he stood to the left of the cafe, placing one foot behind him against the window as he leaned back. He pulled out his cigarettes and lighter sighing. If it were his choice, he would have gone home already.
  16. Aqua nodded, "Actually all the time. I work at the I-hop next door." Aqua explained with a small chuckle. She didn't think the boys looked anything a like. She glanced down at the drum sticks, "You're very good with the drums."
    Baylee was humming 'Everytime We Touch', the Alex Goot version not the original. It was a song some Wanna-Be Scene Middle Schoolers had playing in her work place that day. She had the Alex Goot version already, so, it was easy for her to get it stuck in her head. She was calming down, sense she no longer smoked she used singing. She stood up hearing someone walk out, the aroma of a nice cigarette let the air, she stopped and looked around the corner to see Kyle. "..." She wasn't sure what to say in fear he was like his brother and hit on her.
  17. "Thanks. You're not too bad yourself. Your playing fits your gorgeous look." He used one of his less thought of flirts. He was a natural flirt, even with those he thought were unattractive. He admired Aqua's looks, but he knew who he was after. Still, Elias was never against having a little fun. "I'd spin all my money to see you serve me pancakes." He winked.
    Kyle deeply exhaled, watching the smoke slowly out of his mouth. He saw someone in his peripheral vision as he did so. He turned, taking a double when he realized he was seeing Baylee looking at him. He was still for a moment. Of course he saw what Elias liked about her. She was beautiful if he had to admit it. He wondered whether or not she would say something. She didn't. He wondered if he should speak. Instead, he lifted his hand towards her with his cigarettes in it offering her one.
  18. Aqua gave off a chuckle, "That is one of the oldest lines that I get." She smiled, leaning against the wall. She found him extremely attractive, she knew his type too. He already seemed like a hit it and quit type of guy. She liked the casual but continuous partners. Currently she had none, the last one wanted everything to be official. She wasn't ready for official.
    Baylee stepped up into the light, shaking her head, "No, I quit a few years ago." She said quietly, though the offer was tempting. "Thank you, anyways." She said attempting to be polite. She felt her bass, making sure it was secure on her back.
  19. "Sure." Kyle replied as he stuffed the pack in his pocket. He took another hit of the one he was already smoking. Awkward. He hated awkward moments. More so, he wasn't so great at talking to girls. That was all Elias. Even still, he had to say something. He could already tell that slick charm and cheesy pick-up lines weren't her interest. So, he decided to just start with honesty. "Sorry about my brother."

    Elias laughed. She was catching on to him. Quite frankly he thought it a bit intriguing. But he was getting bored with the small talk. He wanted to spice it up. "So, Ms. IHop must have a life outside of serving people. How about getting out of here, huh?"
  20. Baylee nodded, what was she suppose to say? 'He's about to get hit'? No, if someone said that about Aqua there head would be down the block. "I'm just not into getting hit on," she said with a shrug. She rubbed at her arms, debating to go back in or not. "You did really well, we meant that."

    Aqua shook her head, a slight giggle escaping, as she put a finger on his chest. "Tempting offer," she looked up at him, "Sadly, no. I'm not a do it once kind of girl, I make them want more." She winked before walking past him. Baylee was actually the one that told her to seem harder to get, it works for the most part. She made her way to the counter and got two coffees, one for her and one for Baylee.
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