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  1. Oh yeah, We're doing this.

    What would you be? A cold? Ebola? An STD?

    For me, it would have to be Streptococcus. Why? That is the bacteria that causes BOTH Strep throats AND Necrotizing faclitis as well as Toxic Shock Syndrome, which you can get from being a derp and leaving your tampon in for too long. Oh yeah. I'm a 3 for 1 deal.
  2. Name: Yura
    Age: 18
    Appearance: (open)

    Yura is an extremely attractive young woman. She has knee length brown hair, and brown, almost red eyes. She does not wear makeup, which tends to get her enemies among other women thanks to her natural beauty. Her normal cloths tends to be a red no sleeved top, black jacket, short black skirt, and a red 'spear' necklace. But when she cooks she wears a white low cut sweater, black apron, and that's about it...though she will put up her hair. In fact when alone or with a girlfriend she tends to wear either nothing or just her sweater. Something to note is that she does not wear underwear, no bras, no panties. However when swimming or going to the beach she will put on her swimsuit which is fairly revealing, showing off her body nicely.

    Now body wise Yura has a smooth sexy figure with D cup breasts, a slight hourglass shape, and a tight vagina. Shes not a virgin, however has only ever had sex with two people, though 'publicly' shes still a virgin and proud of that fact.
    Bio (open)
    Yura is the daughter of two Olympic swimmers. Her mother is a four time gold medal winner who became a model. Her father is a three time gold medal winner and he became a movie star. Thanks to this it is no surprise that Yura from birth was expected to swim like her parents.

    Now in elementary school there was no major clubs, sure there was fun little ones, but nothing major. So she would have fun, play games and relax, then at home she had to swim, race her old times, show improvement. This meant that she had basically no childhood, sure she got breaks every so often, but these were rare so for the most part until middle school her home life was basically homework, swim, eat, swim, sleep. When she got to middle school there was a swim club, which she joined purely to have her free time at home. However joining this did help her grow to love swimming, this was mainly thanks to friends. She could swim to improve her time, then swim to have fun. In high school she became captain of the swim team, and she started to allow her team to wear whatever they want so long as it still covers their body up. The school fought at first, but when they noticed that more of their students (and others) come to 'show school pride' well they backed off and only had them wear the 'school issued' swimsuits during the major tournaments.

    All through both middle and high school she was competing pretty heavily against Luna as 'most popular'. In middle school it was sort of a playful rivalry, sure things got out of hand occasionally with name calling. But in high school...well things got pretty bad as both girls started to use more degrading insults. Yura's main insult against Luna was things like 'whore' 'cum dumpster' 'sports team bike' and various other things implying Luna fucks anyone she can. This was mainly because Luna was the head cheerleader, and it was an obvious role for sex rumors.
    However there was another reason that Yura got even worse toward Luna, yes part of it was Luna picked on and abused her too. But the main reason was Yura gained a fairly massive crush on Luna and was horribly jealous that Luna was dating a boy. If anyone paid attention Yura only started really berating Luna when the sex rumors started, and only got worse when Luna started to date someone.

    Its a popular opinion that Yura is a lesbian, so its not overly difficult for someone who put two and two together to realize Yura's crush. Now why is it a popular opinion that Yura is a lesbian? Well to start with all through middle school she would kiss other girls. Date them? No, she would literally walk up to a girl and kiss them. One kiss per day, different girl each day, so by the time middle school ended and they were in high school Yura had pretty much kissed every girl including her 'rival' Luna. It wasn't even a little peck either, it varied from a quick thirty second kiss to a full two minute kiss.
    Then came the fact that in high school after making it where her swim team could wear whatever she not so subtly checked everyone out. In fact she not so subtly checked everyone out, cheer squad, girls in the locker room, girls in class, sexy teachers.
    And by far the biggest reason was she has never dated anyone, she publicly berated and humiliated the last boy to ask her out which pretty well crushed the chances of any other boy asking her out, and...shes actually not sure there is another lesbian at her school since no girl has asked her out at all.

    So to everyone at school she is a virgin, but truthfully she is not. She has not yet dated anyone, but has had sex with two people, she has only had sex one hundred eighty three times. Her first time she was fourteen, she was spending time with her cousin, Sillia (Sil), playing games and talking. Yura admitted she had a crush on Luna and her cousin admitted she also had a crush on a girl. The two started talking and laughing about their lesbian feelings before Yura asked if Sil was willing to experiment. The two girls started off fairly simply with exploring each others bodies, kissing, then Yura and Sil started to rub and caress each other. There was no penetration during this session instead the two girls wound up scissoring and rubbing one another to climax.
    Pretty much after that once a week Yura and Sil met up to 'experiment' more. Sil breaking Yura's hymen accidentally after two weeks of them doing this. The pair getting sex toys as well, so both of them have a fair selection of toys.

    At first Sil and Yura were just doing this to pass the time and gain more experience, but as they grew older it became because not only was Yura sexy but so was Sil. It didn't help that both girls grew to quite enjoy the sounds they would make during sex, and also that both didn't mind that the other kept calling out their crushes name. Sometimes they would even role play as one crush or the other, which was a bit difficult since Sil never met Luna and Yura never met Sil's crush, but still.

    Who was Yura's other? Well Yura and Sil would meet up and have sex once a week for the past four years. However this all stopped about four weeks ago. Sil and her crush wound up hooking up, however Sil didn't want to just leave Yura high and dry so she convinced her crush to have a three way with Yura. Both cousins agreed this was the last time, and this final fuck took up an entire weekend. The trio met up Friday after school, ate dinner while talking about everything. Then all Friday night, all Saturday and all Sunday was spent in one long session. By the end of it all three girls were extremely satisfied.

    Now currently there is a senior trip, the school may have kinda cheaped out on it as it coincided with the swim teams tournament so obviously the school went 'hey we have this tournament and a cruise ship goes in that direction...lets just make that our senior trip'. After the trip Yura's pretty sure she will just have to find a college, though she suspects her parents may force her to go and enter the Olympics as they keep talking about it. She doesn't have the heart to tell them she doesn't want to enter it like they did.

    Now hobby wise Yura loves swimming yea, but her actual passion lays in cooking, chocolate, white chocolate, pudding, cakes...hmm maybe baking is a better word to use. Yea she loves cooking regular things but making sweets is something she really likes to do. Okay some of that may be because she has so SO many daydreams about Luna licking her clean as she get quite messy making her sweets, and she may tend to also daydream that her sweets are Luna's privates...which results in her getting even messier.
  3. .... Real viruses/bacteria?
  4. FINE! D:< Mono.
  5. YAY! More answers!
  6. Syphilis.

    I'm fun to contract.

    I get on your nerves at first.

    Then over time I get in your brains, and you can't stop thinking about me.

    That's right I'm like an STD, anyone interested?
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  7. 0.0

    Points for having a pair, Oct.
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  8. Rage Virus. Simple to spread. And I get to see zombie action without the seven dollars payment for the ticket. I'll be all across the world in 28 months.
  9. Ohhhhh good choice, but again, I'm talking about REAL VIRUSES AND BACTERIA
  10. I would be The Funk.

    The Funk is highly contagious.
  11. I'd be a bacteriophage. The first reason is because they look like weird robot-spider things x], and secondly because they specifically attack/use bacteria.
  12. I would be.....the cure!
  13. inb4 someone says I'm AIDS/Cancer/H1N1
  14. According to the scientist from Red Dwarf, luck is a virus.

    So is sexual magnetism.


    *Ducks boot*

    Fine, fine, I'd be a head cold. I AM KING OF THE AILMENTS! I PISS OFF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!
  15. Interesting choices, people.

  16. Oh that's easy, acidophilus!
  17. Good, good choice.