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  1. Pick one day of your life to relive which would it be and why?

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  2. Long Story. (open)

    I went to the zoo with this boy Robin I met at a LGBT outing.He had a red scarf and had an english accent. at the outing. I fell in like with him. <3
    I grabbed his number, and we texted often. We flirted a lot, and came down to the idea that I MUST take him to the zoo near my house, since it is a famous zoo, and he hasn't been to one in a long time. He was one year younger than me.
    So, he drove out, picked me up, and we went to the zoo.
    It was magical. Winter. Lights were up, and everything was perfect. We saw the monkeys, swamp area, and everything in between.
    He would walk ahead of me and beside me, and I would do the same. We would often bump each other on purpose, and twirl as we walked. At one moment, he surprised me and stuck his arm in mine to escort me around. I was smitten. It was fabulous.
    In the bat cave area, I got scared easily. He guided me through. And one time when I left a building, I circled around to escape and hid behind trees. I watched him look around all lost, and it made me giggle. Then I surprised him from behind and he was pouty for leaving him like that. We played in the gift store with all the animal hats and instruments and kiddie toys and such, and had fun. Oh, and he never took a picture in a photobooth, so I took him along to take one. I had it.. but now it is gone since I ripped it up in sadness at one point. I miss it. But, it had four pictures. The top one, we smiled normally. The second one, we made weird, arched eyebrow faces. The third he randomly bit at my neck. The fourth, I did it back, but I bit the shoulder of his hoodie. I think he still has his copy. He also gave me candycanes he brought with. Oh. And he has a mass of curly hair. And green eyes. -nod.-

    Then, we went back to my house. I made us hot chocolate, and also brought out white chocolate strawberries with drizzled chocolate on top that I had made him the day before, since he texted me that he never had them and I had the ingredients. My mom made pasta for us, since Robin likes italian food. And veggies. I had a little. But, you know how I eat. so.
    We watched Sweeny Todd in my basement, since he had never seen it, and I KNEW he would love it. He's that kind of sadistic comedy person like me.~
    I curled up in his lap as we watched it, and we cuddled. It was wonderful. <3
    Then eventually he left, we hugged tight. Oh, and the british accent isn't real. He is good at faking it randomly when he wants to do accents. I scolded him for having me fall for that.

    That night, was simply the best night ever for me. I had the date in my phone as a reminder in the notepad section to be happy, because he made me feel more beautiful than any person has ever had me feel. ever. EVER.

    We hung out one more time, and then he was getting ready to leave for boarding school. I gave him a hairtie to wear on his wrist to remind him of me, since he said often he adored the way my hair smelled. And it was my purple one. My favorite.~


    Now he is fine I think. I text him randomly to check in. He has a boyfriend, and they are going through rough patches right now I believe, but I know they will be adorable again. c: Robin is Bi-sexual, so yah.
    I'mma never forget him.~ <3

    Only I would have MORE people I adore. MORE.
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