If you want to have a one x one rp tomorrow all day, please read this!

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  1. Hello again.... for like the millionth time in a row ><
    The people that's been on here for a year or so knows me by either Krystal or Niomi
    I'm kinda a lurker that becomes active at random parts of my life xD
    I tend to take on about 7 or more rp's at a time when I am active.
    So this is my hello/long time no see. And I plan to get better on being constantly active (it's just hard to manage with work and school)
    Basically, If anyone cares to have a one x one rp (you can come up with the genre and everything if you want to, romances and mature is included ;] ) then Please pm me. All day tomorrow I have nothing to do.
    And of course, I love all of you, even the one's I haven't met yet xP
    *Throws cookies at everyone*
  2. Welcome to Iwaku : )
  3. Correction, welcome to Iwaku, Again x3 And thank you ^^