If you had $10 Million would you...

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  1. Question: If you had 10 Million dollars would you still be in school or working? What would you do with all of that money?

    Personally, yes I would still go to school and have a job. My goal in life isn't to have a lot of money - even though that would be very nice - but my goal is to be a writer or an artist. I would probably end up buying a house with a lot of land, so I can get a horse and a dog, make my own garden, and then give the rest of the money to charity.
  2. If I had the ten million, I'd be far less worried about being able to find enough work every month to pay the bills, and have a little more resources to throw around to get my business started.

    No, I certainly wouldn't stop working. I'd just be able to feel comfortable in times of a lull in business. I'd probably even go back to school, to pick up on a few skills here and there that I can use to my advantage as a business owner.
  3. I would invest into getting a good education and maybe starting my own business. Life without aiming for a goal, be it working or studying, is pretty much meaningless. There's a reason why so many unemplyed people are depressed.
  4. I would buy 640 acres of land in a northern state, most likely Minnesota. I would make sure the land is at least connected to a lake at some part and also fairly covered with trees. I would then create plans to build my own house on the land, near the lake specifically and do that. After the house is put up I would furnish it, build a dock and buy a boat. After that I would pay for my brothers college, as far as he wanted to go, and set aside money for my children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces college.

    I would then set aside enough money to allow me to live comfortably for the rest of my days and anything that was left over would be used for fun, further education if I desire, and I would likely donate some of the money towards a research organization. Probably head off to some random places in the world just to experience it, basically doing whatever I want.

    Beyond that I would do the $500 Iwaku donation just to spite Diana.
  5. If I wasn't expecting a child in the next couple weeks, I wouldn't bother with work or school... I'd just be the laziest panda sitting amongst my nerdy collections I've never been able to afford, playing games all day and eating the finest food while we plan extravagant vacations. I dislike school, I dislike work. Not going to lie. If I feel like my brain needs stimulation, I'll just use the money to get my office assistant certification at a tech school so that I can channel my passion into the environment of paperwork, filing, stamping, mailing, all that stuff that I absolutely love.

    Since being childless is not the case, I'd use that money to start my own business, that way my kid won't grow up thinking it's okay to just be lazy and live off of our millions. lol Might as well start up one of my dream jobs. I've always wanted my own party planning or wedding planning business. Or my own comic book store... *wistful sigh* I'd also use that money to pay off my boyfriend's debts so he can continue to learn to be a welder, if he wants. Don't see why he couldn't make his own business, too. We'd both happily do what we love to do! We'd get a custom built home with our acres of land available to grow food, build a playground, all that good stuff. :]

    I'd contribute money to families too, of course. I'd help my family afford a better home and whatever else they need. Would do the same for my man's family, too. I'd make a generous contribution to an organization that's helping our environment, too. Environmental Studies was/is my major in college, it's where I've always wanted to dedicate my time and money to.

    On the less serious side: I'd buy some of the best cannabis available.

    I'd probably buy a zoo, too. One that I can regularly visit so I can roll around with panda bears and train lions to beat up anyone who bullies my son.
  6. Horde it, because I can.
  7. If I had ten-mil, I'd invest it all as best I could. First and foremost, I'd buy myself a giant fucking mansion, then have any and all my friends come and live with me. My whole house would be a place for my good friends to come and go when they need to. If they need a vacation, then come on up here. Something happened and you can't find a place to live/afford rent? Fuck it, live here. Other money would go to funding Google Fiber, and have it be everywhere. Because all other ISPs are fucking ridiculous and running monopolies. With the leftover money, I'd save it/buy stock and such so I'd be set for life. THEN I'd pay to take classes and learn things I'd enjoy doing, like designing video games or writing or artistic stuff. Other amounts of money would go to reputable charities and research for medicine, technology and education, for the betterment of society.
  8. A real green dress. Oh wait...

    Pay off my debts, travel all the places I want to travel, see all the people I want to see, REGULARLY, and write. Wouldn't it be great to do freelance writing or editing? If I had $10 million I'd also attempt to write poetry and see if in a few years I'd get good enough to publish. I would never stop my volunteering efforts and I'd probably do a lot more of that, plus philanthropy. Also, invest it so that I'm making money off of the money, too.
  9. I would go to Japan and study, and then when I'm done studying I would start working as a Japanese-Swedish/Japanese-English translator x3 My dream would be fulfilled so much faster with that money xD
    So yeah, study and then work :D
    Everything that's left after my studies would probably go to traveling when I would have time for it x3
  10. I'd like to say I'd keep working. First thing I would do is find a trusted financial advisory and invest it in such a way that I could live off it forever.

    It would be hard to get up for work everyday knowing I didn't have to....can't really call it.
  11. So assuming I didn't make any major investmensts and only kept the money in some sort of low interest yield savings type plan to counter inflation, if I made a fourty year plan, I could have $4800 a week to play with. That's not chump change. However I do plan on making sure my miney works for me.

    I would work, but it would be vastly different then what I am doing now. It would be the type of work that helps people. I would have an investment plan that included having property. I would pay off all my parents remaining debt, I would give Diana & Gibs a honeymoon style vacation, I would travel, A LOT, and kidnap people to go with me. I would also give out microloans, because everyone deserves a chance to make their dreams come true.
  12. I agree by and large with the others!
    I'd pay off my debts and pay a bit of money for the thing that I want most, and then I'd probably split it into investments and savings accounts, things like that. I'd still go to college, I'd still work. My major is something that I love and the ability to pursue all the knowledge that I want without having to be afraid of money? Hell yeah. And, I like my job, oddly. Gives me happy social interactions and makes me want to do well.
  13. Put half in a bank to collect interes while living of the rest until you have to make a deposit, which, if you live a non-expensive life, will probably be when it hits 10 million again.

    That said, FDIC insurance doesn't cover 5 million, so it's a risk.
  14. Oh, I had this thought when i bought one scratch ticket. I'd immediately create long term accounts for my kids for school, and donate like half a million to whichever institution would give me a job so I could start my career. Short version: Invest and i'd still work.
  15. I would definitely stay in school and get a job. I'm young, and I don't think that 10 million would be able to last me the rest of my life. However, I would definitely be a lot more leisure about working and going to school. Maybe I'd take a year off, or do my education in a couple extra years and take it slow. I feel like I would go stir crazy if I had all that time not working or going to school.
    However, I would definitely also take a lot of time to travel and enjoy the money! I would also help to pay for my sister's schooling and of course help my mom out.
  16. If I had $10 million, I would definitely stay in school. I would start up accounts for my future children to be able to go to school and not suffer the way a lot of people do. That money wouldn't go to waste, though I would definitely spoil myself a little. Buy a car. You know, the like.
    I would pay off my student debt first, though. And ensure that I wouldn't be having any more.
  17. Prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

    That or buy my own mech suit. And become a super hero.

    Since this is highly unlikely and purely fantasy I would spend it as such.
  18. Get a house. A car. A few self-indulgent luxuries, make a few investments, then stick the rest the bank and let it collect interest and live as I do now just using enough to get by. With any luck I would use a combination of yearly interest and a standard life style to make it last the rest of my life.

    A boring use perhaps, but the comfort I'd get out of knowing I was relatively set for a long ass time would be immense.
  19. I wouldnt change anything
  20. I would buy 1000000 dictionaries. Then light them all on fire.


    Because... Some men just want to watch the word burn.