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  1. RP Theme Song: HERE
    **Warning, this RP is detailed and a bit lengthy**

    (School Crest)


    In a mystical land that exists only in legends lays a rather large city called Ignition. It has been renamed, burned down, over thrown, and abandoned. In addition, Ignition has had it's equal share of ups and downs, times of war and peace, of poverty and prosperity, and pride is dishonorment. However, it is the oldest and most famous city in the world of Axon. Ignition is the first of its kind, making dark matter it's primary energy source. This proved to be foolish, yet prosperous and cheap to the city mayor, he now pays the price but has chosen to try and fix it.

    The dark matter power plants harness the inner power of dark matter to create electricity in the city of Ignition, this is not the bad part. As for the bad part; a few years after Ignition started using dark matter power plants, there were reports of people that were seeming to be possessed. Their eyes roll back to black marbles and they kill innocent people at night only to awake in the morning to find their loved ones dead, murdered by their own hand.

    This odd phenomenon was thoroughly looked into by scientists and doctors. After a few months, one of the scientists figured out what the problem was. What the dark matter power plants emit into the air is a poisonous gas known as Death Dust that, when inhaled, takes control of the host at sundown and murders the innocent.

    The Ignition military forces and mages attempted to shut down the power plants, but the plants were protected by those who were possessed by the darkness. It seemed as though, if you were within 10 meters of the power plants, you could be possessed at any point in the day.

    Many failed attempts to shut down the power plants caused the people of Ignition to loose hope. People began moving away and only those brave, or foolish, enough stayed and fought.

    This angered the darkness, causing it to create living beings, loyal to the darkness. The Death Dust no longer need hosts to survive, it existed simply as Shadow Walkers or Sillys (abbreviated form of silhouettes), and they didn't need the darkness to survive, they could exist anywhere and anytime.

    The appear like black silhouettes in light areas (light spells, flashlights, etc.). The Shadow Walkers primarily use dark magic spells and other dark magic encrypted weapons such as daggers, swords, axes, pistols, etc. It is rare to find one that uses fire magic (shown above). Their weaknesses are few but still exist in weapons known as light encrypted weapons (standard IHA weapons, all students' weapons are assumed to be these types of weapons).

    Darkness shields all of those who live in the city of Ignition, possessing a select few to do it's bidding. It's been this way for years until the city constructed a school to create the next generation of soldiers against the darkness and it's minions. This school is known as the Ignition Hero Academy.

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      Axel Winston, former student at IHA, current-day Ignition Hero

      The student who attend IHA (Ignition Hero Academy) will be able to use any magic they have learned and will receive an excessive amount of time to train and hone their skills using said magic abilities to be certified as Heros of Ignition. The students will also be able to use weapons. However, the weapons are limited to medieval-style weapons, no guns. The weapons that the students are trained to use are also assumed to be light encrypted.

      Once graduated from Ignition Hero Academy, the Hero have two choices; they may go fight the darkness on the front lines and keep their current title as Hero of Ignition...or...they may enroll in the Axon World Guardian Angel Academy. At the AWGAA, students will be sent on death-defying missions to test their true strengths, separating the weak from the strong. You must have graduated IHA to attend AWGAA. The only way to graduate AWGAA is to succeed...or die...but that's a story for a different time...

      Let's just focus on saving the city, we'll worry about the world later...

    • [​IMG]
      Girl possessed by the Death Dust

      The Shadow people, or Sillys, use primarily dark magic spells that include ones of death and ones that can possess others for a time depending on how powerful the Silly is. They also have weapons that the darkness gifts them. These weapons include ones that resemble guns or swords or axes. However, the more a Silly uses it's dark magic abilities, the weaker it becomes.

      Sillys can only possess others at night, or within 10 meter of a power plant in Ignition. Night time is from 8pm to 8am, 12 hours to not get caught by a silly at night.

      Tip: Sleep with the lights on...

    You just received a letter in the mail requesting you to attend to the IHA on account of your diverse skillset. you and 300 other students will be attending this strict but effective school. After all, it's school...or work for the darkness. You pick.

    Good hunting. . .


    IHA From a distance.

    Headmaster (Played by @thesparkerproject):
    Name: Meex White
    Role: Headmaster
    Years at the Academy: 25
    Age: 306
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Crush/Single: Married

    Appearance Details: Blond hair, yellow eyes, always wears dark clothing with yellow detail, pale complexion
    Personality: White is very straight forward and blunt about everything. She follows the rules and enforces them with an iron fist.
    Background/Backstory: Most is unknown about White, other than her name is Meex and she is married to the chief of the Ignition City Police Department. Her history is unknown.
    Weight: 120
    Height: 6’ 5’’
    Weapon Preference: Light magic and reading other’s minds, her battle axe named “Enforcer”
    Skills: Natural born leader, great public speaker, great liar
    Likes/Interests: Daylight, fighting, teaching and leading, Rain, yellow (Color)
    Hates/Weakness: Weakness is darkness, she is afraid of dying
    Family: Unknown
    Quote: “I cannot explain what is not explainable.” “Just some insight will make this whole process easier.”
    Quirk: Finger Twitch
    Other information: Her magic, when used, is blue. Which is odd considering all other light mages’ magic is yellow or silver.

    ALL website rules apply
    No Godmodding
    Create diverse and unique characters, not accepting duplicate characters
    Be respectful
    No guns in your character description
    Romance is allowed but keep it PG-13 or just fade to black
    Swearing is allowed, however don't over do it
    Password is "Blue"
    OC's only
    Three character limit
    Your character may be human, former Shadow Walker, Half-(Insert creature here), elf, etc., Other
    (Please define or PM me if race is "other")
    Your character may be a teacher, student, or staff member of the school
    Your character may be a returning student from a prior year at the school
    School is a 4 year program (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior)
    HAVE FUN! :P
    **If your character defies any of these rules PM me, we'll work it out**
    **Questions? PM me! Comments? Rate the RP or PM me!**


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  2. -Headmaster White-
    Meex White, the headmaster of Ignition Hero Academy, stood at her podium to greet the new and returning students. She stood and watched as all the students funneled into the auditorium for her speech she gives at the beginning of every year. She recognized many faces of returning students, however, there were more new faces than old. She saw Kioshi Thayer, XJune Zero, Marcus Star, Kelly Nex, and many other students from previous years. The young, eager faces made her smile as the room came to a resting silence.
    "Ehem...” She tapped the microphone. "Welcome, all, to the IHA's 25th year of operation here in the...glorious town of Ignition." Faces of disbelief in her choice of words possessed the students. "It makes me happy to see all these old faces I've grown to know and love, not to mention all of the young new faces among them." She scanned the crowd as a few students cheered. She cleared her throat again. "Many years of darkness have engulfed this...wonderful town of Ignition. It has taken loved ones, destroyed homes, and scarred individuals for life. However, this is why we are here. The darkness' existence is the reason why there are so many strong students sit in front of me today. I am honored to call you my students. During the course of this school year, you will have plenty of opportunities to hone your skills as Heroes of Ignition, learn about the darkness and everything it has to its disposal, along with how to fight alongside someone you may not find yourself as acquainted to as you are with others. After all, Heroes or not, you fight as a team here."
    Chyler finished her speech and sent the students off to their dorm rooms to collect their belongings such as weapons and their schedules. She then retired to her office to continue with student paperwork.
    -Kioshi Thayer-
    Kioshi navigated himself and his sister, Emma, out of the immense crowd of the 298 other students. He got to the courtyard when he turned his sister around and handed her a map of the school, it was her first day of school in IHA.
    "Listen, you go right to your dorm, use this to find your way there. Chin up," He lifted her chin and held up his hand, "High five." She slapped his hand in return. "Anybody messes with you, tell them who your brother is. And if anybody doesn't believe you...?" He asked her.
    She replied, "I'll show 'em Rhyme and Reason!" She said talking about her brass knuckles.
    "That's right." Kioshi chuckled. He shooed her away jokingly. "Go on, go make some friends. Get outa my hair." He said to her with a joking smile. Emma turned and ran in the direction if her dorm room. Kioshi's smile quickly faded as he turned around to start walking to his own dorm room, located on the 12th floor. He started for the stairs when he caught some new guy staring at him.
    "Don't make me kick your ass. Even if I was a girl, that stare you've got isn't attractive even in the slightest bit..." Kioshi said to the guy. The student's face turned a bright red as he apologized and kept walking. Kioshi sighed and kept moving on his own way.
    'This is gonna be a long year...' He thought to himself.
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  3. The sun felt warm on Miwari's scales as she headed for her dormroom. Still, there were all too mundane problems to deal with, like allergies.

    "Ker-CHOO!" A small bolt of black lightning came along with the sneeze. It was the downside of her drakeling abilities. Still, it didn't look like it had done any damage to anything.

    It looked like she was the first one to get to her particular dorm. She set her sword Wyrmsbreath against the wall, laid a small bag of clothes on her bed, and waited for her roommate to show up.
  4. Kastia listened to the Head Mistress and slithered away her sickle attached to her belt.
    She looked around and everything was so impressive she was awed.
    "Wow I already love it here" She said out loud and then thinking
    'Did I just say that out loud' Kastia then continued upstairs into her dorm her tail freaking out some people
    I mean most people are afraid of snakes now you see a huge snake tail coming your way.
    Kastia shook them off and arrived in her dorm and laid in her bed.
    She lay there and wondered who her roommate could be and what the passing days would have in store.
    She got up and slithered to the stairs where she heard.
    "Don't make me kick your ass. Even if I was a girl, that stare you've got isn't attractive even in the slightest bit..."
    Laughing at this remark she went down the stairs and passed by the boy who had just made the remark.
  5. It was his first day in school. Damien listened in to the headmaster's speech but it was a bit boring for him. He sighed softly walking out slowly blending in with the shadows of the auditorium.
    He saw students walk out of the auditorium going to their dorm rooms to pick up their things.

    He pulled out the map he got from one of the welcoming commitee opening up slowly seeing where he needed to go.
    He starts walking in the direction of the dorms making his way through the crowds of students conversating with each other. He hopes that this school has single rooms so he doesnt have to talk to anyone and be by himself.
  6. Tlitla is sitting in his office putting on his armor and weapons getting ready for the first day of the new school year "hopefully this will be a easy year like the last" as he gets up he hears the head mistress finish her speech and he heads out to help newcomers to there dorms. As he enters the hall he sees a bunch of new faces and a lot of old faces and he starts to great people. As he walks around he sees a Lizard girl and he sees Kioshi Thayer a familiar face.
  7. Tlitla, one of the school's security guards, was standing off to the side of the array of students flocking to their rooms, Kioshi waved to him as to say 'Hello'. Tlitla had been one of the only people Kioshi didn't mind being around.

    'Good to see and old face worth noticing.' He thought to himself.

    A reptilian-looking girl walked passed him, he waved and smiled to her as well before continuing to his dorm. Kioshi wanted to fight already, he had missed using his swords for so long, maybe someone would be in the training rooms after he got his equipment...and schedule.
  8. As the speech concluded, Quinton wiped an imaginary tear from his eye. "That.. was beautiful.." A few of the
    students around him eyed him, confused. One student farther back snickered at his comment. "See?
    She got the joke, you guys have horrid senses of humor." He turned and said out loud, feigning defensiveness.

    He chuckled a bit as he began heading toward his dormitory.

    Idly playing with the gilded flame on his palm, Quinton made his way up the stairs, not really paying attention
    to where he was walking. He was a bit too focused on his flame. He knocked into a body, his flame dispersing
    immediately. Ouch.. Damn. He looked up to see what seemed to be a snake/Human hybrid.
    "Sorry, that was on me. It'd probably help if I watched in front of me when going up stairs I suppose."
    Quinton said with a laugh. He regained his balance and stuck a hand out towards the student.
    "Quinton Manchester, First-year. Nice to meet you."
  9. "Hey, no problem at all! I'm Kastia Medus, First-Year to! Yeah it's a pleasure to meet you" Kastia said with a giggle she shook the boys hand, "Do you need help finding your dorm? I mean I sorta slithered around the whole place and pretty much can tell you were you go" Kastia said smiling and fixing her hair.
  10. Tlitla is walking around and helping students to there dorms wail also talking to new people and getting to know some of the new people
  11. "I mean, if it's not too much trouble, sure. Who am I to refuse help?" Quinton said with a laugh as he rubbed
    the back of his neck. I feel like sparring.. It's been forever. He thought as he headed up the stairs to the
    flattened part before it turned and lead up to the next set of stairs. I might as well wait here.
    "I'm room 64, if that helps. In all honesty I don't even know what floor it's on." He added with a smile.
  12. Alexander listen to the headmaster.she takes out a small book and starts to read as she listen to the headmaster then she sigh."I hope no one finds out"she said a little worried.sigh "well i have to try""ugh"She shakes her head a bit."well i guess i go meet someone"Close the book and puts the book in her pocket as she start walking.Puts hands behind her back as she walks."bored'. She said to herself."I wounder where my dorm is and i will be sharing a room with someone". Moves her hands from behind her back and sigh. She yawns a bit and walking around."nice place"She smiles a little and takes an apple for her bag.Alexander took a bite out the apple and puts her bang in front of her blue eye.Sigh and walking then took another bite of the apple.Wlking as she eats the apple.
  13. tlitla is walking around the school weaving in and out of students talking and joking with some of them. Lot of the new people this year seem to be nice. he thought to him self
  14. "Room 142, floor 12." Kioshi retreated to himself as he opened the door to his room.

    "Two beds..." He mumbled. "Ugh...that means other people." He threw himself on the bed when he heard a crumbling noise beneath him. A letter labels with his name. Kioshi opened it to find his schedule.

    1. Ignition history
    2. Training
    3. Teamwork special ed support
    4. Lunch
    5. Competitive team building
    6. AP magic

    "Are you kidding me? Teamwork support?" Kioshi was pissed. He shoved the scedual in his pocket and grabbed his swords and started making his way to the training room.
  15. Miwari reached into her bag and took out her schedule. She was pretty sure of it, but wanted to double-check all the same.

    1: Ignition history
    2: Nonhuman power training
    3: Magic
    4: Lunch
    5: Teamwork
    6: Physical training

    Not bad, not bad. Most of these were her strong suits, and as for physical training, well, if she decided to use her dragon form, she'd probably shatter records in the weight room.
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  16. Alexander walks around. "Man I forget to get a schedule deom the head master".sigh and start looking for the headmaster.
  17. Miwari went out for a walk to stretch her legs. As she passed by the stairs, she heard a boy complaining about not being able to find dorm 64. "Looks like I found my roommate."

    "What a coincidence! I'm in dorm 64. My name's Miwari. It's a pleasure to meet you."
  18. Damien walked all the way up to the twelth floor looking around for room 142. When he arrived he opened up the door of the room seeing another person's things on a bed. That means he has a roommate. "I wonder if it's a girl or a boy?" he said to himself placing his bags on the bed with his blade.
  19. He had waited a decent amount deciding she wasn't going to help. "Well, I guess it was a bit much to ask, I'll just find it myself."
    Quinton heard a voice behind him as he started climbing the stairs. That sounds like a female voice.. surely our school's dorms aren't

    co-ed. He thought as he turned to face the new arrival. "Nice to meet you, Miwari. I'm Quinton, a first year. We'll ne sharing a dorm?"
    He replies as he extends his hand for her to shake.
  20. tlitla comes trotting down the hall and sees a few students standing on the stairs "hey do you guys need some help with any thing?" he says as he slows to a walk and stops in front of them
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