If You Don't Want To Die... Open This

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  1. Prologue
    "To boldy go where no man has gone before!" I was watching Star Trek when it happened. I had my laptop, I was going over facebook and my email when all of the sudden I get an email titled "If You Don't Want To Die... Open This"

    It looked like one of those "You don't send this to five other people you get cursed things!" but looking at it made me feel queasy. It wasn't long till I figured out why, it had my name as one of the first few words. I gave no one my name, not on the internet most of all. I always went by Sean Mallory but my name was Derrick Ashley. My girlfriend didn't even know my real name.

    I gulped and opened it. The internet browser and email page disappeared to give way to a full screened video. There was a man wearing a suit in a eerily white room. "Hello Derrick Ashley."

    "H-Hi." This was already bat shit insane.

    "Thanks for clicking on this video. Anything you don't do that we ask you to do there is consequences. Don't bother asking what kind, I'll just tell you they are life ending. Now-"

    I interrupted him. "Fuck you." I hit control, alt and delete. It didn't work though. Whatever he had done fucked up my computer.

    "That was rude. I don't like it when people are rude." I saw I had no way out of listening to this asshole. "Now we would like for you to do a small job. As a result you'll get your computer back and all the money in your bank account."

    "W-What?" I scrambled for my phone and managed to rip it out of my pocket. I dialed the banks number and they picked up. I whispered in my info and pass code and then they informed me that I gave most of my money away to anonymous user's over the course of an hour and eleven minutes. All five thousand seven hundred fifty six point five four of my belongings.

    Star trek was still playing, I paused it and it paused at an hour and twelve minutes. Whoever this guy was. He was a mother fucker.

    "Are you done? Now we would like you to go to the metro station Derrick. There will be instructions for you there."

    My computer's screen blinked into blackness. I wasn't going to go the the metro was I? I tried booting up my computer. I saw the windows logo as it booted up and it made it's noise. Then it stopped and there was a middle finger, red against black and it shut down.

    Funny. Real funny.

    I shut my laptop, put on my sneakers and began to walk out of the door. I grabbed my keys on the way and began to walk. It wasn't far, I lived in the city so the venture wasn't perilous.
    It had been about fifteen minutes now since I got into the metro. I sighed rubbing my eyes. There was some homeless guy holding up a sign, several people talking, a guard having a dispute with a guy in a suit and not much else.

    I spied an ATM. Could some douche bag hacker hack into an ATM? I didn't think so. I walked over to the ATM and swiped my card. I tried to check my balance, literally zero fucking dollars.

    There was no doubt that they were for real now. I shut down the ATM. I was fucked so fucked. I turned to walk out of the metro when I saw the homeless guy's sign had changed, for the worse.

    It only had my name on it.

    I walked up to him and picked him up. "What do you want?"

    "Are you Derrick Ashley?" His breath smelled foul like rotten milk.

    "Who do you think dumbass?" He stabbed me with something and dropped another thing before running off.

    I looked down. It was a needle and a bag of white powder. Coke. I pulled the needle out and held up the bag of coke. I was feeling so weird and tired. My eyes hurt.

    Then I was tackled by the security guard.

    I woke up in the hospital. It was white so white and I was in the bed. I have a IV in me and I wore a hospital gown. There wasn't a window and the next person over was someone asleep.

    Then someone walked in closing the door behind them. It was the nurse, she had short blonde hair and she was uncontrollably sexy.

    She walked over to me and smiled. The nurse didn't even let me have a say. She ripped off my blanket and hospital gown. The nurse pleasured me to say the least. The guy next to us didn't even stir. He must have been passed out.

    After the short greeting she smirked looking at my face and threw me a note. She walked out. I didn't know if I felt cheated, used, good or what. I opened the note. "Go through the man's belongings in the next bed. Take his wallet, keys, phone and any papers you find and put them in the plastic bad on your food tray. Then walk out into the hall go to the soda machine and pull the fire alarm. If you don't do it, bad things will happen Mr. Ashley"

    I didn't want to do it. They would for no doubt ruin this persons life and who knows what a fire alarm could do to a hospital. I looked to my left, there was a food tray with a stack of a few photos and a plastic bag. The photos were of my apartment. My apartment! There was a few cases of gasoline and a box of matches.

    I got the message. I put down the pictures and stood up pulling the heart beat sensor off and pulling the IVs with me. I walked over to the guy, he had a bag near him. I opened the bag and there were his clothes. I took his jeans and looked through all of his pockets, I got his wallet, phone, keys and some folded up legal documents.

    Putting them in the plastic baggie I figured that I didn't want to know why or how they managed to get me here. I then dragged the IV with me into the hall.

    Looming down the hall way was a few soda machines and snack machines. Then I spotted the little red box with white handle. I walked over to it looking to make sure no one saw me. I pulled the handle and the alarms went off.

    There were screams.