IIA: A Monument to Your Sins

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  1. 3986. The 40th century was coming to a close. Three more World Wars had broken out, each one more devastating than the last. Bio, Chem, Nuke, EMP, it was all used in an effort to wipe out the enemy. Such bombardment left the planet shattered. Life had difficulty taking root, Earth's magnetic field was weakening, radiation was spread throughout the land, and technology no longer existed as it did before. Empires had begun to spring up everywhere, recreations of times past. The Romans, The Khans, The Greeks, The British, The Celts, The Dynasties of ancient Asia, the Tsars of Russia. All were competing for a piece of land, and peace of mind. At one point, the leaders of each empire came to a conclusion: They would no longer settle their differences with devastating wars, but instead a Coliseum would be built in a territory as of yet uncontrolled by anyone, a place where no man had a home field advantage and everyone had equal rights. They built a Coliseum in Egypt, which had become a wasteland and be some means or another everyone had a way to get there. Outside of the main entrance to the arena stood a tall statue, a group of people in a circle, a warrior from each country, faceless so as to represent the whole of their nations. Engraved on a bronze plaque at the bottom were the words:

    Here, Champion warriors from each empire would fight to the death to settle disputes of land, religion, politics, the like. Here was the center of a blood sport that not only decided the fate of the combatants, but the fate of their homelands. People from the world over came to watch the gory spectacle.​
    You are a combatant in the Arena, the Champion from an empire of your choice. One combatant per empire.​
    Roman Champion:
    Khan Champion:
    Greek Champion:
    British Campion:
    Celtic Champion: Carlyn McClain (Silver)
    Asian Champion:
    Russian Champion: Nicholai Olevsky (SilverJae)

    Due to radiation, combatants can have mutations, special powers such as weak telepathy and invisibility, strength just above human level, etc. No godmodding.

    Character sheet:

    Martial Skills:
    Personal Weaknesses:
    Special Abilities (optional):
    Appearance (pic or descript):

    Add any additional information about your character that you feel may be necessary.
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  2. Interesting, I wish to join please, I'll have to work out a character tomorrow though
  3. Alright, I'm fine whenever.
  4. Name:
    Age: 26
    Martial Skills: Nicolai is very skilled in defence, but in offence he needs a lot of work
    Personal Weaknesses: He is not very skilled at being offensive, and he has a weak spot on the back of his left shoulder, where, if hit, will paralyze him for 20 seconds (after-effect of the telepathy)
    Alignment: Russian Champion?
    Special Abilities: He can read minds a little, telling him their next move
    History: He was born into a fighting family, combat running through his veins. He trained to be the best fighter ever since he was 6. He's the best fighter in the Tsars of Russia
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  5. Alright. I need to make an adjustment to the Character sheet though. I would suggest conforming, please.
  6. Alright., look again.
  7. Perfect. Champion Accepted.
  8. Name: Carlyn McClain
    Age: 25
    Martial Skills: Proficient with her cultural weapons (Long sword, short sword, longbow, sling, spear/javelin, )She's good with endurance and speed, but she isn't all that strong.
    Style: She's an aggressive attacker. In her mind, the quicker you hit them, the quicker you weaken them, then the faster the fight will be over.
    WoC: Modified long sword for her right hand and a modified short sword for her left. They're more slender than the typical blades.
    Personal Weaknesses: She'strong enough to wield her swords for a good chunk of time, in other words, she isn't the strongest woman in the world.
    Alignment: Celtic Champion
    Special Abilities (optional): In her words: "The world is just slower for me than it is for everybody else." (She's quick)
    History: Carlyn grew up bouncing between Ireland and Scotland. Her mother's family was Irish, her father's Scottish. Around 16, she realized that she was faster than a lot of people around her. She noticed things quicker, she learned quicker, she worked quicker, and she moved a whole lot faster. At the same time, she started to get a lot more energetic, she had a hard time sitting still. So on top of her daily routine she went and learned how to fight. She ran and built up her stamina. By the time she hit 20, people were beginning to notice her. A couple years after that, she was asked to take a sort of test. She went into a sparing match with the then current champion. She won and so the motion for her to eventually take his place began. Now she is the champion.
    Appearance: She stands at six foot tall.

    Is this alright?
  9. I like it. Champion Accepted.