If you were a boss battle.

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  1. If you were a boss battle, what theme music would play as the protagonist enters your arena and attempts to overcome your tremendous health destroying power?

    My boss theme:

  2. Puppet Mastery, you'd die to the happiest song I can think of
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  3. It really depends on the context. So I'm going to add a couple here.


    And one more... (Damn you Video Limit).
  4. "You fool. You've tried to grasp power outside your reach, and you've overstepped your boundaries. Now, child, you shall be dunked."

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  5. Hmm... Honestly, I don't think I would be a whole, big evil or whatever boss or even a real menace. Probably like some sort of betrayal or 'necessary sacrifice' boss. What comes to mind is something like...


  6. Today is the day. You hold the fate of the Free Cities withing your able hands. You march out in the early morning, the colorful banners of your army wave in the strong mountain wind. This army, this force at your back, took many hardships to forge, following your beginnings as a lowly farmer's child to your crowning as the Champion of the God of Light and Justice. You have labored to re-unite the lands, to fight off the scourge of civilization, both man-made and otherwise. You have used your wits and strength to bring together this great host before you, you have dethroned 6 of the 7 Renegade Kings, and you have made many great friends along the way.

    But all is not safe, for the last Renegade King still remains, rallying all the wild lands of the north to his banner and terrorizing the Free Cities without mercy. He has no sympathy, no moral code, only a cold desire for power. You have fought his Ashen Legions before, you know of the zealous frenzy they wield in battle. You know of the mountain clans that have pledged to him, of the Northern Beasts who now call him their lord, of the reclusive mages he's pressed into service. And you have heard the rumors as well, that an even greater evil has awoken in the frozen wastes, possibly driving this formerly noble lord to a tyrannic campaign of destruction.

    Your host sits atop a line of foothills, before you lies the Bridge of the Old Gods, an ancient stone relic of a greater time. Beyond that lies the Everfrost Mountains, the border of the Northern lands. As you lie in wait, your army ready to defend the lands of peace and prosperity, you see lines of fog drift down the slopes of the mountain in slow processions, collecting at the other end of the bridge and clinging low in the air. A sudden burst of cold air hits you in the face, sending shivers down your spine and causing the horses of your lines to shudder in fear. A harsh horn pierces the silence, it's noise seeming to part the fog before it and revealing the Legions of the North. Thousands of soldiers in their smoke-grey armor stand in perfect formation, a horde of Mountain men, goblins, orcs and wild-elfs surround them, all flying the red banner of the Renegade King.

    A harrowing war-cry lifts up from the other side of the river and they begin their march, the echoes of their horns only matched by the unyielding march of their war-drums. You look to your sides, seeing the companions you've collected in your trials, sharing one last smile with them before being drawn into this battle of fate. You look upon the great generals of your army, the ones you've given the will to fight. For your job is not to lead this force, your job is to be their hope. And from your lines a great and powerful shout rises up to match that of your enemy, your trumpets meet their drums.

    Your archers nock their arrows, preparing to rain hell-fire down upon the hordes of the north, your mages preparing for the coming battle. You see the lines of the enemy part for a rank of massive Frost-Trolls, each with an enormous steel-enforced bolder strapped to their arms. They stand in a tight formation and start a slow walk across the bridge, your archers doing little to penetrate their walls of stone shields. With a cry you rally a force down, meeting the enemy of the bride and attempting to take out these beasts, all the while fighting the frenzied men sheltering behind them.

    Your fight is for naught however, and the Northern Legions have only a few hundred feet to go before landing upon your shores. You relent, parting your lines for the cabal of powerful druids to walk forward. They unite their hands in an incantation, fighting to keep them from harm as they chant in the Old Tongue. With an ear-splitting crack, the stones of the Bridge of the Old Gods crumble, bringing the forces of the North down with them, thousands of years, lost in an instant. A loud cheer emits from your sides, only to whimper back to silence as a hooded figure walks out from the enemy lines and kneels beside the river. As his hand dips into the water you see a sheet of ice spread fourth, traveling down the banks and across the river before hardening into a solid bridge of frozen water.

    Now is the time, you lead the charge down the banks an onto the frozen path to meet the enemy forces already crossing the expanse. It is here where the real fight is, your companions clashing with the fiercest warriors the North has to offer. You fight for what seems like hours, seeing no end to these heathens when you catch a flash out of the corner of your eye. A wild-elf, donned in her war-paint sprints out from the Northern lines. She wears only leather straps and an ornate headdress, ignoring all the blows and arrows that strike her as she makes her way to your side of the river. A shaman. You call back to your generals, but it is too late. The shaman dives forward, sacrificing herself for a powerful blood-spell, her palms pressing against the earth for a moment before everything falls apart.

    The hills beneath your army shake violently as an unholy earthquake splits the land, swallowing many of your allies. You draw your forces back, but at great cost, the army of the north advances to take advantage of the chaos. Many die around you as you retreat, many allies, many friends. The Legions of the North have fallen upon the Southern lands. You only have one more chance to do this. Tired and bloody, you mount your trusty steed, raising your holy sword up to rally the armies of Free Men back together. Your speech is one of legends, managing to bring the entire army beneath your command. And that command is simple.

    "Kill these godless bastards!"

    You rush forward, easily slaying your perusing enemies and forming into an offensive line. Ahead of you is the core of the enemy force, grey armor and red banners. Your other flanks can fight his allies, your fight is with the Northern King. The two lines clash, shimmering silver against ashen grey. It is now that you use your true power, slaying foes left-and-right, diving so deep into the enemy line that you loose sight of anything in this sea of grey.

    It's then that you see him.

    A lone rider sits atop the fiercest wild horse you've ever seen, the grey legion seeming to part before him as he rides forward. His armor is the color of smoke, rubbed down with the intention of loosing any reflectiveness, it's contours rugged, lacking the luster of your enchanted plate mail. A simple red scarf is wrapped around his neck, he wears no insignia, no cape, no banner, only a featureless helm. This rider looks no different than the scores of fanatic troops beneath him, he says nothing as he approaches you, showing only an ice-cold calm. He gets so close that you can see the steam of his breath from his facemask, your allies at your side, his guard at his, he holds up a massive halberd, pointing directly at you. A challenge to single combat.

    This is no common soldier.

    Lord of the Shrieking Pass, Guardian of the Northern Shore, Light of the Old Blood, Keeper of the Black Flame, Last of the 7 Rebel Kings.

    Tollmar the Restless.


    I have other ideas for different game genres if you guys liked that.
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  7. Everyone go home. Captain Toe wins this one.
  8. There was another thread a couple weeks ago that asked what sort of game you'd be the final boss of, and how the fight would go. Going with my answer, I need three songs for three different phases of sorts.

    First fight, which is an unwinnable battle of one hit kills, would be something simple but fight-y like this.

    Then the fight attempts thereafter, where I'd be mocking the shit out of the player and slapping them silly if they don't have all the annoying to acquire gear needed to actually live long enough to do the fight, would be this because it's not serious at all and boss me is just having fun with them.

    And finally, when they have what they need to actually make a real go of it, they get some traditional badass boss music.
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  9. I'm really dead serius of using this BGM as my boss battle theme:
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