If you were a pirate?

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  1. [size=+1]If you were a pirate, what would your station on the ship be?

    Would you have a pirate nickname? Why?

  2. Were?...What's this 'were' nonsense?! I AM a pirate. Everyone knows that!
    I'm the head of the ship, the captain! Oh yeah!

    I don't think I have any nicknames for a pirate.

    Huh..Figured I'd just be that one pirate.
  3. Rose-hip Mary. Is it cause I got great hips, perhaps. Is my name Mary, no. But there have been utterances of "Great Mother of God" by those that chose the wrong side of my pistol and investing in rosehip jam saves off scurvy. As for my job on the ship, isn't it obvious or do I need to crack the whip on you?
  4. ^ I love you all. :D

    I would try to act all ferocious and mean, but.. I think most of my crew would know it was a front, and I'm all soft inside. .-. So, they would probably feel bad and humor me.. BUT, STILL.
    My nickname?... Pass. I'll go with Capn' Staci. kthnx.

    . . .
    To be honest though,
    I'd probably be that kind First-Mate that runs around doing everything for the capn'.
    Because.. I like helping. :D
  5. I'd be one of the carpenters, or maybe on the rigging crew. I roleplayed as a captain once. I nicknamed him 'Captain 9 lives' cause he had escaped death many times. I liked that name a lot.
  6. Posh. I would be a Captain in the Royal Navy defending the seas from the scourages of outlaws killing merchants for the gains of Tobacco and slaves.
  7. I would be RED!!!!! THE PIRATE MASTER KING!!!! Or a cleaner, I would probably clean the ship and do dishes and such, then when the pirates start fighting then I would be the wimp that sits in a corner and hopes the fight will be over soon, we should have peace guys, not war Dx.... I mean... I'M A HORRIBLE PIRATE KING, NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM KILLING EVERYONE. MOHAHHAHAHA
  8. I would probably be the guy who is responsible for navigation and making the plans for the big robberies. Not the captain, mind you, but the smart guy of the crew who knows a lot of stuff that makes him useful, but not quite as awesome as the captain. My nickname would be probably the "Blonde Bookworm" or something along those lines.
  9. if i were a pirate my station on the ship would be off the ship completely. And I'd probably be called Useless as i wouldn't know what the hell to do. That or I'd be encharge of ye old waste so that I did a job that was worthwhile but not in anyones way.
  10. I'd be a captain and my name would be Capt'n Cateyes, just like my display name for this month.

    I would sail all the seven seas looking for treasure, but also for the ultimate adventure!
  11. I would be the eccentric navigator no one ever really sees but the captain.

    My pirate name would be 'The Curious Mr. Crane'
  12. Nice. Cap.. just nice