If your car drove off a bridge...

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  1. You all know what really sucks about working nights? Dealing with the cold weather, it is 22 degrees here with a wind chill of 10...then when summer roles around it'll be 99 degrees during the night. Conman knows what I am talking about and this dumb Missouri weather.
  2. She still hasn't done the initial popping so it's still the promised one from before.
  3. So I finally posted. Experimented with coloring.

    Also speaking of weather. Here in Virginia we have gone from snowy and cloudy to sunny and 80 degrees in the same week.....
  4. Because it fits you?
  5. Believe flowers work better at impressing a date. Works on guys too, I've actually received flowers and it flattered me to death.

  6. Yeah. I think it may have to do with the dryness of the air here in winter. I have a lot of paper cuts I haven't noticed before acting up, it's so dry.
  7. Anya touch her neck gently, "I wouldn't call biting nice." She laugh akwardly, "I don't particularly like being bitten."
  8. I was thinking of a similar situation, except on a MOTORCYCLE. I've had similar dreams though. Scares the shit out of me while managing to keep me asleep.

    Water, preferably. Though water can still be bad, and I'm not talking about the suffocation/drowning part. The impact. Depending on how high my fall is, liquid impact might manage to hurt me good.
  9. Ima go for water, just bust out the window.
  10. O_o
    I think driving off the side of a bridge and falling into the water would be the scariest. Only because its a bridge and its SUPPOSED to be safe. I don't like security breaches as much as horror movies do. X3