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  1. We reinvite, and invite iwaku to participate in ilium's continued existence.

    Ilium’s style of RP will persist. The same rules, regulations, dos and don’ts, will apply.

    Ilium’s story will persist. The story will continue from its present point. The ending has been re-imagined to be completely consistent with the current events, and is just as capable at asking you thought-provoking questions about your character and story as the original. In short, the themes in ilium will not change. The five original GMs have talked extensively, shared extensively, and all have the same vision for ilium.​

    Should you rejoin?
    Continue in ilium if:

    • The style of writing and its associated challenges draws you
    • The story draws you
    • You trust in the remaining GM's creative abilities to lead you
    • You like being hammered by GMs and the karma hammer

    This is the only time I will openly express my insecurities with you all. Discontinue if:

    • You believe ilium has lost too much with Asmodeus’ and Tegan’s departure. THERE WILL BE NO HARD FEELINGS FROM US. However, you will NOT publically voice nastiness to them regarding their departure. I will hammer you so hard.
    • You are as free as you want to encourage others to leave, as long as your criticisms and concerns are about MY ability and MY ability alone. It’s better now than later.

    There are a million subtleties involved with managing ilium. We could debate about them forever, so I will do some things and that will be that. I trust all of you to be adaptable because we’re all humans.

    PROBLEM: There will be many orphaned storylines. I think I will be the most active GM, bar any circumstance.

    SOLUTION: Please reapproach the remaining GMs with your plots.
    SOLUTION 2: We will take realm-specific DMs.
    SOLUTION 3: We will reveal a little more about plots.

    PROBLEM: There are a million ways to write something, and a trillion ways to plan it.

    SOLUTION: Stop planning, start writing. Then ...

    SOLUTION: Research. We live in the age where everything is a google search and wiki article away. It should be a crime to not include facts in your posts. Facts about alchemy, biology, swordplay, wounds, disease. Sally doors exist. Research leads to understanding, which leads to ...

    SOLUTION 2: Writing plausibly. As long as it’s plausible, I don’t care. Write more, plan less. When I read fiction, I actively suspend disbelief. As long as it doesn’t stick out enough to make me pause (and you’d have to make a heroic effort to do that) I will, we will, accept it and move on. Write with themes in mind. Writing more crystallizes your character more than planning, which solves …

    PROBLEM: Hijacking

    SOLUTION: The more your character does, the more the reader understands your character, and can write for them. A character is 90% yours … but 10% everyone elses. Lut would not have gotten to where he was today if I did not trust others with him, even to do unexpected things.

    PROBLEM: Sincerity

    SOLUTION: My nonexisting intuition as a roleplayer tells me that some of you are not jiving with your characters. Make a character you love to play in ilium, don't make one to be part of ilium. We are reopening character redos or resubmissions.
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  2. Seconded. (Not that I have any authority to dispense hammerings mind you)
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