If you ever get caught stealing a NerveGear, #BlameInfin

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  1. @Infinatis you know you will now get approached by the cops several times....

    pass it on guys!
  2. What the hell are you going on about?
  3. Well you see, NerveGear is not too far off from being a reality.... so if you get caught stealing one, blame @Infinatis
  4. I do believe it is very far off from reality. Not because of the technology or anything but simply because the developers would realize that at least one of those 200.000/100.00 people, if not the company who is making those, question the design of why the internal battery should weight so much, sure, they won't just go all 'Oh it kyan fry your brain' BUT considering that today's society is so fucking paranoid when it comes to the internet, robotics, artificial intelligence and so on I am sure there will be quality control before it ever hits the market.

    Alright I am done with my small rant about an overhyped piece of shit light novel anime. Sure, I could go on but...I am sorry ._. .
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  5. SAO in a nutshell..

  6. #YUDoDis
  7. Infinatis, I just need it to take over iwaku...

    The thing is, the one that is being developed has a very small battery, and that is in case the power goes out while your in, and from there it automatically logs you out. It's a safety feature, along with force logging after I want to say five hours.....
  8. In-Jokes: The Thread
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  9. Lol grumpy, when did you change your pic? pretty much sums up most admins.....
  10. Last I checked Diana wasn't a robed DM chucking d20's at people. Or Rory, for that matter.

    Might be a look for Vay, though.
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  11. lol, fair enough..... in fact, seems more like it's how some of the newbies see the admins....
  12. I largely see the admins as super intelligent animals that are wasting their precious gifts on the internet instead of doing animal things or becoming super heroes.

    I mean, it's what most people do, but c'mon.
  13. Most people can tell the difference between Admins and Dungeon Masters. :P

    It's Dungeon Masters that rein dice of death from above.
    Admins simply kick down the door and then squish you with a giant hammer.
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  14. *Peeks in through the window of this thread*

    *sighs heavily*

    Oh uh... good luck with taking over Iwaku. You're number... oh, three thousand something. We forget.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Best of luck taking over Iwaku. Just remember...


    We're always watching.
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  18. Thankfully I have an army of face huggers, cultists, ferrets and sun bros under my command.
    If your nerve gears join our ranks we would even that much more unstoppable.

    Edit: I just realized, I'm like the Commander Shepard/Gray Warden of Iwaku. XD
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  19. Please stop taking over things I like.
  20. very well Gwazi, you have an addition of 6,174 to your army. We also all have sword skills.
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