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  1. Oh yeah, We're doing this.

    What would you be? A cold? Ebola? An STD?

    For me, it would have to be Streptococcus. Why? That is the bacteria that causes BOTH Strep throats AND Necrotizing faclitis as well as Toxic Shock Syndrome, which you can get from being a derp and leaving your tampon in for too long. Oh yeah. I'm a 3 for 1 deal.
  2. I'd like to be an undiscovered strain of virus that makes unlucky things happen to people, like locking your keys in your car or forgetting to bring your purse / wallet.
  3. .... Real viruses/bacteria?
  4. FINE! D:< Mono.
  5. YAY! More answers!
  6. Syphilis.

    I'm fun to contract.

    I get on your nerves at first.

    Then over time I get in your brains, and you can't stop thinking about me.

    That's right I'm like an STD, anyone interested?
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  7. 0.0

    Points for having a pair, Oct.
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  8. Rage Virus. Simple to spread. And I get to see zombie action without the seven dollars payment for the ticket. I'll be all across the world in 28 months.
  9. Ohhhhh good choice, but again, I'm talking about REAL VIRUSES AND BACTERIA
  10. I would be The Funk.

    The Funk is highly contagious.
  11. I'd be a bacteriophage. The first reason is because they look like weird robot-spider things x], and secondly because they specifically attack/use bacteria.
  12. I would be.....the cure!
  13. inb4 someone says I'm AIDS/Cancer/H1N1
  14. According to the scientist from Red Dwarf, luck is a virus.

    So is sexual magnetism.


    *Ducks boot*

    Fine, fine, I'd be a head cold. I AM KING OF THE AILMENTS! I PISS OFF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!
  15. Interesting choices, people.

  16. Oh that's easy, acidophilus!
  17. Good, good choice.