If you were sucked in to another world...


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Think of all your favorite books, shows and movies. Some of them have these really fantastic world designs. Cultures and history that pop out and inspire your muse!

If you were sucked in to another universe or world, one that exists in a book/show you've seen/read.... Which world would you want it to be?
Midchilda from Nanoha.

Coolio technomagic, doomsday devices, at least one mad scientist, and an army who's most effective members are magical girls.

Plus, it's stated in-series that people from earth who do magic are crazy WTFHAX powerful.
Middle Earth. OR maybe OZ.
There are WAY too many places I'd want to go... But... honestly...

The world of the Golden Compass series.... I don't know about anyone else, but having a daemon that can shape shift and is pretty much CONNECTED TO YOU, and IS A PART OF YOU, is kinda fucking bad ass.

Besides that?... Is Iwaku an option?
In a funny kinda way.... Silent Hill.

The world of D&D.

The world of the Pullman Trilogy.

And any soft core porn movie.
Too. Many. Options.

Four way tie between WoT, Star Wars, Earth 616 and Earth-One.
Most settings I've seen/read and actually liked are either very shitty, perilous, or meh to live in, and I wouldn't want to be in many of those. Unless I wanted to be a badass, sure.

-Gundam? As soon as I see Mobile Suits fighting in front of me, I have to assume that I'm already fucked.
-G Gundam? DG Cells aside, nice place.
-Total Annihilation? I may be a Core pattern or an Arm clone; a Commander of either side if I'm lucky. All of which are no longer human, but have become embodiments of war itself. And even if one side wins, their respective civilizations no longer exist.
-Fallout? Everyone and everything will try to kill me, regardless of my way of life. I'm fortunate if I live long enough as a super mutant or a ghoul, or become a NCR citizen.
-Homeworld? Hardly anyone gets along in there, and the only ones who try to keep the peace are the Bentusi and the Galactic Council, both of which go under eventually. Wouldn't even want to live amongst the Hiigarans either, they cause their own screwups. And then there's the twisted immortality of being part of the Beast...
-Warhammer 40,000? Oh, don't get me started on how utterly fucked everyone is in there. The setting lives on everything getting worse and everyone getting screwed over. Even the Necrons will have their day, I tell ya. I'd go there if I wanted to die, though. Dying is the only thing they do right in there.
-Xenosaga? Gnosis. That is all. Otherwise a pretty cool place, where magic is technology.
-Legend of Galactic Heroes? Put me in Reich territory (or Phezzan, for that matter) and I'm set for life. And no, I don't want to go to Earth, everybody there is a retard.
-Dungeons & Dragons? Looks pretty cool enough, just have to worry about some cheapass creatures and wizards trying to ruin my shit.
-World of Darkness? I can be a mage and not give a fuck, sign me in.
-Starcraft? The Protoss might burn my home and the Zerg will probably reduce me to a mindless beast if I'm unfortunate enough to survive one of their horrific attacks and infestations. That, and the Dominion are assholes.
-Colony Wars? I'd probably be safe in League territory. What's that, immortality is a drug? Sign me in!
-Ace Combat? Too many wars break out within every decade or half-decade. Probably have myself sublimated (and even that's not a safe bet, look what happened to Dision).