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  1. Name:
    Species: (Human, Hybrid, Etc.)
    Role: (Student, teacher, other)
    Years at the Academy:
    Appearance: (Anime picture referred):
    Appearance Details: (Describe looke, clothing, other in better detail)
    Weapon Preference: (Describe weapons used)
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  2. Name: Kioshi William Thayer
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Role: Student
    Years at the Academy: 4 and final year currently
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Crush/Single: Single
    Appearance Details: Kioshi’s hair grows very fast so he has given up on trying to tame it. This unfortunately causes him to take the appearance of a female from all angles. To make this misunderstanding to others worse, he was born with purple eyes and extremely smooth skin and an overall girlish figure in all. His long hair is naturally an extreme dark red which only makes him look even paler than he really is. Sporting mostly black clothing and combat boots, Kioshi rarely dresses in colorful clothing.
    Personality: Kioshi is calm and collective and slightly shy. Once he makes a friend, he tends to protect them and is open to that person with great honesty. Sometimes he zones out causing him to miss details when someone is talking, but this only ever happens when the person talking is not someone he is interested in. Tends to lose his temper when someone calls him a girl repetitively.
    Backstory/Background: Kioshi was born prematurely, this probably explains why he looks like a girl, and into a poor family. His mother and father fought every day for as long as he could remember. Hated by his mother, who died just before starting at IHA, he left to live with his aunt Belle. He has not spoken to his father since his mother passed away. He attended IHA and stayed there for 3 years. He has become a great fighter and a gifted student at IHA on account that he is the only student in existence to have mastered Dark Magic and be able to use it against the Shadow People effectively. Yes, this does attract unwanted attention, some students even skip class to watch him train for fight in duels. He has recently broken up with his girlfriend Anna because she tried to kill him (She secretly worked for the Shadow people).
    Weight: 115
    Height: 5' 8''
    Weapon Preference: Dark Magic, Shadow magic, his dual swords that he named “Kiss and Razor”

    Skills: Agile and quick on his feet.
    Likes/Interests: Snow, quiet, Kiss and Razor, The color Blue, light, cats, and reading.
    Hates/Fears: Terrified of being alone in the darkness and afraid of dying.
    Weakness: Hates fighting enemies such as ogres and others who are remarkably taller than him, cannot swim and is terrified of water.
    Family: Mother (deceased), Aunt Belle, Sister Emma (11), Father (Unknown Status)
    Quotes: “I’m not a girl!” “D-did you just call me…ma’am?! Do you wanna die?”
    Quirks: When he is scared he picks his fingers and taps loudly on whatever is in his hand.
    Password: Blue
    Other: He sister, Emma who is 11, also goes to the school but he never sees her because their schedules are so different (If I end up controlling her, it won't be for more than 1-3 entries at a time, she is not a major character. Just one to keep things not boring).
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  3. Name: Tlitla
    Role: school security/ headmaster Guard
    Years at the Academy: 17
    Species: centaur
    Age: 250
    Gender: male
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Crush/Single: does not know
    Appearance Details: Half human and half hours, always wares his armor and has his weapons on him at all times, bleach blond hair and tail, vary muscular, and has a vary strong and deep voice, vary respectable
    Personality: strict but nice vary strong voice open to talk and likes to help
    Background/Backstory: Tlitla dose not remember much of his past all he knows is that he woke up in the city with a note telling him to join the school so he did and after the school he became part of the school by being a guard
    Weight: 1,100 lb
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weapon Preference: two handed great sword
    dual scimitars
    Skills: extremely skilled in close quarter combat, is able to run at 30 mp/h, has vary tough skin
    Likes/Interests: loves to move and be active, he is always seen moving and not standing still for to long. likes to be outside. likes to train, fighting
    Hates/Weakness:lazy people,
    Family:most are dead and the ones that are alive are lost in the world
    Quote:“Watch your mouth kid, or you’ll find yourself going home.”
    Quirk:he is always moving and is always moving his back left leg up and down when he is not moving
    Other information: N/A
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  4. You're accepted but maybe some more info on your backstory and personality. Great job, I absolutely love it and look forward to see this in action!
  5. Name: Kastia Medus Green
    Role: Student
    Years at the Academy: 1
    Species: NuWa
    Age: 345 (young for NuWa's)
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual
    Crush/Single: Single
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    (Think this no fish tail snake tail though)
    Appearance Details:
    White hair, pale skin, skinny, orange snake tail with black stripes along it, orange or black wrap for a shirt.
    Personality: Kastia is a deceptive headstrong person, although she does get carried away with payback..
    Background/Backstory: Kastia is of a rare race NuWa's aren't usually seen out in public and stay in their homes, so not much is known about her or her history.
    Weight: 114
    Height: Bottom of Tail to Head 9" 5
    Weapon Preference: Poison magic, and her sickle
    Skills: Deceptive, quick, and no empathy.
    Likes/Interests: Snakes, lying, bouncing, swimming, long slithers on the beach
    Hates/Weakness: Weakness, science antidotes and ranged weapons.
    Family: None
    Quote: “You think I'm a freak, let me get on your level”
    Quirk: Twirling of the end of her tail
    Other information: Magic is purple which is BLUE and RED mixed together...
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  6. Accepted; very unique, very well done!
  7. that is cool
  8. So when are we starting? =)
  9. Well, ideally, I'd like to wait for at least one more person, but if you guys are feeling restless, we could get going as soon as you guys want.
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  10. I think one more person sounds nice to me! =) Yeah starting with a nice group is more fun then just 3 :D
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  11. Name: Mazari Du'wain

    Role: Student

    Years at the Academy: First year

    Species: Drakeling (Half-human, half dragon)


    Age: 109 (Looks like a teenager)

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Physical Description: Okay, this is going to be rough. You see, Mazari actually has three forms she can change between: Full human, full dragon, and hybrid. Her full human form is 4 foot 6, with black hair and blue eyes. She can stay in this form for several days at a time, but it is a small yet constant drain on her magic reserves.

    Her hybrid form is her default, and looks remarkably similar to her human form, with a few exceptions. First, she grows two short, stubby horns on her head, hidden by her hair. She also grows two wings, with a five-foot wingspan. Thirdly, she grows a two-foot-long, lizardlike tail. Finally, all her skin turns green and scaly. She can stay in this form as long as she pleases, with no ill effects whatsoever.

    Her full dragon form is reserved for the most desperate of situations. She grows to twenty feet long, and her wingspan reaches the same size. She does not lose her normal intelligence, though she can no longer speak. The problem with this form is that she can only hold it for seven or eight minutes max, and prefers to change back within five minutes so she still has strength to continue fighting.

    Personality: Laid-back, loves to flirt with boys and girls alike, protective of her friends

    Likes: Basking in sunlight, reading, talking with friends

    Dislikes: Cold weather, bullies, being called a lizard

    Skills and abilities: She wields lightning magic and a small amount of shadow magic, and her magic is strongest in her full human form. She also wields the sword Wyrmsbreath, but her strength is what you would expect from the average teenage girl. In her hybrid form, her magic isn't as strong, but her physical strength and durability are roughly equivalent to that of an NFL linebacker. She also gains a greatly weakened form of her draconic lightning breath. In her full dragon form, she loses the ability to use magic apart from flying and breathing black lightning, but her physical strength and durability are awe-inspiring.

    Family: She's an orphan

    Quote: "Have you learned what it is to fear? If not, you're not a fighter yet."

    Quirk: In her hybrid form, often absently wraps her tail around her right leg.

    Favorite color: blue
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  12. Fantastic! Accepted! This is awesome!
  13. Updated Photo found a good nuwa =)
  14. Love it :3
  15. Name: Damien
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Hybrid -Half Human/Former Shadow Walker
    Role: Student
    Years at the Academy: This is his first year
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Crush/Single: Single and N/A
    Show Spoiler

    Appearance Details: He has dark navy blue hair, his eyes are blue but they tend to turn red when he gets upset due to his shadow walker side. He has a light tan and a tattoo of a dragon on his right shoulder. He usually wears dark tight clothes and a scarf.
    Personality: As a child, Damien was very kind and loving towards his family and respectful to his peers. He was very proud of being his father's son and had a strong desire to emulate him, desiring his father's approval and recognition.This changed his mother was murdered by the shadow walkers he called friends, turning Damian into a quiet lone wolf refusing to make any friends. He tends to push away people refusing to be a nuisance to others or hurting other's around him. He does have his outgoing moments when he flirts and chuckle at things.
    Backstory/Background: He only tells his past to people he opens up to Damien was a loner, spending more time alone honing his skills than socializing with the others, ignoring the many girls attracted to him in favor of solitude.
    Weight: 152 Lbs
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weapon Preference: A blade infused with his dark magic and shadow magic.
    Skills: Agility increases in the shadows,when the night begins he can control ice, can make shadow minions.
    Likes/Interests: Animals, Spicy food, Darkness, Training,
    Hates/Fears: Having his loved ones die in front of him, Not being able to find his true love.
    Weakness: He tends to keep that to himself
    Family: Mother (dead) Father (alive and one of the head shadow walkers).
    Quote: "I don't look to the future any more. Only the past."
    Quirks: He writes with his left hand, but does everything else right-handed. He tends to refuse to look at people he has a crush on.
    Password: Blue
    Other: N/A
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  16. Very cool, Accepted :3
  17. woot \o/
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  18. So, I think I'm going to start this off then! :3 Keep your eyes peeled for the first pose; coming soon!
  19. Folks, I'm going to ask for a favor. On another site, I've been driven out of multiple RPs by speedposters. I'd come back from work and have the thread go from not even started to triple-digit posts. Let's stay away from that, shall we?
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  20. Agreed, slow paces are nice.
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