If you're reading this, you have no choice but to enter this thread. MxM inside.

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  1. Welcome!

    Hello there stranger, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do a mxm RP with me. The posting expectations are at least 3 paragraphs, an decent grammar and spelling. (Auto correct people) I have some partners currently, and I love them to death but posting isn't as rapid as I like. STILL LOVE THEM THOUGH.

    So I'm looking for a partner. The mxm wouldn't have a set bottom or top, so if you can only play submissive characters (Something that I feel is a cop out) I'm not the gal for you.

    I'm hoping to RP something equal parts smut and plot, and something a bit dark and twisted. I have a few idea, and parings as well. I do Mpreg and fandoms (canon and non-canon). My limits are scat and everything in that realm. I'm willing to here your ideas an parings, and we can even come up with a idea together!

    I only rp in PMs though, sorry.


    Criminal Master Mind/Dull and uninteresting guy

    Fandoms I do
    (Cannon and Non Cannon):

    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter

    To hear my ideas PM ME!

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