Ignore Button = Blocking people?

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  1. Note: I did check the FAQ first, but the only relevant questions were if ignore applied in _____ area rather than say what exactly it did.

    Now, while looking at a profile page I noticed a rather suspicious 'ignore' button on the top of it.

    Basically I'm wondering does this ignore button basically prevent someone from seeing content said from another member? Does it also prevent them from seeing any of your own posts?

    If so does conversation confusion happen when someone is ignored as a result of not seeing the whole conversation?

    Lastly, is there anyway to tell if someone currently has you blocked/ignored?
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  2. Ignore makes it so you do not see the ignored person's posts. I just tested it, and it appears that you don't see their posts in a thread plus you don't even see threads they've started.

    It does not make the ignored person unable to see your posts. People you've ignored can still access your profile (unless you set it so only people you follow can do that) and see your posts and whatnot. I'm not sure what it does if they attempt to start a private convo.

    The only confusion that might ensue is if you stumble upon a conversation that a third party is having with the person you have ignored and they're not using quotes or @ mentions to clarify who they're speaking to. Ignored people won't have that problem because they can still see your stuff.

    Pretty sure there's no way to tell if you're ignored, unless something happens when you try to send them a PM.
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  3. Alright, thanks for the clarification.

    It seems blocking the wrong people can leave you out of a lot of content due to the whole 'blocks threads made' aspect even.
  4. I've noticed that if you dislike someone enough to need to block them - you probably won't miss anything content wise! So unless that person is frequently involved in roleplays you take part in, blocking them will save you more problems than it will make you miss stuff.
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  5. I guess that depends on who you're looking at.
    Because on other sites I've seen people block others over the smallest and tiniest of things (even blocking admins).

    So often times I think of someone using the block button, all I can imagine is someone throwing a tantrum over someone disagreeing with them. Because that is majority of the time what I've seen such a feature get used for.
  6. Many people do use ignore for petty reasons!

    But when you think about it, them ignoring the people they are having petty issues with is STILL a good thing. That means they aren't going to target that person in threads and always be a pain in the ass and start stuff.

    The only time that would be trouble is if they block a staff member that needs to be able to contact them, but a smart admin team is going to make sure that staff can't be blocked. O_O
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  7. I guess for Iwaku where separating debate and discussion threads are such a thing that would still be beneficial.
    I admit I'm making the comparison to groups where debate and conflict is far more common place, so blocking in that sort of community only pisses people off and causes confusion.

    *Now tries to block Diana because challenged too*
    Damn, good thinking. :P
  8. It would be hilarious if someone joined a group without noticing that three people they've blocked has joined cause they can't see the character sheets, and then suddenly realizes that they don't get half of what happens in the IC thread xD

    That could become a problem :3
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  9. I am inclined to agree - this manner of blocking is wont to create more issues than it solves. If someone is harassing anyone, it is a mod problem, if no harassment is taking place, then the person is just being petty and will furthermore potentially run into broken RPs and discussions.
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  10. If someone is HARASSING someone, yes, that is definitely a mod problem. People are supposed to report these things and we do indeed handle it.

    There are tons of cases where there is zero harassment involved. The problem a member has with another could be purely personal. No one is breaking any rules, no one is being harassed. You just don't like someone and don't want contact with them. That is what the ignore feature is for.

    The chances of someone getting their roleplays screwed up because they are ignoring someone is very slim though. Generally when someone is taking that much of a route to ignore someone, they are also making sure they don't get involved anywhere that member does. o_o Be it petty or reasonable, it's their choice on who they interact with.

    And of course, if their ignoring someone is messing up someone ELSE'S roleplay, the GM of that RP has every right to remove whomever they deem necessary to remove to get the roleplay back on track.
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