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  1. In what follows, I will present a persistent list of exercises that I expect writers to take notice of, and spend more effort on!

    1. RP'ers spend most of their effort on their character. Most of their words are internal. I am challenging you to spend at least half of your writing on scenery. Getting the setting right is extremely important for a story. For example, right now the Kaustrian army is dealing with plague warfare. How are we responding to it? What superstitions and wisdom are the soldiers using to stay safe? What does the air smell like? The mood of the army? Etc, etc. Practice the "ilium travelling scene".
    2. Secondly, make sure to stay in the correct time period. Avoid using modern terminology. Be careful about how you describe things. Keep in mind the spirit of Ilium: post-apocalyptic, paranoid, tightly-knit groups.
    3. Fluff. Do twice as much in half the space.
    4. Active voice. Don't use 'had'. Don't use 'this' without specifying that it is 'this [thing]'. Limit gerunds ('-ing').
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  2. 5. I notice I tend to use 'it' a lot. It was, it, it, it. Using it makes a direct statement vague. Replace it with the noun that it is referring to.
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