If you had the choice to...

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Would you?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Although I'd want to, I couldn't leave my life behind

  1. If you were given the option to leave your current life (Your home, finances, everything you own, everybody you know) and begin a completely new life in a different location of your choosing with your previous memory (education aside) erased, would you do it?

    The catch is, you could never speak to your family or friends again, and could take nothing that you currently own with you. Your credit score would be completely reset, your bills would disappear, and you would basically start from scratch.
  2. As enticing as that sounds. I couldn't leave my family behind. I love them too much, and they've always been there for me.
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  3. Hmmmm......given the current situations of my life right now, I would, minus the fact I'd have to leave A.L. behind :( and my kitties... :(

    But I would go to the Netherlands to be with [MENTION=31]Myrnodyn[/MENTION] because I want to eat all that Netherlandish food he's always talking about and to meet his Mum! :D <3 Then we could hang around all day and play video games and he could teach me how to properly pwn in League of Legends. ._.
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  4. Mittens you wouldn't know Myrn either. Memories erased, remember?

    I am who I am because of the people around me and the mistakes that I have made. A person who woke up on a beach in Hawaii with no connections and only my practicle knowledge would be a very boring and unhappy person. Bills and obligations to material society will always be there, especially if you do not change your habits, which without memories you would be likely to make similar choices if circumstances came up again.

    Starting from scratch is the opposite of appealing to me maybe because I have a bit of life behind me. People that feel they've "done nothing" might not feel the same way, but who are you without your past? Humans are social creatures and as such we are as much a sum of our own experiences as we are with the people we associate with.
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  5. DAMMIT. Well i would go there anyways because their food looks delicious! -cries in corner-
  6. I have to say, their food does look yummy..
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  7. I would in a heartbeat if I didn't have the two loves of my life. (Boyfriend and son. :]) 'Cause without them, my life sucks. I have chronic depression, anxiety, enemies in and out of my family, bills/debts, and other shit that would disappear if my memory was erased. I'd even be able to forget the abuse I went through. I'd be an all new me, I imagine. It would be fantastic!

    Not worth giving up what good things I've got, though. <3 They're counting on me and I love them more than life itself. Instead, I'll continue to fight through my problems while being the best I can be for my family. :D Besides, my rough history has fashioned me into a strong person. I wouldn't change anything about my past.
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  8. Well said, Fluffy. <3
  9. Hell no.

    I've just graduated with a better degree than I ever imagined I'd leave with, I'm on track for a pretty sweet Masters course should things play out as planned. I have an awesome girlfriend, great friends, career opportunities and lots of people who have my back and support me in where I'd like to take my life.

    I wouldn't give this shit up for the world.

    Okay, that's a lie. Maybe for the world. Kinda always fancied a crack at a global dictatorship.
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  10. Nope.

    While there are some choices that I wish I had done differently, I can't say that warrants me forgetting my memories and giving up what I owe. I love my boyfriend far too much and I have family and friends that I care very deeply about.
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  11. I've given up everything and left life before. It was a smashing good time.

    As for the memories part....probably wouldn't do that. Couldn't stand to know that I'd have to make the mistakes all over again.
  12. It's a tough choice for me. To erase all my memories? I have a lot of really great ones, but I the negative ones would be worth erasing everything. The only thing I'd really say no for right now is the people, because there are people that I care about deeply. I don't know if there would be something that lit my life quite so brilliantly again and I'd hate to take that chance, even if I wouldn't remember them and wouldn't be able to miss them specifically, my meeting them was a lucky circumstance for me. I don't want to bet on such luck happening again.
  13. Although i would love to relive my life with ideals ! I can guarantee that i wouldn't make stupid mistakes again, And i haven't lived enough of this life. I would never meet the person who will one day be my wife..... Never know what my kids would have been like. That is too depressing for me.
  14. I've got a smoking hot, loving, and caring wife. I've got the greatest friends in the world. I fight and have fought too hard for my family. I have a great job and a bright future. I've achieved an optimistic outlook on life, and I don't care what anyone says, being optimistic has made life a lot more enjoyable for me. So, to answer the question, no, I absolutely love my life and I wouldn't live another life especially if I have to give up everything I am now.
  15. I agree I may not like, even hate, most decisions I've made. I may wish life had gone a much happier or simpler route in my past. Hell even recently I would have liked things to have gone a different path, but I know that what happened did for a reason, and even if there was no reason I still made the best of it all from the beginning. I honestly learned and grew from my experiences regardless. To start over without the strength, knowledge, and wisdom I know now.....I think I'd be the most boring, gullible, and stupidest person. Whats the fun in that?