If you were planning to go to school at Hogwarts..

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  1. Don't they get a new list of things they need to buy each year too? Times that by 7 years they have to go and they can wrack up quite a bill...

    They probably have scholarships or something...and I wonder what the exchange rate was for Hermione's parents?
  2. Wizard scholarships.
  3. Not just Ron, but six children they put through. Both parents are alumni which must help some. They must have also had one of those savings plans when the kids were born. Scholarships and penny pinching.
  4. Well. They are always being shown as pretty damn poor. Perhaps the school costs are the cause of the poorness.
  5. I wonder if their is like....a community college version of Hogwarts? It's like very witch and wizard (from that area) went to Hogwarts? Is there no other option!?
  6. There were other schools in Europe(and presumably across the rest of the world), but I think Hogwarts is the nearest option for people in England.
  7. Ron's dad works for the ministry, make they have a schooling allowance. Also those are priced as they are on our market, I.E specialty items. If there were more demand for then in regular use I'm sure there would be greater supply and the prices would be lower.
  8. Other than the different equipment they need from year to year, I don't think the students actually need to pay their way in Hogwarts. Isn't it just magical ability that gets you in there? I think Rowling said something along the lines of that in an interview somewhere, maybe I'm mistaken. *shrug*

    Might be different for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang cos they seem a bit more "private school" than Hogwarts does, or maybe that's just me.
  9. Shit, Diana, you're thirty, why do you make this kind of posts?
  10. He's just upset because they don't let dark people go to Hogwarts. *Pats Darkness on the shoulder*

  11. I learned wizardry all on my own

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  12. Silly wizards of the fallen world.
  13. The school's funding is free, JK Rowling said so therefore this is according to the word of God in literature. Its more likely that the class requirements are the most expensive part of the costs.
  14. She's getting married, so she wants to know how much it'll cost to send her kid to wizarding school if it turns out to be magical.
  15. Maybe Ron's parents had the Gerber Grow Up Plan. Since its life insurance that turns into something a child can pull from for college maybe the ministry covered the cost of insuring the kids since it is kind of a state position.
  16. So there are wizard taxes? I mean those teachers aren't doing it for free.
  17. We're assuming they do things exactly how we run things. :P
  18. They seem to like their gold enough which inclines me to believe they have some for of commerce. At the very least the teacher must be getting something put of teaching and keeping the castle functioning.