If You Were Jared for a Day

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  1. For those who do not know, Jared is our server bro. He has access to every secret in the iwaku universe, as well as control over you and I.

    (He is the Iwaku Jesus)

    Jesus-w-guy copy.jpg

    So, let's hear it. What would you do if you were Jared for a day?​
  2. I'd take a day off. Jared, you work too damn hard!
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  3. I'd be bald. Have you ever had to herd cats? Now times that by 100. And that's just working with Diana.... The rest of the problems, yikes!
  4. I agree with taking a day off.

    God rested on the 7th day after all.
  5. Masturbate and eat some cheetos.
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  6. I hope you wash your hands
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  7. So does @Asmodeus have an orange dick now?
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  8. Jared would, once I was finished with him.
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  9. Hurr hurr hurr
  10. .....................
  11. Black mail some people out of money by reading their private conversations as well as monitoring their IP addresses to find the adults pretending to be teens to ERP with the younger members of the site.

  12. Do some coding and pretend I'm Neo from The Matrix.

    ... And then fill Iwaku with completely useless easter eggs and widgets.
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  13. Well aren't we all glad some of you aren't Jared.