If you were an object

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  1. I came up with this idea, don't know why, but I thought it would be interesting to post.
    If you were an object, which would you prefer to be?
    I'd totally pick a mug: hot in winter, freezing in summer.
  2. ......

    *Giggles and everyone who knows Diana knows why.*


    Um, I think I would like to be a statue in a park. But not a person. I wanna be one of those weird statues that make people go "what the fuck is this thing? Who thought this thing up?" and be a topic of conversation forever!
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  3. [​IMG]
    This fits you?
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  4. Yes! :D That's a pretty one!
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  5. A tea ket--- naaaa

    I think I would be a lamp. Illumnating the dark, but can be turned off by just a switch.
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  6. That's terrific! Still, for a star like me, darkness isn't an issue.
    Also, very deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
  7. What an interesting and intriguing question.

    I'd like to be a paint brush, one that gets to touch the canvas and paint beautiful scenery.
  8. Not judging your choice, but there's a man who can paint with his penis. Don't you think you'd have more "pleasure"?
  9. I think I'd be a crystal glass. Transparent, with fine detail work that requires a closer look to see, and terribly fragile.
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  10. O___O I am torn between laughter and repulsion. I mean... What sort of paint would he be using? And, and - How would you get the paint off? I mean it dries and I'd manage it would be painful --

    ... I'm gonna stop now before I hurt myself.
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  11. I don't know, and I think he mainly uses oil and acrylic.
  12. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
  13. I would be a creepy painting, one that looks like it's watching you. Then I could make everybody in the room uneasy, but at the same time be super expensive!
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  14. I'd be a lighthouse. Unmoving, unshakeable, and a beacon and a guide for those who are lost or who need to find their way.
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  15. You people are so deep, love it.
  16. I'd want to be a knife. Probably a tactical one that's sentimental and useful to somebody because I'd be protecting them, getting sharpened when needed, spilling blood, helping with projects, stuff like that.
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  17. My husband has a knife like that. I got it for him for his birthday several years back and he has used it to cut open boxes when he works, used it for home projects, and while he hasn't served in the military or anything, it has protected him on at least one occasion. I don't think the knife has a name. I'll ask him to name it Fluffy =P
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  18. An Object huh? How are we with Metaphysical ones? Cause I would totally be cool with being the concept or representation of Totally Awesome Perfect Christmas Gift until the end of time. Or Childlike Wonder would be hella cool too. Or maybe... Something like That Bittersweet Feeling of Ending Something To Begin Something New. I wouldn't mind being... OBJECTIFIED to those state of being!
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  19. ..........

    would like to be a chunk of opal.
    Or opal jewlery, like on a ring that is important to someone.
    COLORS. >:[
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  20. Here's what I got: the object you want is a metaphor for life?