If You Wanna Be My Partner, You Gotta Get With My Plot :)

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    Welcome future friend! I'm Queen. I'm looking for a couple of (hopefully) long-term role play partners. Read on below to see if you want to join the Rad Rivaille club.

    First of all, I'm VERY new to this site. I made an account a while back but never ended up roleplaying here. So, you'll have to put up with my noob-ness. One of the main problems I have in finding a roleplay partner is the lack of compatibility. So, here's a few things about me so you can judge if we'll RP well together:
    1. I'm a teenager. I don't like to give my age out unless I know the person really well, but just know that I'm young. However, I like to think of myself as fairly mature for my age.
    2. Grammar and spelling are extremely important to me. I'm definitely not perfect... DEFINITELY... but a huge pet peeve of mine is the lack of capitalization, word flow/choice, etc, that I see my peers use.
    3. I'm at least 80% lesbian. I don't like to label it at this point in my life because who knows where I'll be in 10, 20 years? I'm a fickle person and I don't want to start calling myself one thing only to realize that I'm not that thing.
    4. I have a ton of trouble sticking to fandoms. Currently, I'm on Welcome to Night Vale. I have tons of half-finished TV shows that I need to watch. Therefore- please, NO SPOILERS. If you love me, you won't spoil this stuff for me.
    5. I will stab you if you make a Mary-Sue or a Gary-Stu.
    That's probably about it for now. I'm a really nice girl, generally. I'm respectful, as well, so if we encounter any problems, I'll handle it in a mature way.

    Are you still here? Seriously? Wow, you must not have realized how crazy I am... well, anyways, here's my plot bunnies that I would like to fulfill. If you see any that you like, say so below and we'll work something out.

    Skyrim (open)
    This is the only fandom that I'll RP. The world of Skyrim is so vast that there's tons of opportunities for all sorts of adventures, not just the main questline with the Dragonborn. I would like to roleplay with multiple characters with a partner, and we would just... live in Skyrim- as farmers, mercenaries, whatever.

    Bucket List (open)
    Taken from Tumblr, I've had it saved up for a while and now I can't remember the user... anyways... Muse A just found out that they don’t have long to live and makes a list of things they want to do and experience before they die. They realize how lonely it will be to do these things on their own — so they ask a random stranger, Muse B, to join and help them. Muse B is unsatisfied with their mundane life and wants a change, thus much to Muse A’s surprise, they agree. Muse A and Muse B then begin to tackle the various things on Muse A’s list — all the while Muse A becomes someone special that Muse B cannot see themselves losing.

    Blind (open)
    Most of my ideas are from Tumblr. *silently cries at lack of creativity* An AU where Muse A is blind from some sort or incident that they tend not to talk about and need a caretaker. They’re really bad with caretakers but can’t get a dog because they’re allergic or whatever made up reason you want. Muse B is their newest caretaker and unlike the rest doesn’t give up on Muse A no matter how stubborn he or she might be.

    Prohibition (open)
    A roleplay set in the 1920s-30s. I don't really have a plot, but I would like to have a same-sex couple. So... yes. Romance.

    That's all I have right now. BUT- If you like me, and want to be buds, say so below! If you have an idea for a plot, or want to use one of my options, SAY SO BELOW!

    Cheers~ Queen
  2. Hello! You seem like fun!

    Just like you, grammar and spelling is important to me. I won't say I'm the best writer out there (mostly because I use punctuation like parenthesis a lot) but I do have standards even I uphold regarding the need for good grammar and spelling. Not that I have a problem with roleplaying with someone who can't spell too well, but it is important to at least have your partner understand what your level of spelling is.

    I'm not a teenager but I like to act like one!

    I'd consider myself 98% "lesbian." (There's always that chance that there's a hot guy out there I just ditch girls for, afterall.)

    Since I don't watch any TV, outside of Netflix, I doubt I can spoil anything.

    I have no idea what the last thing is.

    Anyway, I wanted to put that in here so you can have a comparative amount of information to decide if you wanna be friends with me too.

    As for the roleplays.... I'm really interested in your Bucket List plot. And kind of interested in the Blind plot.

    I have a hard time creating my own plots too, so I'm gladly bringing up one of yours. XD
  3. Oh I'm sorry I didn't read say so below. I Pmed you though, But yes I'd like to Rp with you, and gay pride! :3
  4. I would love to be your friend and rp partner! Based on the way you explained yourself, I think you would be an awesome person to talk too and to rp with, mostly because I can totally relate to you and also because you seem like a really cool person! I'm also a young teenager and a girl who considers herself at least 60% lesbian. I know you don't have anymore roleplays open, but I wouldn't mind figuring out another topic! Oh and I'm new to the site as well, but I'm trying to figure it out. Well yeah, hopefully we can become friends at least!
  5. Hello, Well i really liked all of your ideas honestly, If i could choose one to do with you i would say "Bucket List."
    The plot of it reminds me of the movie but i can see it's differences. If your up for it id gladly do that one with you if ya don't mind.
  6. @Queen Rivaille Someone's into the 1920s. I'd love to spark a plotline with you set in that time period.