If you wrote books...

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[dash=teal]We're all writers here. I'm sure that we've all considered writing our own novels, or already have! Some of us even hope to get our work published.

My question is, if you were to write books for a living, what genre would the books be? What age group would these books be meant for? Would you illustrate your own stories, too, or hire someone else to do it?

This can be anything, really. Adult fiction, non-fiction, children stories, comic books, plays... Whatever interest you most. Maybe you'll write more than one kind of book! I'm very interested to know your answers.[/dash]
Sci-fi detective thriller with lots of pseudo philosophical crap about technology.

You know, like that book they based Blade Runner on.
My target audience would be from Young children, to tweens, to teenagers! I just one of those people that will never grow up, so I identity better with younger people, thus can write stories and characters that they can escape with.

As for genre, I would probably end up being mostly Fantasy. All of my "big" plotlines are multiple book fantasies or other world travel fantasies. I I've got tons of modern and scifi ideas, but they're not quite developed for a book...

I think I'm better off if someone else illustrated my books. XD

It IS my life dream to write a novel and be published. Something I've wanted since I was in the 4th grade. o__o But it looks like I am going to be a "late life" break out author, cause I just haven't had the drive and dedication to sit still long enough to even get -started- on a book. t____t
Books on proper farming, economics, and business.
I'd be in the Sci-fi fantasy section.

More-than-likely fantasy. I have a whole fantasy world built up, I just... have never written for it.
epic fantasy hero's journey in 3 novels to make it easy for everyone involved.

none of this Robert Jordan "write 100 books and die at the end, leaving it to my apprentice to finish" nonsense
I would love to write a fantasy novel. I have a few basic plot lines that would be great for young adult readers. I doubt I'll ever get those published.

What I might actually get published someday is educational books on wholistic health, a passion of mine that I'm finally grasping with both hands and doing something with. Illustrations if any would be done by others, photos more likely than not would be done by my self. I want people to be healthy and to take charge of their health, not sit back and wait for the government to fix it for them, because the government isn't going to do anything unless we do it first. We the people... Life, liberty and the pursuit of property happiness are in people's hands if they have the right knowledge and tools.

I wouldn't mind teaming up with an illustrator for children's books either.
epic fantasy hero's journey in 3 novels to make it easy for everyone involved.

none of this Robert Jordan "write 100 books and die at the end, leaving it to my apprentice to finish" nonsense

You make it sound like he died on purpose. Hurt feelings maybe?
not anymore. i stopped reading wheel of time yeeeears ago. back when the plot basically ground to a halt, as did my interest in reading nothing but padding. i just can't think of any other book series i've ever read where the author died before it was actually completed.
My target audience will probably always been young adult / teenagers. If I grow up a little, maybe the target audience will grow up a little too?
&the genre? Well, I often go back and forth between Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, & Historical Fiction.

Basically the kinds of books I read when I was younger & was inspired by. :]