If your car drove off a bridge...


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We actually had this conversation the other day on our road trip. I always have these dreams about driving off a bridge to my death. And we were trying to decide what was worse.

Driving off a bridge and crashing on to rocks below


Driving off a bridge and crashing in to a deep river or lake below.

...I though crashing in to water was worse. .__.; I dun wanna die like that, it sounds horrible.

What do you think?
Why the hell would I do that? I'd rather just shoot myself, really.
I believe proper procedure for landing your car into the water is to remain calm, conserve as much air as possible, and wait for the car to be fully submerged.

Then when the pressure on either side of the car's door is the same, open the door and get out.

I'm unsure of the proper procedure for escaping a crushing death, possibly followed by an explosion.
Well going off a cliff into some rocks makes death percentage somewhere in the 90% range. The water scenario has four options though.

1. You go under water, panic, and die due to lack of oxygen.

2. You go under water, stay calm, wait for the cab to fill with water, then open the door to freedom.

3. You go under water, break the window with a light point object, swim out the window for freedom.

4. Just as you have hit the water open the door. The differential pressure is not great enough to keep the door closed.

So there are your options. As I said in the rock cliff, well you just really have to hope your car is designed for safety in the driver seat.
Well, the real question is: Are you trying to die or not? If so, then rocks almost ensure a quick death, while the water, if your goal is to die, will either be from suffocation or drowning. If, however, you want to drive off and live, then water is your best bet, as it is quite simple to escape, should you keep your cool.

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A friend of mine lost control of his car and went off a cliff into a lake. He said the next thing he remembered was waking up upside down, and the car filling with water. He is obviously still alive so…

But the idea for worse death is variable. Your seatbelt could be jammed, dooming one to a death by drowning. Rocks could lead to a slow death by fire, or if the car flipped or somehow pinned you, a slow death by bleeding or starvation if no one ever found you.
I was thinking of a similar situation, except on a MOTORCYCLE. I've had similar dreams though. Scares the shit out of me while managing to keep me asleep.

Water, preferably. Though water can still be bad, and I'm not talking about the suffocation/drowning part. The impact. Depending on how high my fall is, liquid impact might manage to hurt me good.
I think driving off the side of a bridge and falling into the water would be the scariest. Only because its a bridge and its SUPPOSED to be safe. I don't like security breaches as much as horror movies do. X3