If your best friend turned into a monkey, what would you do ?

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    So if your best friend turned into a monkey....What WOULD you do ?
  2. Let him live in my closet.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKlxnWeXGA0&feature=related"]YouTube- evil monkey family guy[/ame]
  3. Well, I would wonder when monkies learned how to talk and use the computer. And then I would be sure I was dreaming. And if I weren't dreaming, then I'd finally know that I was staring in my own Manga series and soon an evil villain is going to show up and ruin my day. c__c
  4. Sell my story to the newspapers and buy me a monkey-compatible typewriter to continue the novulz.

    Oh, and fling poo at my friend, but that goes without saying.
  5. Sell the monkey to a carnival. He's not my friend anymore.
  6. Oh wait... I completely misread the question....
  7. I think I would cry because I do not speak monkey and thus my biffle would become useless.
  8. Won't anybody try to find a way to change their friend back ? Oo
  9. Acceptance is better than a wish to change, is it not?

    Personally, if one of my friends was changed into a monkey? I'd disbelief...if that doesn't help...I don't know...keep them as pet? try to communicate?
  10. Would you take them to school ?
  11. well...no...I don't go to school anymore...nor do I work for that matter.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to own a monkey in the netherlands, so it'd probably be best not to make it public knowledge ^_^;