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    2 September 1945 --- WWII ends.

    23 June 1949 --- The first ever recorded human to have superpowers is born.

    25 June 1950 --- Several countries reported in the births of those that have superpowers.

    14 January 1955 --- The Kansas City Incident occurs.

    1 November 1955 --- Vietnam War starts.

    1960 --- The 1960 Election focuses on many changes in the country including the rise in humans born with the Superman Gene. The Soviet Union begins their unethical experiment on Supers.

    8 November 1960 --- John F. Kennedy is elected president.

    20 January 1961 --- In his inaugural address, President Kennedy spoke about those affected by the Superman Gene and attempts to “bring down the public’s fears” were in the works.

    1961 - 1963 --- Incidents in regards to children and young adults diagnosed with the superpowers rises, causing international uproar especially in the US.

    22 November 1963 --- President Kennedy is assassinated by anti-super supporter Lee Harvey Oswald. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn into office as the 36th President of the United States.

    23 March 1964 --- The Superman Reformation Act is presented to Congress.

    21 April 1964 --- President Johnson signed the S.R.A. Weeks following signing the bill, the Super populous undergoes mandatory testing and tagging. Those deemed too dangerous to the public are sent to designated facilities for further testing.

    3 November 1964 --- President Johnson is voted back into office.

    1967 --- Many Supers began to protest against the Superman Reformation Act, calling for equal rights for those affected by superpowers. The movement starts to spread on a global level. Supers that have been drafted into the Vietnam War fight against it, stating that the US has no right to “force” them to fight due to the severe treatment in their own country.

    10 February 1969 --- Generation Evolve is created. Attacks from religious organizations began, condemning the name and the idea that humans are “evolving.”

    20 January 1969 --- Along with Generation Evolve, other pro-Supers group protested the inaugural speech of the newest elected President Nixon.

    1972 - 1975 --- The Soviet Union begins testing with the first batch of genetically engineered Supers in Vietnam. The success of the experiment pushes for plans to begin a worldwide invasion.

    30 April 1975 --- The Vietnam War ends with Northern Vietnam winning.

    3 September 1978 --- Generation Evolve’s peaceful protest in Washington D.C. turns violent when anti-super activists attacked 15-year old Evette Kingsley.

    7 November 1978 --- Maverick K. Armstrong is elected Senator of New York. He is one of the youngest members of Senate in years and is the first openly “Super” political figure. He is supporter of Generation Evolve, pushes to remove the Superman Reformation Act, and to push to refer to “Supers” as “Evos.”

    1979 - 1984 --- The battle between pro “supers/evos” and anti-supers are at an all time high. Globally, there’s a movement of accepting the newly dubbed evos and a need to remove any laws that are inhumane to the treatment of said group. On the other side, conservatives and religious organizations battle against the rising group, fearing what could be with these “demons” and “weapons.” Many famous celebrities and politicians came out as being “evos” to the general public.

    24 December 1979 --- The Soviet Union led a coup in Afghanistan as the start of their global takeover. The Soviet-Afghan War starts.

    1983 --- The first unit of genetically engineered Supers (named The Red Stars) are deployed in Afghanistan in attempt to secretly capture enemy states and remove them from power.

    6 November 1984 --- Senator Armstrong is reelected as senator. He’s a part of other political figures around the world that is trying to create a universal group that supports Evo’s rights and works with all governments.

    16 June 1985 --- The first public information of the genetically engineered soldiers appear after news outlets reported attacks in the Kunar Province. Footage were captured, revealing their existence and threat to democracy.

    17 June 1985 --- Members of Generation Evolve come forward and asks for an audience with President Reagan and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Despite political backlash and negative press, they agree.

    18 June 1985 --- Along with Senator Armstrong, the head representatives of Generation Evolve met with President Reagan and the Secretary of Defense to discuss the appearance of the genetically engineered soldiers. Hours after the meeting, a plan is created to stop the threat of the Soviet Union in exchange of rethinking the Superman Reformation Act.

    29 June 1985 --- Operation New Hope begins with selected Evos deployed in Pakistan to assist the resistance movement and to remove the threat of the super soldiers.

    1985-1988 --- Several campaigns in the Middle East between the deployed Evos and the super soldiers take place. All the while, Senator Armstrong created a public political think tank that included: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand, and Yasuhiro Nakasone. The main purpose was to bring together different governments to discuss the creation of a separate government power to represent the growing “Evo” populous.

    August 1986 --- The Soviet Union loses control of their super soldiers, resulting in negotiations and withdrawal. They leave the group of Evos to handle the soldiers.

    4 July 1988 --- The last of the genetically engineered soldier is terminated. The recognition of their heroism spreads worldwide. President Reagan honors his promise with Generation Evolve and takes it a step further: announces the repeal of the Act. It would be one of President Reagan’s known acts as president.

    8 November 1988 -- George H. W. Bush is elected into office.

    1 March 1989 --- The work of the think tank is revealed as the first international Evo government (GATEKeeper) is formed along with the introduction of the bases of their governing law: the Global Agreement on the Treatment of Evolved Humans (G.A.T.E.).

    1989 - 2008 --- Over the years, most have accepted the presence of Evos. Changes in GATEKeeper occurs when situation arises. G.A.T.E. is amended several times to include several important key points. Information in regard to the creation of the Red Stars is revealed. The information is used to help identify the source of “superpowers.” Dubbed the Evolution Gene, it becomes an accepted fact by the general public.

    2008 --- Officially, the US housing bubble bursts and is a catalyst for the great economic recession.

    2010 --- Famous corporate C.E.O. Ryuu Seung approaches representatives of GATEKeeper and several senators for an idea like no other: iHero.

    2016 --- iHero officially opens to the US.

    2018 --- iHero becomes a global phenomena.

    2032 --- Current



    In 1964, President Johnson signed the bill called the Superman Reformation Act. The act states that all those affected by “superpowers” are to report to designated facilities to undergo mandatory “medical check up” which includes taking blood, tissue, and other samples. Those that that were deemed a “danger to to themselves and the public” would be transported to designated safety sites for further assessments. Every “super” that came in would be registered by the US Government and have to carry around an ID tag that identifies them as being a “Super.” Supers of the US were not allowed to leave the country. Those that refused to come to these mandatory facilities face federal charges. Those that were most affected were the children with many unable to properly control their powers.

    The act was put together quickly with no thought to the repercussions of the other side of the issue: those that had superpowers. The entire bill was built on the fear of a real threat stateside and… the possibility of others existing outside of the US, especially in communist countries.

    Along with profiling for race, the law enforcement profiled Supers, assuming that they are all reckless, a nuisance, and danger to the public. The public’s fear of something so powerful and “abnormal” living next door empowered a movement to gather all of the supers and send them into internment camps (despite that already happening for a lot of Supers). Many Supers were segregated from social groups and treated like second class citizens.

    Within three years, activists against the Superman Act gathered and formed groups, calling for equal rights for “evolved humans.” Because of the choice in name, creationists refused to acknowledge the idea of evolution taking place and believed they were the sign of the Rapture. The biggest of the group was called themselves the “Generation Evolve.” They deemed the use of “Superman” and “Super” to be derogatory, referring to a character that’s “not human.” To them, it translated that everyone had the right to treat them as some sort of alien being than a flesh and blood human being and an American. It wasn’t long before similar treatment from other countries were reported and foreign Supers joined in Generation Evolve. Soon, just about every first world country was aware of the civil rights movement for all “evolved humans” to be treated as human beings by the people and their government.

    Maverick K. Armstrong was the first Evo to run for a political position and win. He became the senator of New York in 1978.

    Over the years, attempts to abolish the Act came with great opposition from conservatives and religious organizations, condemning the idea of letting “dangerous” monsters roam free. Many churches advocated to the exorcism of these “demons” and praying to Jesus that that the rapture would begin shortly. One of the church organizations was the cause of the 1978 riot in Washington DC with the attack on a teenage girl.

    It wasn’t until the end of the Soviet-Afghan War that the Superman Reformation act was abolished by President Reagan.


    Between the 1960 and 1988, the Soviet Union dealt with the first Supers in their country by declaring them as “inhuman” and using all of their power to rope up as many of them as possible. Many tried to escape the country with little success. Those that were captured were treated similar to the Supers of the US. They were sent to undisclosed facilities and underwent testing and experimentation to crack the “source” of this new power. Rather than fearing them, the Soviets wanted to exploit this new surge to expand their power into other territories. It resulted in being the first country to genetically engineer a Vietnam War between 1972 and 1975 with their test subjects being young children and “modified Supers.” Data was collected and used to fine tune the ‘formula.”

    The Soviet Union decided to unleash the first of their elite soldiers (codenamed The Red Stars) during their time occupying the Middle East. Compared to the first version that was dropped in Vietnam, the unit was groomed for war with particular powers chosen to defeat any resistance and cause mass damage. Campaigns were discreet, using the cover of the activity of the insurgence to hide their activity. It wasn’t until one campaign in the Kunar Province that their existence was revealed. The world was tossed into fear of the latest advances in technology. The Red Stars was a threat to international security with their ability to play God.

    Immediately, action was swift from the US. The influential members of Generation Evolve, Senator Armstrong, President Reagan, and his Secretary of Defense discussed the matter with the Red Stars. Within 24 hours, planning came to an end and Operation New Hope began. Taking the strongest “Evos” of the world, they formed a unit to take on the Red Stars. Backed up by the US and UK’s military, they underwent basic training and were deployed within 6 weeks. Operation New Hope took a turn after a year of fighting skirmishes with the Red Stars. The Soviet Union reported to losing complete control over the unit and have began withdraw from the Middle East, leaving the Evo unit to take out the unhinged elite soldiers.

    Within 3 years, Operation New Hope succeeded in wiping out the last of the Red Stars. Their defeat was a victory for all Evos around the world, showing that they weren’t monsters but people of liberty and justice. Despite the treatment from their government and people, they still fought to protect them.
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  3. EVO - GENE

    The idea of evolution has always been a “back and forth bicker” between the scientific community and religious communities. However, everyone was turned on its head for the first physical representation of human evolution. A living, breathing example. Samson Jones, age 3, was the first human born with an unnatural adaptation that’s popularized in comic books. Along with his parents, Samson underwent a series of tests and experiments to conclude if the claims were true. All samples were taken and scrutinized under a microscope. There was some changes in the property of his blood, but science has yet to accelerate to the levels of true discovery. In the end, Samson’s samples were saved until the field of DNA expands. Thousands of samples were taken during the Superman Reformation Act which contributed in building a genome sequence for these “evolved humans.”

    After the Soviet-Afghan War, the Soviet Union released all of their data pertaining to their research and experiments in genetically engineering their super soldiers. All of the data proved invaluable as the source of the “superpower” is revealed and published in scientific magazines. Dubbed the “EVO-GENE,” it is the final nail in the coffin to confirm that evolution is a fact. How the EVO-GENE was even created, however, is left to speculation. Some believe that it had to do with WWII and the exposure to certain chemicals in warfare may have created a mutation and was passed on as this “superpower.” So far, it seems that there is no evidence of the EVO-GENE will evolve from its current form. However, scientists are speculating when the next evolution will take place.

    As of now, it is seen as unethical and illegal to use this information to improve on the Soviet Union’s work and genetically engineer more “super soldiers.”
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  4. GATE(H) & GATE(H)Keeper


    The Global Agreement on the Treatment of Evolved Humans (or GATE(H) for short) is the official doctrine that all Evos follow under the ruling body of the GATE(H)Keepers. Rather than being the absolute rule, it is a guiding tool to follow while Evos obey the laws and regulations of their home country. GATE is in place where most laws don’t reach. In the beginning, GATE was in place to protect the rights of Evos. Over the years, more laws were added to GATE based on the situations that arose. The following are some of the main points of GATE:

    All existing governments will not abuse their power to take advantage of an Evo’s “born ability.” They cannot detain, perform invasive testing, and force an Evo to use their power.
    Evos cannot use abuse their own powers to create fear and gain political power.
    Any genetic engineering with the EVO-GENE on any human or animal is illegal.
    Testing for the EVO-GENE is mandatory during pregnancy and at birth.
    Those with the EVO-GENE must be registered under GATE(H)Keeper.
    All Evos must attend training courses in order to control their power.

    There have been backlash with GATE and the GATEKeepers due adding similar laws from the notorious Superman Reformation Act with mandatory registration. The problem arose when some Evos taking advantage after the repeal of the Act and others like it. A crime sweep hit the world, leaving many cases unsolved. Mandatory testing and registration was added to GATE shortly after.


    Founded by Senator Armstrong, GATE(H)Keeper represent the governing body of all Evos. Rather than override other government powers, GATEKeeper works with the laws and system within each government while creating and enforcing laws and programs that only apply to Evos. The main reason for the creation of a separate government is due to the lack of knowledge and deep-rooted fears of forced control from the humans. Currently, all funding for GATEKeeper is generated from two sources: donations and 30% of the total profits of iHero.

    There are 28 main GATEKeeper government buildings worldwide with branches that operate on a smaller level. Each main facility is governed by 6 appointed “councilmen” to conduct the duties of a GATEKeeper representative and to enforce GATE in their region. Every 2 months, all the councilmen of a continent region meets to discuss issues and update on their current situation. Once a year, every councilmen meet to discuss global issues and make official rulings if changes in GATE is needed.

    One of the more controversial divisions of GATEKeeper are the Law and Justice division. Working alongside with the authorities of each country, they take over when it’s confirmed if an evo is evolved. In some instances, they work together to apprehend the suspect and turn them over to GATEKeeper for processing and interrogation. Many of iHero’s villains and heroes work with the Law division to apprehend suspected evos and warrants issued by the division. If the suspect is charged, the Justice Division takes over.

    Similar to US courts, the defendant has the right to have a single judge ruling or judgement from his peers. Conviction is a two-step process with the first trial being a 3-day process to determine if the defendant is innocent or the presented evidence is enough to go to the second step. At most, the first trial is set up to prove the defendant isn’t involved with the crime they’re being charged with. If the judge/jury finds that there is enough evidence to connect the defendant to the case, they are charged and moves on to the second trial in which each piece of evidence and testimony is thoroughly examined. The second trial is to determine how involved the defendant was in the crime and severity of their punishment for it. The two step system was implemented originally due to the rise of complaints of Evos by “anti-super” groups. Rather than have a full trial, if an evo can clearly show they are innocent, the case is tossed, and they move on to the next.

    Once an Evo is found guilty, there are several punishments to fit different crimes. At the mild end is community service and wearing a “nullification” band around their right ankle for a few months. If the Evo is sent to a criminal rehabilitation facility (aka jail), they are sent to an undisclosed location to serve time while working a nullification collar. For the greatest of crimes, an Evo could be put to death.
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  5. iHERO


    There is a code of conduct all iHero and GATEKeeper employees must follow. Confidentiality is key to keep everyone smiling. All identities of current and past heroes (and villains) will not be made public by any means. No Evo within iHero is allowed to disclose their involvement in the program to anyone. Only an Evo’s assigned emergency contact is the only one allowed to know said disclosed information. All family members will not be disclosed of a relative’s involvement. All Evos involved in iHero are given decoy and dummy careers to hide suspicion from the outside public.

    Heroism from both parties must be conducted while on shift and in uniform. There are repercussions in heroism off the clock including: a fine, suspension, certain liberties being revoked, and a pay cut. All citizens, Evo or otherwise, have the right to refuse help from an iHero hero. Killing within iHero takes on several forms with punishment to fit the situation. There are warrants in which GATE and the pertaining country is no match for the Evo in question. An instant death penalty can be applied in those situations. “Dead or alive” also applies to similar warrants but is heavily preferred that the Evo in question is detained instead of terminated. Outside of that, death is not tolerated. An investigation is launched if it occurs to assess and take action properly.

    If it pertains to the death of an iHero hero or villain, there are several ways the situation can be handled. Depending on what is discovered, it can be concluded as an accident, an act of self defense (if they have shown that they went rogue), manslaughter, or first degree murder. If a real criminal/villain and vigilante is involved, a warrant is issued for their arrest. If another iHero employee is involved, they pay severe penalties and could face termination in their career, jail time, and/or execution. If an unwarranted death occurs with a vigilante hero or real villain/criminal, similar punishments occur with termination of career being the most severe. The case is quickly handled and swept under the rug due to the parties involved.

    While the iHero hero/villain is in character (i.e their alter ego), they are required to either be in full costume or a mask to conceal their identity. It is common for heroes of iHero to receive endorsement deals from other companies, model for products, and make guest appearances in all sorts of media outlets. They are on par with celebrities and must retain their real identities as much as possible. Heroes must be on their best behavior. Any act they commit reflects on GATEKeeper and iHero. Supervillains of iHero must be discreet. Majority of the time, they are tasked with undercover work and recon. They have a secondary mask that is different from their normal attire, making it easy for them to conduct in certain situations. They may not get the same treatment as superheroes but have the luxury of staying out of the limelight when things don’t go their way.


    The players of iHero have captivated the public for over a decade. Many famous and obscure heroes have come together to inspire hope and justice. However, iHero isn’t just a group of heroes but a corporation built to supply the demand of the “hero craze” to the general public. From selling merchandise with the heroes’ images and to putting them in all sorts of advertisements, the idea of a hero has become a monopolized business. Some have grown a distaste for the idea of commercializing heroes, believing that the true intentions have long since been tainted. A few have compared this idea to selling out and becoming the “comic book superheroes” that the Evos have fought hard to combat since the Superman Reformation Act. If it wasn’t for iHero, however, many countries’ economic problems wouldn’t be fixed.

    A hero’s main job is to protect the public. From assisting the country’s authority and to stopping crimes in progress, the work of a hero seems endless. But, where’s the entertainment? The pazaz to attract an audience? That’s where the “criminals” that refer themselves as villains step in the picture. Whatever caused them to take on a life of crime is vast… in the public eye. The truth about these villains is something far more simple. They were hired by iHero. The biggest secret about iHero is that a lot of the famous fights between heroes and villains is, in fact, staged. They merel cause collateral damage in these battles to stir up new jobs, settle claims, and sell merchandise. All of the employees of iHero and GATE(H)Keeper is in the know about this information. So far, attempts to keep this information away from the public has been widely successful.

    Heroes are on par with famous stars in terms of celebrity status. They are regularly talked about in entertainment news and seen at many events worldwide. It’s common for the paparazzi to stake out different workplaces and areas that known heroes frequent. Gossip is the common norm for, both, heroes and villains to endure. There are information, however, that’s created by the people of iHero themselves. One of the most important departments in iHero is none other than the Script Department. Along with creating fight scenarios for the heroes and villains, they pick and pull what kind of information to leak and build on for the public to follow. It’s commonplace for sponsors to push the players in using some pieces outside of their iHero persona in the Script Department such as wedding announcements (with misleading information, vague remarks, or creating a rumor) and “gossip” (such as the activities of a player being stretched and pulled until the truth comes out).

    Both heroes and villains have roles to play in commercial businesses. Heroes regularly advertise their sponsored company. Their uniforms usually have the sponsor’s logo in plain sight. It’s common to see their image in advertisements and in fashion spreads. Interviews on talk shows and conferences is the regular norm for heroes. Heroes even receive “swag” from the different companies they end up working for such as free clothing and food. Villains, on the other hand, hide in plain sight. They put on additional roles as models and actors, taking on jobs like the heroes to advertise, model, and appear in all sorts of media outlets. However, they don’t use their “iHero Persona” and use these jobs as a cover for their main occupation.

    The biggest skill of an iHero hero and villain ISN’T their powers but their acting skills. If they can “sell” their iHero Persona, their careers will last a long time. Many of the players differ from their iHero Persona. Players that play villain typically aren’t bad people, and players that play heroes aren’t all that “heroic.” On top of that, the clash of rivalry can be an act. Heroes and villains that may despise one another on tv can easily be friends outside of their iHero Persona.


    The North Eastern main GATE(H)Keeper facility and North Eastern region of iHero is located in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. With major reconstruction of the area after 9/11, the original headquarters was quaint and tucked in between the buildings of giant moguls. Most would miss the headquarters entirely with how small their sign was. The majority of their facility was used for office space. Anything that was needed outside of bureaucracy happened offsite. The attempts in maintaining the tiny government agency was difficult thanks to the scandals and funding cuts. When iHero was created, however, there was a complete turnover. Within five years, just about the entire block GATEKeeper HQ was surrounded by was bought and decimated in order to create the ultimate symbol of Evos.

    In 2016, the massive skyscraper of the new GATEKeeper building opened to the general public. iHero made its home within the structure, slowly assimilating into one of the agency’s branch government along with other areas such as:

    • registration and processing of new Evos
    • regulating and enforcing GATE and the the laws country they resides in
    • universal health to all registered Evos and their families
    • training and education of powers for registered Evos and their families
    • job placement, scholastic programs, and vocational training of all GATEKeeper and iHero employees
    • counter terrorism programs
    • funding to research facilities that pertain to the subject of Evos
    • bureaucracy of human/super relationships

    The lobby, west wing, and the second floor is open to the general public. The second floor is created as a museum dedicated to the history of supers along with showcasing famous superheroes and infamous villains of the past. In the west wing are several massive auditoriums and soundproofed rooms where media outlets are allowed to broadcast and report information given by Evos and official figures of GATEKeeper. Elevators in the lobby are restricted to the public and can only be accessed by employees of GATEKEEPER and iHero only. A keycard grants access to the elevator and a fingerprint grants access to all the floors of the building (by pressing a floor button on the elevator; it’s both a button and a fingerprint scanner).


    Servo Polytechnic serves as an alternative post-secondary education for Evos looking into fields that require the use of their power. Specializing in general fields such as medicine, engineering, and the arts, many hopeful Evos apply to the campus (located in New York City). What Servo Polytechnic is known for being the only institution in the world to offer the Hero Program. All around the world, many hopefuls work for the chance to get into the exclusive program to become an official iHero hero (or work alongside the heroes themselves).

    The process to enter the Hero Program doesn’t start with the application process. The age range of acceptable evos is 18-20. There has never been a student in the program younger and older than the designated age range. Servo works alongside different high schools to put on “career fairs” to attract future pupils. Along with having the usual booths for their main courses, a wide range of different companies rent out booth space to attract potential Evos for iHero. Once they fill out a quick Q&A along with basic information, it’s collected and processed to select the applicant. Most companies choose those they can see boosting sales such as their personality or powerset.

    Once selected, the applicant must sign and fill out an extensive application sheet. All tuition cost, supplies, housing, and food is paid by the company. In order for the applicant to become an official student in the Hero Program, they must sign a nondisclosure agreement. If the student were to talk about their knowledge of iHero, they can face severe charges. Some are rumored to have “disappeared” from breaking the agreement. Once the rest of the paperwork is in order, the applicant is accepted and must make arrangements to stay for the duration in New York City. Students in the Hero Program stays in designated dorms separate from the rest of the Servo student body.

    Students have 4 years to complete the Hero Program. There are small exceptions for students to extend the window of opportunity including: medical and family emergencies and written consent from their sponsor. The first 2 years is dedicated to learning the basics of iHero’s and GATEKeeper’s internal structure, combat and physical training and acting and improv courses. When the students reach the third year, they are let in on the biggest secrets of iHero: the existence of the villain sector.

    All third years must undergo a period of shadowing a villain in order to understand their purpose. Shadowing includes working at a grunt for three staged fights. Once they reach the final year, the students have to complete their final project and test: creating an alter ego and demonstrate the alter ego in a live situation. Those that drop from the program before their third year have an option to transfer into a program that gives them work opportunity in GATEKeeper. Those that drop in the third year have the option to transfer into a program that allows them to work as an iHero employee outside of heroism and villainy.

    The final project and test is the accumulated work the student has put in for all 4 years. Their sponsor will put in input of what direction to go in while mentors and teachers assist the student in forming their alter ego. If the alter ego passes by the end of the 4th year, they move on to the final test. The live demonstration is their “premiere” as a hero or villain. Normally, a new hero/villain is paired with a veteran. Students get their hands on their script and scenario to study long before their first performance. The test scores depends on 3 variables: performance, safety and regulations, and popularity. Many have failed the final part due to their popularity tanking. If they pass the test, they are welcomed as official members of iHero.
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    There are some Evos that don’t agree with the way iHero works. Maybe they were rejected from the Hero Program? Or, they don’t like how “fake” many of the iHero heroes are? These Evos tend to go beyond the law and take the mantle of “hero” for themselves. Vigilantes are seen as a dangerous threat by iHero and GATE(H)Keeper. On top of having no prior training or understanding of how basic law enforcement works (generally), they can wind up creating a bigger situation! Costs for collateral damage falls on to GATE(H)Keeper, creating one hell of a problem in terms of costs. Some vigilantes don’t understand how much trouble they’re really causing with their attempt to play heroism. It’s an iHero’s player’s responsibility to take out these vigilantes and bring them into questioning at the Law Department of GATE(H)Keeper. Regularly, groups of players are divided up for a midnight shift to look for vigilantism and putting a stop to them.


    The threat of Evo criminals exceeds vigilantes. They have no regard to GATE(H) or to GATE(H)Keeper, using their powers in the worst ways possible to profile from other’s misfortune. Usually, an Evo’s criminal activity falls under the Law Division of GATE(H)Keeper. But, for many cases, iHero players work alongside the Law Division to take out any criminals of interest, especially if they appear during a scripted fight. If this happens, the villain must decide whether to disappear and call for backup or use their acting powers to convince the public the reason why they’re fighting against another “villain” with the help of a hero. A lot of times, Evo criminals are registered. But, it’s not uncommon for a few to avoid registration.
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    Due to the influence of Evos, the level of technology and medicine have skyrocketed in the last four decades. Worldwide, every first and second world country felt the ripple effects of all scientific advancements.

    The average lifespan of a human being rose to 90 with certain illnesses and diseases are treatable. Treatments for HIV, AIDS, and cancerous cells eliminates them with low impact on the patient. Prosthetic limbs and other parts have reached a sophisticated level to the point that there is minimal differences between artificial and real. The organ transplant list has long since been retired. Transplant patients can take alternative routes such as choosing between an artificial organ or a cloned organ from a healthy volunteer (based on total costs). Most hospital stays for major surgery have been cut down due to the growing numbers of Evos with “healing powers” entering the medical field, increasing the numbers of outpatient procedures.

    Travel and public transportation have returned to the level of luxury from yester years. Alternative fuel sources such as biofuel, fuel cells, and hydrogen have replaced the dependency for fossil fuels since the late 90’s. Commercial vehicles have been streamlined in terms of appearance and amenities including “autopilot mode.” Autopilot mode was introduced as a safety measure when the driver is unable to react properly or incapacitated. The car will override all manual control and will take over from the driver to move away from danger, park in a safe location, and call an emergency dispatcher (with an automated voice speaking for the driver, using GPS coordinates to specify where the vehicle is located at).

    The revival in trains have hit an all time high with the construction of “XROSS CO Rails,” a “mega” rail system that connects 48 states with 3 major rail systems. From New York City to Los Angeles, it’s now an 8-hour train ride. For airplanes, the return to the “luxury days” have renewed interests in flights. It’s become a part of the fun journey instead of being a mandatory way to travel around the world. Trams, subways, and busses have all been upgraded for convenience, time management, and comfort in the same ways as trains and airplanes. All drivers are now automated machines that are programed to drive, make safe decisions, and manage the vehicle.

    Move over singers and bands! The world has officially jumped aboard the virtual band wagon. Alvin and the Chipmunks started it and Gorillaz popularized it. Now, just about every mainstream band, singer and dj out there have dived head first in some sort of virtual band. One of the most popular method of building virtual bands is using voice synth programs such as the famous Vocaloid program. Similar processes are flooding other areas of entertainment such as television shows and cinema, creating virtual actors and actresses using Voiceroid and computer animation. Many of the virtual creations make “public appearances” via projections and holograms to entertain the public. The technology has come a long way from its humble beginnings, leaving everyone’s jaw drop when the truth about their origin is revealed.

    Speaking of projections and holograms, it’s taken over just like the 3D craze. Just about every commercial product has some sort of holographic billboard. Even the famous heroes of iHero can be spotted in holographic form, modeling the latest fashion and products.

    Robots are here to stay! Within twenty years, robots have pull the plug and are powered by solar fuel cells. The technology is one of the most sophisticated and streamlined products currently in existence. Uses for robots come in all shapes and sizes, taking on dangerous tasks or acting as caretakers for the sick and elderly. Robots have even integrated into regular devices such as cell phones and media players (iCritter<3). The most common models are sold as a variety of animal appearances including: lizards, hamsters, octopuses, fish (dragon), kittens, bear cubs, and puppies. The fish (dragon) model is popular with businessmen due to the size, adding an intimidation factor to their overall professionalism. It’s common for people to mistake another human being with a robot due to the uncanny design. However, proper identification is located on the back of their neck (along with their ID Tag, there’s several flash ports for the robot).

    A common sight in all restaurants, bars, coffee shops, eateries, offices, and homes is the Surface Table. Coming in all sorts of table designs and sizes, it’s an interactive touch screen device. Depending on the location, the Surface comes with all sorts of different functions. People can order their meals from their table and busy themselves with interacting the table such as browsing the web or accessing information from their cell phones via “temporary connections” (either by placing the module on the Surface or connecting the devices wirelessly). For bars, Surface adds another layer of interaction in bar games and safety. If a drink has been tampered with, the Surface will display a contamination warning. Even DJs have adapted and use Surface technology as a part of their performance.
    • Bucket of Rainbows Bucket of Rainbows x 1

    POPULATION 14,365,179
    EVO POPULATION 1 in every 5 birth results in an Evo
    DATE 2032 July 1st

    New York City represents the pinnacle in Evo/Human relations with the former Senator Armstrong being the first elected Evo for the state of New York. The first ever Evo, Samson Jones, was born in Queens, New York. Even the most renowned heroes of iHero are from the Northeastern Branch of GATEKeeper, all calling New York City their home. The city has been rated as the “best home for Evos” five years in a row due to the vast opportunities and minimal activity of the anti-supers.

    Currently, it is considered one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world along with Tokyo, London, Moscow, and Paris. Most of the buildings are up to date in terms of modern conveniences. One of the biggest tourist attractions is none other than Time Square with the giant screens and holographic overload. Another tourist destination is the official GATEKeeper and iHero building in the Financial Business sector of Lower Manhattan.

    The city is divided into 5 boroughs: Manhattan Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Manhattan is the most popular destination while Staten Island acts as the “suburban area” of New York City. Brooklyn is famous for Coney Island. It has recently been renovated and is one of the biggest carnival attraction in the US. JFK Airport is located in Queens. The famous Bronx Zoo is located in, of course, The Bronx.

    • American Museum of Natural History --- Located in Manhattan; across the street from Central Park (west of Central Park)
    • New York Aquarium --- Located near Coney Island in Brooklyn
    • The Bronx Zoo --- Located in the Bronx
    • GLAM! Club --- A LGBTQ-Friendly Club that features nightly shows including: burlesque, exotic dancing, drag shows, and live bands.
    • Coney Island --- Located in Brooklyn
    • Deus Ex Machina --- Located in the Financial District in Manhattan, it’s an exclusive bar, club, and restaurant for all employees for iHero, including the heroes (aka all players). Everyone that shows up dons on facial masks to hide their identity. An iHero ID card and pin is required to enter the club.
    • The 5th Circle ---Located in Harlem in Manhattan, it’s a low brow bar for the sus crowd. If you got a criminal record, something to hide, or in a bad mood, you come to this place to burn off some steam.
    • Servo Polytechnic --- Located in Greenwich Village of Manhattan.
    • Hero Dorms --- Located near Servo Polytechnic, it’s the official dorms for all students in the Hero Program. Each Dorm is a two-bedroom/one bathroom flat for two students to share.
    • iHero/GATE(H)Keeper HQ --- Located in the Financial District of Manhattan
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