If you were granted one power...

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  1. What power would you have? Remember, ONLY ONE.

    Oh and tell us why.

    Personally I'd like the power to shape shift. Nothing like being able to walk on the ground, fly through the air, swim, or burrow in the ground. Oh and having eyes that act like binoculars or night vision is a huge plus.
  2. Right? Shape shifting is the coolest.

    You can turn invisible? Well, I can turn into a fly.
    You can fly? Well I can be an eagle.
    You can breathe underwater? Well, I can be an electric eel.

    Nature is so awesome.

    If I have to make a character with a super power, though, I usually do something like "can suddenly turn body into machinery." I guess that's technically still a form of shape shifting...
  3. I was about to say teleport or invisible but...

  4. I suppose you can't actually teleport, but you could go really fast ... like run to work or school as a cheetah.
  5. Control over entropy. I would be able to whittle everything down and reduce it to its base components without effort. It might be a slow process, but it would be extremely effective against everything, not to mention that it would have quite some uses in the field of power generation or perhaps even transforming materials. It would be awesome because I would hold the universe at my fingertips, being able to control one of the inevitable processes which is present across the whole universe.

    As a secondary thing, having control over Entropy would also probably give me immortality because I could stop the aging of my own body, however, if I got tired of the life I lived, I could just let nature run its course or just use my power on myself. It would be an interesting experience that is for sure, not to mention that it definitely is a crazy thought experiment.
  6. The power to make others lose control of their bowels. Who wants to commit genocide, disrupt class or cut in line when there's a chance it'll earn a payload in their breeches?
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  7. I would have the power to heal.

    That way I could heal my dying brother (7) and my medically fragile sister (5). :/
  8. *An eery moment of clarity*

    This question always catches my interest, but I always end up telling a joke. This is due in part to this irrational fear I have about what I wish for coming true in an ironic suck ass way. This causes me to spiral into a never ending scenario of 'what ifs' for every power I desire which ultimately results in nothing short of complete obliteration of all life as we know it. Kind of a Give a Mouse a Cookie Effect.
  9. I'd like the power of time travel, so I'd be able to re-experience moments that would make me feel better about myself and about the world.
  10. I'd want the ability to summon animals who do whatever the fuck I say.
  11. >.>

    I didn't think this thread would turn so serious. I guess... That's a good thing?
  12. The inability to shave.
  13. I’d have the power of omnipotence and my super hero name would be OmniWoman…. Okay so joking aside, I always want like three different powers in culmination. If I had to pick JUST ONE I’d want the ability to apply spiritual force to an imperial world. Basically Yu Yu Hakasho stuff but more like Marvels Iron Fist, only my whole body!
  14. Y'all motherfuckers are stupid. Telekenesis is where it's at.

    Leave your can of Doctor Pepper across the room when you've already sat down at your desk?

    No problem, haul that thing to you with the power of your mind using TELEKENESIS.

    Get a kick out of fucking with people?

    Think of all the opportunities you'd have the troll the shit out of society with the power of TELEKENESIS.

    Think that flying sounds badass?

    Pull yourself into the air using only your head, thanks to TELEKENESIS.

    Short on cash?

    Get yourself a mask rob a bank, using only your brain; tear the place apart and vacate with all the cash despite having not even fired a shot, all because of TELEKENESIS.

    Some asshole shooting at you?

    Not gonna happen, motherfucker, watch me re-enact Neo from Matrix Reloaded using TELEKENESIS.

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  15. Super Strength.

    While a lot of powers have appeal, shape shifting, telekinesis, time travel, but none of them has the ability to directly protect like super strength. Besides, I like the philosophy that even the heaviest weapon can be used with the precision of a scalpel.
    and my superhero name would be "The Cutie Caper" >:D

    Id be so cute id stop the villans and while theyre all "D'aaaawwww" id kick their butts!
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  17. Super strength, because I'm a classic kinda girl.

    Also, it'd be so much more reassuring when I'm invited out with fragile friends and actually know I could take out a motherfucker when motherfuckers start actin' up in our vicinity. Or put the fear of God in them by bending some random shit. Like a bar stool.
  18. I'd either want the power to create anything with my mind. Not illusion but actual things.


    The power to make people deathly hungry and start my own diner.
  19. INVISIBILITY. Yes, I had to. It is my favorite.

    Can you turn invisible with telekenesis?