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    The sky was filled with heavy clouds, rain pounded against the windows, a light flashed and thunder rolled in the distance. Fleur sighed as she wiped another table, casting a glance out the window on never ending rain, her grey eyes matching the sky, she was tired of this rain, it had been going on all day.

    She had barley made it to work before it started and now it seemed like she was going to have to walk home in it as well, unless it would stop till then, not likely though, she thought darkly as she straightened up and went to another table.

    Thankfully her boss had left early today, some personal buisness, and left her to close up, which she had done earlier than usual, it wasn't like there would be many customers in this weather anyway. At times like these she really wished she still lived in southern France, the weather was much nicer there and the water was warmer as well.

    But thoughts of France brought other, less positive memories to the surface, things she rather forgot, instead Fleur turned up the volume on her smart phone and let the music drown her thoughts and started sweeping.

    Normally she wasn't fond of cleaning but now she was done too soon, she only had the outside area left, sure there was a roof covering the tables but the cold, damp air was hardly inviting. Ignoring her jacket she headed outside and started throwing away trash and pulling up chairs to the tables all the while longing for the warm light that streamed out of the windows.
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    A man, dressed in a fine suit, came walking down the lone street. He glanced up into the darkened sky. "Tsk...weather's already bad." The moon was nowhere in sight, only threating clouds with lightning.

    He goes by name Kyou Park, a trained agent who travels anywhere and everywhere to get his job done. Just a few weeks ago, he had been assigned to this city, tracking down his given subjects. However, he had absolutely no information on them. Only their appearance was given. Kyou found no leads at the current moment.

    As he walked aimlessly into the depths of the city, he came upon a small cafe. Amazingly, their lights were still on, but probably just to close up. It struck him as odd how there was only a woman there. He called out to her. "Hey, what's a lady like you doing here by yourself. Need any help?"
  3. Finishing up outside Fleur was about to head back inside, out of the cold, and then lock up and be on her way home where she could shower and then watch a movie in her pyjamas. Perhaps she would take some coffee with her, even if she bought more expensive coffe the stuff from the cafe always tasted better, perhaps just her personal taste was weird.

    However she was interupted before she could reach the doors, turning around she saw a man coming her way, well dressed in an suite that looked expensive, not that it really mattered as creeps came in both rich and poor. "I'm just finishing up," she answered, her accent flavouring her words.

    Looking at him with steel grey eyes she pulled out her earbud, letting it hang loose as she crossed her arms over her black vest that covered her white shirt, together with her straight black skirt it made up the cafè's dress code. He didn't really look suspicious though, with his short, pale hair and professional look, but as said you could never be too sure now a days, and what could have urged him out into this weather.

    "Besides I can take care of myself." Not that she had taken any self defence classes but she knew where to hit to cause damage and she had other methods as well, although that would have to be a last resort, some people, her father included, would be rather upset if they found out.
  4. He chuckled to himself. "Don't see many independent women nowadays." Well, it was true in his case. The only females he approached were targets working for a higher ranked criminal. Didn't that seem fun? Not at all.

    If you took a good look at this clothing, you could immedietly tell it was darkened and soaked due to the nonstop rain. Kyou didn't enjoy walking home all damp. He had just forgot his umbrella at home. The weatherman was always getting his weather reports wrong. "Is it alright to get a quick cup of coffee before you finish up? I have been walking in this rain for quite awhiie."
  5. “Sometimes independence is forced onto you,” she said. “And it's a good thing when dealing with some.. customers, “ she added with a slight smile. It was no coincidence that she had gotten a job here since a lot of the clientele was quite odd to say the least.

    Her first reaction to his question was to reject his request so she could get her things and go home, but noticing his wet clothes she felt like a jerk saying no, besides the cafe was still open technically, it was just her decision to close early. “Sure,” she said. “I hope you don't mind waiting while I make some.”

    Making her way inside she went behind the counter, sweeping back her black hair that was just short enough to fall over her shoulder as she bent down to grab some coffee from beneath the counter. Soon the room was filled with the smell of coffee, unfortunately it didn't taste as good as it smelled but Fleur had gotten used the to taste.

    Placing two cups on the counter she poured up the coffee before taking out cream from the fridge. “Do you want anything in your coffee too or do you prefer it black?”
  6. His dark eyes scanned the coffee shop. The tiled floor and the wallpaper matched each other nicely while the decorations weren't overdone. The counter in which she stood at was kept neat and clean, unlike other coffee shops he had been to. Garbage was left on the counter, along with people making out. Sometimes, you could have sworn a bug ran across the table once every few minutes. The smell of coffee added with the visuals made the place seem quaint and like home in some sense. It was relaxing for the young agent.

    Kyou's blonde head perked up as he heard her soothing voice. "Oh. I'd like a bit of cream in mine, if you don't mind." She didn't have the appearance like Ms. America, but something about her intriqued him. Was it her soothing voice pulling him in? Or was it her eyes, grey and mysterious, as if she has a deep secret to tell? He shook his head, snapping back to reality. That's when he felt something staring through the windows. Checking to see if anyone was out there, he turned around, yet he saw nothing.
  7. “Of course,” she said, pouring in some cream in both mugs and took her own mug, blowing on it slightly before taking a sip, it was way too hot but just that small sip spread some warmth through he body. Fleur looked over the counter at the stranger as she placed her mug back down, in the gentle light inside it was more apparent how wet had become from the rain. “Do you want a towel or something to dry off a bit?” Giving a slight gesture with her hand to a stack of clean towels and dishcloths prepared to give him one if he wanted.

    Daring to drink more of her coffee Fleur let her gaze wander to the windows by the door, the rain pouring down from the outdoor area's roof where the spout was obstructed by leaves and what not. Something outside caught her attention and she focused her gaze, trying to pinpoint what it was but the shadow moved away before she could really get a good look.

    The blonde man had turned around, he too scanning the dim lighted area for something and Fleur wondered why someone was staring through the windows into a cafe. No one could mistake the place for empty as the normal opening times was written on a small sign by the door, either it was some weirdo or it was a special customer, one that didn't like company much.

    Looking back at the man she gave a slight smile. “It's not the best weather for a stroll around town,” she said, curious to what he was doing, he didn't look like someone who was from the neighbourhood. “I'm Fleur by the way,” she added.