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  1. Mylene didn't stand a chance catching her balance as she was forced off her feet and out of the way of an incoming attack. She found herself sprawled out on the ground, the energy sapped from her body, her head no longer a real issue at the moment. She was struggling to get a grasp of what was going on, not having the energy to lift herself up all the way, but she managed to turn her head to see what was taking place.

    Sensing Lander earlier had not just been a figment of her imagination, as she was currently watching him fight with Raghnall. 'Damn it' she though tot herself, figuring that this misunderstanding was her fault. For some reason he had flashed through her mind as things were getting a little out of control, but she didn't think her life was in danger, she had simply been caught off guard. She fought to try to prop herself up, only managing to roll on to her side.

    Jeez, she had incited a little internal scuffle with her carelessness, she watched as the two men went at it, not having enough strength to even yell out to them. Her hood had fallen off in her rough landing and she was trying her hardest to gain the strength back to reprimand the men's behavior. They were all here for the same reason after all, Raghnall and herself had just gotten a bit carried away.

    As the fight went on, it looked as if she wouldn't have the power to yell out before Lander was cut in half, however, her concern was eased with the arrival of the Ogre, Dan Wei. It seemed that the hulking man got the two of them to settle down a bit, a fact that she was most grateful for. Energy slowly returning to her body as she managed to prop herself up on her arms, glaring in the direction of the men. Lander, always the protective one, she would expect nothing less from the man or any man that happened upon the scene at the moment. She was inwardly grateful for the interruption, still feeling a tingling sensation at the point where Raghnall's fangs had been, as it seemed she had lost herself in a peculiar and unique experience.

    However, it was Raghnall's comment that set a fire in her and earned him her ire. She understood the notion that the vampire was trying to get across, but she found the example he used extremely disrespectful. The situation turned from a pleasant and unique experience, to a misunderstanding, to now making her feel used, ashamed, and embarrassed. Her face turned red from both her embarrassment and rising anger. If she was capable of summoning a lightning storm at this very moment, she would strike them all, even the Ogre wouldn't escape her anger at the moment.

    As the men cooled down, Mylene had gathered a suitable enough amount of energy back to stand to her feet with a bit of struggle, and she realized it as Raghnall came to give her his hand in assistance. Face still red she swatted the hand aside, a short electrical charge being added to it, it was all the energy she could focus at the moment. She turned away from him, rolling to all fours, before slowly picking herself up. She slowly bent down and retrieved her staff, straightened and brushed the dirt off her robe, and breathed in deeply before huffing sharply through her nose. "To camp then...". She kept her back to the 3 men, stewing with anger and embarrassment, the embarrassment factor being the one she was trying to hide the most at the moment.

    Interactions: Lander- @Victor Markov

    Dan Wei- @RiddL

    Raghnall- @Ascendant
  2. Name: Yura
    Age: 18
    Appearance: (open)

    Yura is an extremely attractive young woman. She has knee length brown hair, and brown, almost red eyes. She does not wear makeup, which tends to get her enemies among other women thanks to her natural beauty. Her normal cloths tends to be a red no sleeved top, black jacket, short black skirt, and a red 'spear' necklace. But when she cooks she wears a white low cut sweater, black apron, and that's about it...though she will put up her hair. In fact when alone or with a girlfriend she tends to wear either nothing or just her sweater. Something to note is that she does not wear underwear, no bras, no panties. However when swimming or going to the beach she will put on her swimsuit which is fairly revealing, showing off her body nicely.

    Now body wise Yura has a smooth sexy figure with D cup breasts, a slight hourglass shape, and a tight vagina. Shes not a virgin, however has only ever had sex with two people, though 'publicly' shes still a virgin and proud of that fact.
    Bio (open)
    Yura is the daughter of two Olympic swimmers. Her mother is a four time gold medal winner who became a model. Her father is a three time gold medal winner and he became a movie star. Thanks to this it is no surprise that Yura from birth was expected to swim like her parents.

    Now in elementary school there was no major clubs, sure there was fun little ones, but nothing major. So she would have fun, play games and relax, then at home she had to swim, race her old times, show improvement. This meant that she had basically no childhood, sure she got breaks every so often, but these were rare so for the most part until middle school her home life was basically homework, swim, eat, swim, sleep. When she got to middle school there was a swim club, which she joined purely to have her free time at home. However joining this did help her grow to love swimming, this was mainly thanks to friends. She could swim to improve her time, then swim to have fun. In high school she became captain of the swim team, and she started to allow her team to wear whatever they want so long as it still covers their body up. The school fought at first, but when they noticed that more of their students (and others) come to 'show school pride' well they backed off and only had them wear the 'school issued' swimsuits during the major tournaments.

    All through both middle and high school she was competing pretty heavily against Luna as 'most popular'. In middle school it was sort of a playful rivalry, sure things got out of hand occasionally with name calling. But in high school...well things got pretty bad as both girls started to use more degrading insults. Yura's main insult against Luna was things like 'whore' 'cum dumpster' 'sports team bike' and various other things implying Luna fucks anyone she can. This was mainly because Luna was the head cheerleader, and it was an obvious role for sex rumors.
    However there was another reason that Yura got even worse toward Luna, yes part of it was Luna picked on and abused her too. But the main reason was Yura gained a fairly massive crush on Luna and was horribly jealous that Luna was dating a boy. If anyone paid attention Yura only started really berating Luna when the sex rumors started, and only got worse when Luna started to date someone.

    Its a popular opinion that Yura is a lesbian, so its not overly difficult for someone who put two and two together to realize Yura's crush. Now why is it a popular opinion that Yura is a lesbian? Well to start with all through middle school she would kiss other girls. Date them? No, she would literally walk up to a girl and kiss them. One kiss per day, different girl each day, so by the time middle school ended and they were in high school Yura had pretty much kissed every girl including her 'rival' Luna. It wasn't even a little peck either, it varied from a quick thirty second kiss to a full two minute kiss.
    Then came the fact that in high school after making it where her swim team could wear whatever she not so subtly checked everyone out. In fact she not so subtly checked everyone out, cheer squad, girls in the locker room, girls in class, sexy teachers.
    And by far the biggest reason was she has never dated anyone, she publicly berated and humiliated the last boy to ask her out which pretty well crushed the chances of any other boy asking her out, and...shes actually not sure there is another lesbian at her school since no girl has asked her out at all.

    So to everyone at school she is a virgin, but truthfully she is not. She has not yet dated anyone, but has had sex with two people, she has only had sex one hundred eighty three times. Her first time she was fourteen, she was spending time with her cousin, Sillia (Sil), playing games and talking. Yura admitted she had a crush on Luna and her cousin admitted she also had a crush on a girl. The two started talking and laughing about their lesbian feelings before Yura asked if Sil was willing to experiment. The two girls started off fairly simply with exploring each others bodies, kissing, then Yura and Sil started to rub and caress each other. There was no penetration during this session instead the two girls wound up scissoring and rubbing one another to climax.
    Pretty much after that once a week Yura and Sil met up to 'experiment' more. Sil breaking Yura's hymen accidentally after two weeks of them doing this. The pair getting sex toys as well, so both of them have a fair selection of toys.

    At first Sil and Yura were just doing this to pass the time and gain more experience, but as they grew older it became because not only was Yura sexy but so was Sil. It didn't help that both girls grew to quite enjoy the sounds they would make during sex, and also that both didn't mind that the other kept calling out their crushes name. Sometimes they would even role play as one crush or the other, which was a bit difficult since Sil never met Luna and Yura never met Sil's crush, but still.

    Who was Yura's other? Well Yura and Sil would meet up and have sex once a week for the past four years. However this all stopped about four weeks ago. Sil and her crush wound up hooking up, however Sil didn't want to just leave Yura high and dry so she convinced her crush to have a three way with Yura. Both cousins agreed this was the last time, and this final fuck took up an entire weekend. The trio met up Friday after school, ate dinner while talking about everything. Then all Friday night, all Saturday and all Sunday was spent in one long session. By the end of it all three girls were extremely satisfied.

    Now currently there is a senior trip, the school may have kinda cheaped out on it as it coincided with the swim teams tournament so obviously the school went 'hey we have this tournament and a cruise ship goes in that direction...lets just make that our senior trip'. After the trip Yura's pretty sure she will just have to find a college, though she suspects her parents may force her to go and enter the Olympics as they keep talking about it. She doesn't have the heart to tell them she doesn't want to enter it like they did.

    Now hobby wise Yura loves swimming yea, but her actual passion lays in cooking, chocolate, white chocolate, pudding, cakes...hmm maybe baking is a better word to use. Yea she loves cooking regular things but making sweets is something she really likes to do. Okay some of that may be because she has so SO many daydreams about Luna licking her clean as she get quite messy making her sweets, and she may tend to also daydream that her sweets are Luna's privates...which results in her getting even messier.
  3. "Shh..." Lucius pulled her into a hug. "I'm worried too."
  4. "It doesn't mean animals can't sense danger."
  5. Alright cool, so in total we've got;

    Spidey (moi), Raphael (Nomad), Emerald Dream (Gands), Azalia (Angelic), and Brooklyn (Sir Kalto).

    We've got room for about 2-3 more, but I'm gonna get things set up for the starting post in NY.
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  7. Also, I've got some villains that will show up during the story, but if you've got any ideas for 'Hired Muscle' to join in the fight, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll see if I can work them in. If not, there's always the next arch!
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  8. Melissa smile, "I have a way with animals. Mostly cats though."
  9. "Did you have fun?"
  10. Lucius kissed her forehead.
  11. "Not sure?"
  12. Lucius gently squeezed Anya's hand.
  13. Astaroth smiled. "Thank you."
  14. If the slap is too much, I can rewrite it. Just let me know. I have time until about 8pm tonight.

  15. things at work and home finally leveled out. back in business.

    I have a scene in mind for sam/ruth, set at Hushcobb:

    A companionable air permeated Ruth Borwell's apartment, on the other side of Hushcobb from Inversion. Hers was tastefully appointed and had the domesticated air of someone who was settled down. The decor was the brainchild of two women and the ghostly scent of Eliza's perfume mixed with the softer scent of Ruth's favored hair products.

    Sam sat on the well-worn sofa -- not one he recognized when he lived here, with her; he suspected it was a joint purchase between Ruth and Eliza -- and accepted the tumbler of scotch Ruth offered him. "Scotch, neat," she announced, clinking her own glass against his. "I assume that hasn't changed?"

    He smiled quietly. "No." They shared a silent moment as they gunned their drinks down.

    "You always were a creature of habit," the redhead commented. She sat next to him. "So, what did you want to talk in private about? It sounded serious. I mean, it must've been if all of you came right back to Hushcobb."

    "The dark Fae we fought was too dangerous for us to contain without help," the mercenary admitted.

    His onetime lover shook her head. "You guys beat a Fae. And Natalia and her friends took out those elementals not too long ago. What's next, dragons? Gods?"

    He dryly replied, "Karin always said 'if it can bleed, it can die; if it can't bleed, try anyway.'"

    "I suppose that mentality is how you, Cross, and Karin all became ninja people."

    Silence settled between them as the small talk petered out. Then Ruth prodded, "Talk, Sam." At his questioning look, she elaborated, "You get this funny expression on your face when you're thinking too hard. All gloomy and serious-looking." She gave him a tiny smile. "I should know, after all."

    "Yes, you would," he agreed. He sucked in a steadying breath, gathered his thoughts, and said, "Ruth, our son...our son is still alive."

    This time, the silence was one of disbelief. Ruth's face -- indeed, her entire body -- froze.

    Sam continued, "There was a team of superpowered teens in Arizona. They were targeting Natalia and Rookwood's Bell. They were good. We were better. One of them, Panacea, could heal from any injury and do the same to anyone nearby."

    Ruth let out a meek, quiet, "Impossible...."

    "I broke his mask," the mercenary said. "I saw his face. Its him, Ruth. Our Gray is still alive. He's big, now. His accelerated aging, from his healing ability. But its him."

    A cascade of emotions swept past the redhead's features. Disbelief, joy, tears...all within a split second. And then...her brows furrowed. Confusion. Concern. "Why didn't you bring him back?" she asked honestly. By her tone, it was obvious she knew Sam well enough to know that there was something else going on, something that made Sam leave their son behind.

    He looked away, clasped his hands between his knees. The muscles of his hands, arms, and shoulders tightened just as his grip did. His jaw was firm, his demeanor stressed. Through all of those small tells, Ruth saw the boiling anger inside him. Finally, Sam said, "He hates me. He wants to kill me. He thinks we abandoned him to die in Bamingui. Because of the man who saved him -- Lorentz."

    Ruth gasped. "Lorentz has our son....?"

    Sam's hands became fists, his nails digging into the skin of his palms. All too calmly, he continued, "Lorentz raised him, trained him, taught him to fight and hate. He's fed him lies all this time. And Lorentz's influence over him is strong, very strong. No matter what I said or did, Gray refused to believe anything else."

    that's a good start, I think
  16. Melody seem amused by them and laughs softly.

    Harmony smile, "You're in such a good mood."