If you were to write books...

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  1. What genre of books would it be? Who would be your audience?

    I know everyone can't be published authors, but I'm curious to know what people would write about. Are you gonna write science fiction, fantasy, magical realism or something romantic? Are you writing for teenagers, adults or children? And why? Why are you writing about these genres and more importantly, why for these people?
  2. As more of a artsy person then a writing person(not that writing isnt a art form)
    I find that id best suit to write manga, and itd mostly be directed to women age groups 15-35 because thats who i can relate to the most.
    I'd most likely write a series of a cute comedic romance couple, then on the side id write yaoi~
    Cause i mean i just love manga and romance stories, and i know all about the different romance types.

    Dollmaker Manga creator! YEAH! :D
  3. Horror or/and DRAMA, definetely, lots of blood and gore and guro and mistery... and lots of tears and painful moments and pretty much anything that would cause any kind of mental/physical/emotional distress.
    I am a soul-less being.
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  4. Definitely children's books! Teacher for life! And seeing as some of my favourite authors write children's books, I think that's the direction I'd go. :)

    And most likely be life learning stories. I have this one story idea about a little girl who wants to be a superhero.
  5. I would probably write TEEN ROMANCE FANTASY!

    Or epic fantasy!

    Or children's books!

    Or housewife romances!

    But probably teen romance. Like Twilight. 8D
  6. Most of my writing so far (sitting unfinished at the moment but dammit I resolve to change that) is religious allegory and social commentary masquerading as social sci fi. Except for that REALLY bad sword and sorcery novella. But that will be seen by NO ONE.
  7. xP People tell me I'd make good money off of writing adult romance novels because my smut is 'tasteful'. Romance really is my specialty, but I mostly enjoy writing horror. Describing fear, pain, gore... It's all so much fun to me.

    Ohh, but most of all... If I were a good artist, I'd love to write comic books. I have dozens of costumed heroes and villains who deserve a series of their own. If I could work with an illustrator, we'd make some kickass comics together. Always, my audience would be adults.

    Since teens annoy me and I don't have the art talent necessary for kid's books (but I'd totes write kid books if, again, I had an illustrator), I'd want adults for my audience.