If you had to lose a Sense

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If you had to lose one sense and live without it, what would it be?

Taste,Smell,Touch,Sight or Hearing?

I gotta go with Smell, not all that essential compared to the others. Sure it'd suck not to be able to enjoy pleasant smells but heck of a lot better than giving up on taste, which would be my second choice.. Everything else would just be rather difficult to live without..

Can't see anything without sight and not being able to hear would be a big deal. Touch would be bad to lose as well although not as bad as the others.


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Actually Taste and Smell are connected, if you loose your sense of smell, it also affects how you can taste things. Touch is important, and so is hearing, but sight can be misleading....

So Sight. I'd be blind.







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*rolls a d10*

Hearing it is.


Even though smell and taste are connected, let's say they aren't. Because I'd gladly give up my sense of smell. XD

I love music too much to give up hearing and being blind would kill me... I like to be able to see what's going on in the world, even if it's full of pain. And the other two, I really like to have as well. For...certain reasons...>>


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smell if it wasn't attached to taste, because without smell food tastes almost as bad as not having taste period :/
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I would have to go with Hearing. I know it would suck, especially since I listen to so much music, but there is much more you can do than if you were blind...and the other two, Feeling and smell...well TWO of my favorite activities involve those things, and i refuse to give either up.