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  • Welcome to the world of iHero: First Class! In this thread, the world is split between two types of people: normal humans and powered humans called evos. Up to this point in history, evos have gained full citizen's rights, have a self-sustained government, and created one of the biggest entertainments (and law enforcement agency against evos) in the world: iHero. Every single evo dreams of one day being a famous hero that is constantly saving the world and protecting the lives of everyone. In order to do that, millions of teenagers and young adults feverishly apply for the only training for heroes of iHero. The Hero Program is the exclusive course of iHero in training future heroes. You will play one of those lucky applicants that have been accepted into the 4-year course, but it’s estimated that only 100 will make it out in the end (by Year 4). Do you have what it takes to become a hero.
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    U.N. 0W3N​
    Superhero Genre, Slice of Life Genre, Tiger & Bunny​
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  • Cristián: Unknown by PrinceCanary X & X
    Gabrial: Unknown from Tsubasa no Oka no Hime X
    Meredith: Unknown from Zerochan X
    Mathias: Unknown from Fisheye Placebo X
    Marcus: Unknown by PrinceCanary X

  • Cristián: Versatile Shapeshifter
    Gabrial: Ergokinesis (Energy Absorption)
    Meredith: Voice Manipulation (Control)
    Cinder: Lightning Manipulation
    Mathias: Vector Manipulation
    Marcus: Technological Assimilation
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    “Coco” (family nickname)
    “No Face” (a childish nickname coined by his bullies growing up)​
    22 December​
    Mexican American​
    San Jose (California), United States​
    leave blank for now​
    Unknown (they appear to come from an artist named PrinceCanary); X X
    Due to the effects of his ability, Cristián’s features are all obscured by how dark his features are. The entire surface of his body seems to be the same color, resembling the qualities of vantablack paint. It makes it near impossible to distinguished facial features and other distinct markings (such as scars and birthmarks) due to the extreme absorption of light. To most folks (if not everyone), Cristián appears flat and not human. Medical tests have concluded that his internal organs, bones, and fluids have been affected, but not to the extreme of his outer appearance. Internally, they appear “darker” than usual but physical definitions can be seen without alterations (such as an evo’s ability to affect color).

    Another side effect of his ability is the fact that his internal body temperature is noticeable hotter than the average person. Cristián’s temperature ranges between 100 and 110 degrees. He doesn’t experience the effects of hyperthermia or fever. It is speculated that this is due to the effects of his vantablack features.

    Cristián is diagnosed with hypermobility in the joints. It is theorized that this could be yet another side effect of his ability. He is able to perform strange feats with his body, enabling him to move in bizarre ways like bending his thumb backwards, being able to touch his toes with his nose, completing a full front and side splits, etc. He has to be careful with hypertension and sprains, especially when using his ability.

    Thanks to the mandatory training, Cristián has been able to control his ability to the point that he can maintain a simple shift for hours without experiencing fatigue (however, he’s still weak towards extreme emotional changes). In public, he maintains a shift that gives definition to his features (aka color to skin, hair, shift of his eyes, etc.).​

  • Cristián’s birth was considered a “blessing from God” due to the circumstances of his mother (Martina). She was in the middle of Christmas shopping with her sisters, mother, and some cousins when a villain attacked the mall they were at. She was a part of the collateral damage during a fight, sustaining injuries. Complications (including stress) had caused contractions to start up two months before her delivery date. After touch and go, Martina and her new baby boy were fighting for the lives in the hospital for Christmas. On top of that, no one had idea what was to come when he was born. Tests were done, concluding that he would be an evo. The extent of that, however, was finally revealed after the C-Section. Doctors and nurses were baffled by the appearance of the baby. He was nothing more than a “lump of coal” with big, white eyes in their arms. Experts were called in. An evo was specifically called to help aid the staff to help distinguish the premature baby. Six weeks later, Martina left the hospital. It took another twelve weeks before Cristián was healthy enough to come home.

    Life for Cristián was quite ordinary after that despite his strange appearance. It took a few years before his powers emerged, determining the right course of action for the child. An incident during preschool prompted action to take place, putting him straight into a program to lean how to control his powers. Other extracurricular activities were thrown at him left and right including: pottery classes, gymnastics, and ballet. Despite growing up in a large and loving household, Cristián did have trouble from time to time. Children at school found ways to be cruel to him based on his appearance. Others tried to egg him on to use his power to show off, using him for the sake of fake friendship. On top of growing up in such a large, extended family, Cristián pulled into himself. He went from being an energetic and easily excited child to a overly shy introvert. The main motivation for learning to control his power is so he can look normal and blend in.

    Signing up for the Hero Program was one big fluke. Cristián was pressured to put his information down since his siblings and friends were doing the same thing during a college fair at his high school. He didn’t expect any call or email about being accepted. At the beginning, he thought it was some sort of mistake or prank from one of his bullies. But, it was legitimate. He was originally planning on going to community college and transfer out from there, but, now… it took him all the way to the very day to pack the final item before flying off to New York City. His family had done everything to scrape up funds (even taking out loans) to make sure Cristián would be taken care of, but he already has plans. He planned to look for some sort of part-time work and become independent from his family the best he can.

    … Cristián is looking forward to receiving monthly care packages though.
  • Adalberto Jose de la Cruz (Father | 50 | Alive | “Loved”)
    His father, Adalberto (or Bert) is apart of the previous generation that owns and operates three different restaurants in the San Jose and a bakery that provides bread and desserts for all the restaurants. His relationship with his father is a combination of great and not so great. His father had a hard time accepting the fact that his son wasn’t planning on joining the rest of the family in the food industry while he’s so damn proud that his son is going to be a hero. Cristián always felt like whatever he does is never enough for his father, adding pressure for him to go down a path he never thought about taking before. As of now, his father is getting ready to pass over the ownership to his oldest child along with his other brothers and sisters in the business.
    Martina Guadalupe de la Cruz (Mother | 49 | Alive | Loved)
    Out of his siblings, Cristián is considered the “Mama’s Boy.” Maybe the incident around his birth made his mother overly protected of him? Before his youngest sisters were born, it was all about “Baby Coco” each and every day. He loves his mother, but it feels like he suffocates him sometimes. It’s not a bad thing since he gets first dibs on her cooking. At least he knows that his mother would be happy no matter what decision he makes. Martina, her sisters, and sister-in-laws are in charge of the bakery portion of the business, refusing to step down just yet. One thing for sure: he’s going to miss the smell of fresh-baked bread and tortillas while in New York City.
    The Siblings (28 - 14 | 3 Boys & 4 Girls | Alive | Love and Hate)
    In order: Esperanza (28), Adalberto Jr (27), Gilberto (25), Isabel (23), Vidal (21), Cristián (18), Gabriella (15), and Rosalina (14). Having such a massive family, it’s easy to get lost among the sea of siblings. It’s a love/hate relationship, but it’s expected. No matter what, he wouldn’t want to trade them for the world! He’s the most closest to his two younger sisters, doing whatever they ask of him to the point he enrolled with them in ballet. As of now, Esperanza is fighting with the rest of her family to start taking over the bakey with the rest of the new generation; Junior and Gilberto are working at one of the restaurants together; Vidal is currently trying to get a food truck off the ground; Gabriella and Rosalina are focused on school with Gabriella taking dance seriously.
    Extended Family (Loved)
    Along with his massive mediate family, Cristián is more than familiar (even if he forgets names) with the extensive family in San Jose, Los Angeles, and Mexico. A giant chunk of his family lives in the Bay Area, making family gatherings massive with extensive cousins, families of spouses, and family friends coming together. He has never had a quiet holiday nor a quiet household with many extended family members coming over to his home and vice versa for no reason. He’s used to being around his family nearly 24/7 so the move to New York City will be a brand new experience for him.
  • Empathetic. showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
    Good-Natured. kind, friendly, and patient.
    Perceptive. having or showing sensitive insight.
    Absentminded. (of a person or a person's behavior or manner) having or showing a habitually forgetful or inattentive disposition.
    Frugal. sparing or economical with regard to money or food.
    Soft-Spoken. speaking or said with a gentle, quiet voice.
    Anxious. experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
    Clumsy. awkward in movement or in handling things (when anxious).
    Insecure. (of a person) not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.
    ● Not disappoint his family
    ● Not embarrass himself during Orientation
    ● NOT FAIL!
    ● Get a part-time job
    ● Join some sort of photography club or find like-minded people​
    ● Public speaking, being on stage, making phone calls… anything that makes him have to think before speaking!
    ● Ghosts​
    ● His own head; he can’t help but listen to the negative voices that puts him down constantly​
    ● He doesn’t publicly talk about his sexuality due to his fears of rejection from his family and a horrible incident that left him somewhat scarred. For now, he keeps his feelings and thoughts to himself.
    ● Cristián has an Instagram account where he has posted his photos he’s taken. It’s under a pseudonym and featuring no pictures of himself and anything that can point people in his direction. He has a bit of a following with a few thousand users following and commenting about his photos.
    ● Deep down, he still feels like he doesn’t deserve to be here. His powers are nothing compared to other people, and he’s not very courageous. Cristián feels like a complete fraud and is doing the best he can to hide it.​
    Based on on several investigations and trials conducted by GATEKeeper, Cristián displays a potential to be one of the most versatile shapeshifters on record. As a child, he had displayed a level of creativity and flexibility to become an assortment of creatures (extinct and imaginative), people (real and fictional), and inanimate objects! The possibilities COULD be infinite. The following are currently observed and recorded abilities that Cristián displays:

    Body Manipulation (Innate/Limited)
    Due to the extreme nature of Cristián’s shapeshifting capabilities, he is able to safely shift while retaining important internal workings through the ability to manipulate them during a shift. It is classified as an “innate sub-ability” based on other evos with similar abilities. For one, he cannot turn his body into a “weapon” or a “tank” through creating extended organic weapons (aka be his normal base and weaponize organic parts of himself) AND hardening his flesh for the purpose of withstanding the attack (however, hardening occurs when Cristián takes the form of inorganic/inanimate objects innately). Another common feature in this category Cristián lacks is the ability to self regenerate; he heals at the normal rate of the average human. This sub-ability is only part one of how Cristián is able to have such versatile shifting while surviving the most complex shapes.
    Elasticity (Innate/Can be Active)
    One of the reasons why Cristián could become become one of the best shapeshifting evo on record is his innate sub-ability of elasticity. This allows him to safely shift without risking injury to his person (similar to body manipulation). The only reason that elasticity is in its own category is the fact that this CAN be an active sub-ability with plenty of training. As of now, the most Cristián can control is an extension of his “flexibility” of his joints as of now (due to his extracurricular activity).
    Size Manipulation (Innate/Possibly Active?)
    Outside of extreme shifts (large or small), Cristián is not able to change his size. Training to control his powers as a child has always suppressed this sub-ability, setting him back to reach his potential. Like his innate sub-ability to stretch and become “rubber-like” in shifting, progress is needed to reverse/retrain Cristián to use his powers to the full extent.
    Biomorphing & Inanimate Object Morphing (Limited)
    Under the classification of “shapeshifting,” Cristián fall under both biomorphing and inanimate object morphing, displaying the potential to transform into “countless” people, animals, and objects. However, due to some issues in his past, mandatory training had reinforced controlling the ability to unleash this ability to the full extent. Like the mentioned above, retraining is needed to reach his potential. At this point, Cristián seems to have mastered the ability to maintain a minor shift for hours on end without falter.

    List of Weaknesses (not mentioned above)
    • Due to the extremes of shapeshifting, there is potential for injury without proper training. Permanent damage is one of the highest risks in retraining Cristián and WILL be carefully monitored.
    • Cristián’s extended shifts can easily be interrupted/cause him to revert back due to emotional spikes. Stress and anxiety seems to be a problem, but has been reassured that this will be fixed before his 3rd year.
    • There is no evidence that articles of clothing/carried items will not be “absorbed” and temporarily stored. As of now, Cristián will have special equipment lent out in order to prevent exposure due to shifting (special uniform made specifically to compact into a bracelet and expand back when returning to a humanoid form).
    • The training he has received (like all evos) has stunted his potential. It is not seen as setbacks, but there will be extra emphasis to return Cristián to his original starting point by the end of the year. Extra/Intense training sessions are to be scheduled the following year in order for him to catch up with the rest of the class.
    There is no record of Cristián having any prior self defense/contact sports; he will be grouped with other students in a similar position for the first semester.​
    Since Cristián was a toddler, he had been enrolled in tumbling classes in order to familiarize how his body works and able use his excess energy into something productive. This has set the foundation for future training in extreme shifting.
    Another activity Cristián participated for nearly eight years before stopping around his final year of high school. Like gymnastics, it helped him in getting to know his physical limitations and coordination.​

    Gordo the Cat, the Outdoors/Scenic Views, Photographs & Photography, Ceviche, Sashimi, Raw Oysters (anything raw fish, really), His Family, Cappuccinos, Art Shows/Museums, Guacamole, Avocados, Coffee-Flavored Ice Cream​
    Watercolor Paintings, Grilled Nopales, Biking, Organization/Clean Spaces, Casual Video Games, Alternative Classic Music, Anime, Cartoons, Chicharrones, Salsa Verde, Cats, Romantic Comedy Movies​
    School/Education, Cooking, Gymnastics, Church, Healthy Foods​
    Soda, Large Gatherings/Parties, Hip Hop, Rap, Fast Food (except pizza and tacos)​
    Public Speaking, Birds (especially pet birds), Restaurant Work, Ballet​
  • Photography, Hiking/Camping, Baking/Cooking (just has the skills/is whatever)
  • ---
  • He can speak English and Spanish fluently. Cristián was fortunate enough to be able to bring his beloved cat along from California.
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