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If you were made an anime...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Paorou-sama, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Which Japanese company would animate you and what would it be about?


    "By Ufotable, a 1 episode sports anime about Paorou-sama's outer space adventures."

    It would be one of those high production indie things with a post-modern ending.

    "By Asread, a 48 episode magical girl anime about Paolo Cavanza's yandere stalker."

    For those reading my light novel : Potential spoilers?
  2. By A-1 Pictures, a 1 episode drama anime about Ocha's fetishes.
  3. By Ufotable, a 24 episode murder mystery anime about Selenite's school life.

    (Dammit! How did they know about the murders?!)
  4. By P.A. Works, a 12 episode horror anime about Fate's becoming god.

    By AIC, a 1000 episode hentai anime about (insert my real name here)'s crossdressing adventures.

    -_- I don't no whether or not I should blame Murphy for this one.
  5. "
    By Yamakan, a 11 episode mecha anime about Torsty's suffering.

    "By Bee Train, a 100 episode sports anime about Torstein [SURNAME] becoming god."

    Last one is a documentary, hurrdurr
  6. By Brains Base, a 35 episode BL anime about Kitti's harem.

    I see no reason to argue.
  7. My first result using my forum name is...

    "By Bones, a 21 episode sci-fi anime about Lstorm's brain."

    That seems to be oddly appropriate. Let's see what I get if I enter my real name.

    "By Zexcs, a 50 episode fantasy anime about [MY NAME]'s outer space adventures."

    I have no reason to object against either of these. Where do I sign up so that I get made into an anime?
  8. By Sunrise, a 5000 episode harem anime about Sakura's outer space adventures.

    ​LOLWUT. 5000 is a bit much.
    [Used my real name, replaced it with Sakura here]

  9. Another go!....

    By KyoAni, a 100 episode historical anime about (My Full Real Name Here)'s hallucinations.

    Now this sounds really close to home.
    I'm liking this thing!
  10. By Brains Base, a 13 episode horror anime about (Kitti name's) drunk adventures.

    Apparently everything that I do is Brains Base.
    This is also a fair concept idea, though, so sure.
  11. By Shaft, a 5000 episode magical girl anime about LuluRS's drunk adventures.

    O_O holy shit... 5000 episodes? Wouldn't people be sick of me after, like, 40?
  12. By Toei, a 7 episode romance anime about One Must Wonder's hikikomori adventures

    Okay, this one believable. Let's see what happens when I enter my real name.

    By Bones, a 3000 episode action anime about [Insert My Real Name Here] yaoi collection.

    ...That is strangely accurate. They spoke with my brother's didn't they? I have no objections to this, but 3000 episodes? Wouldn't people get bored?
  13. i'd be animated by fairies and cute things.


  14. By Production I.G., a 14 episode BL anime about [My Real Name]'s yandere stalker.

    I sense a crossover with Paorou...

    By Brains Base, a 11 episode slice-of-life anime about Chaos' becoming god.


    Excuse me a moment. I need to go laugh insanely.

  15. "By Gainax, a 51 episode sports anime about Sarah's pantsu."


    "By Bee Train, a 21 episode sci-fi anime about Megan's outer space adventures."
  16. By Production I.G., a 300 episode harem anime about Mitten's pantsu....

    WFT?! D: No one touches or sees my pantsus! ]:<

    With my real name....it is about my porn collection >.> to be exact:

    By A-1 Pictures, a 2000 episode mecha anime about -insert real name here-'s porn collection.


    I do not have a 2000 episode worth of porn collections! I don't even have ONE porn collection! >:[
  17. By Ufotable, a 7 episode mystery anime about King Weavel's path to darkness.

    Lolwut? I..am not even familiar with Ufotable to be honest though.. :P
  18. Ufotable is one of my favorite animation companies.
  19. By Production I.G., a 200 episode drama anime about Aira's Pantsu
  20. "By Sunrise, a 200 episode drama anime about Acqua's harem."

    "By Toei, a 2000 episode super sentai anime about Acquariana's harem."

    . . . *tries real name*

    "By Bones, a 25 episode historical anime about [real name here]'s stalking adventures."